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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 100

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 100: God Stick 4

Gui-Daren, is there a totem of the vermillion bird on your back?”

The old ghost did not follow Jiang Liu into the bathroom. At the moment, he had been holding the little ghost baby to prevent her from entering the bathroom.


Jiang Liu nodded. He felt frustrated as he thought of the tattoo that was utterly inconsistent with his temperament.

The old ghost didn’t notice the slight change in Jiang Liu’s face. He smiled and nodded. How could he wrongly identify the breath of the new ghost emissary? Even though the breath of this new ghost emissary was still relatively weak.

“Why are you here today?”

Jiang Liu thought that even if they were a good ghost, they should still be unwilling to deal with the ghost emissary without reason. Since this little ghost had come to look for him two days in a row, she must have something to ask him.

“The old ghost brought Niuniu over today, to allow the ghost emissary to apply a ghost certificate for Niuniu. Only the ghost with the legal ghost certificate will not be caught by those Taoists who are proficient in metaphysics while staying in this living realm.”

The ghost certificate is equivalent to the ID card of the ghost world. In the living realm, only the ghost emissary has the right to handle ghost certification for those ghosts.

It seemed that because Niuniu had been playing a trick on the ghost emissary before, the old ghost couldn’t help but say a few more words: “Niuniu is a ghost who died in tragic circumstances. Her father is a gambler and a drunkard. He loves to beat her and her mother whenever he drunk. Half a month ago, his dad was drunk and chased her mother with a knife. Niuniu blocked the knife for her mother, and her head was chopped off. Before she could be rescued, she was already out of breath. It would be difficult for her kind to reincarnate. For her turn to come, she might have to wait for another 70 to 80 years. Niuniu wants to stay in Yanjian to accompany her mother. Therefore, she has to obtain a ghost certificate to legally stay here in the living realm. I hope that new Gui-Daren could accommodate this.”

The old ghost touched Niuniu’s little head and look at her pitifully as he said that. In retaliation, Niuniu pulled her head off her neck and held it in her arms while making a face at the old ghost.

It was obviously a terrifying scene, but Jiang Liu was not as frightened as before.

“Where is that man?”

Jiang Liu asked angrily.

“Dead. After hacking Niuniu, he woke up. He seemed to be afraid and rushed out of the house, before being hit by a large truck that was normally travelling. He got ran over and turned into a mass of fleshy mud.”

The old ghost said those words happily. If it weren’t for that man’s death, he was afraid that Niuniu who had died in vain would have become a malicious spirit or commonly known as Li gui.

“Because of his serious sins, the ghost servant of the underworld had brought that man to the eighteenth hell. Now that the underworld is being restructured, it requires a lot of sinners to engage in heavy physical work. I am afraid that in the next few hundred years and thousands of years, that man will have to stay in the underworld to atone his sin. Living a life that is no better than death.”

This may be karma. Jiang Liu couldn’t help thinking about it. If there are ghosts in every world, those who are not being punished while being alive should double the payment twice when they become ghosts after death. Then, could this be considered as an alternative to a belated justice?

Perhaps because of the pitiful experience faced by the little girl, Jiang Liu decided to put aside the fact that she had deliberately frightened him. Yet, he was currently facing another problem. For a ghost emissary who has not accepted any inheritance, he doesn’t know how to help the ghost apply for a ghost certificate.

After listening to Jiang Liu’s explanation, the old ghost was also embarrassed.

“Or, maybe we could let Niuniu follow Daren for a bit, first?”

The old ghost asked tentatively. He was afraid that the underworld will soon be aware of the fault in the inheritance regarding this new ghost emissary. Therefore, sooner or later, there will naturally be a civil servant from the underworld who will come to train Jiang Liu for his job. By then it still will not be too late for Niuniu to apply for the ghost certification.

Just to prevent Niuniu from being caught as an undocumented wild ghost by an unsuspecting Taoist, it is safer for her to follow the ghost emissary.

Jiang Liu wanted to say no at first. He didn’t want to play with this little ghost at all, but he swallowed it back when he looked at the little ghost who was smiling while holding her head.

In this way, there was a little girl ghost staying at Jiang Liu’s side. A little girl ghost who liked to swat her head in the middle of the night.

[T/N: I somehow felt a bit sad reading those two paragraphs above]


The people from the underworld came later than what Jiang Liu had predicted. Jiang Liu and the little girl ghost had been together for nearly half a month. Currently, he had been able to help the little girl ghost pick up her fallen head and put it back on her neck without changing his face.

Because of the busy work and the approaching Ghost Festival, the underworld staff was so busy that they were basically spinning around. When the people from the other side hurriedly came over, he only left Jiang Liu with a training book and a token representing his identity as the ghost emissary before disappearing from Jiang Liu’s sight.

In other words, after receiving this induction training book and the complete Maoshan talisman left by the original adoptive father, Jiang Liu, a half-dangling ghost emissary, is finally about to take up his post.

There is not even a chance for him to refuse.


“I’ve given you the ghost certificate. Go to your mother, but don’t scare your mother in the middle of the night like you scared me.”

Jiang Liu put a brand on the soul body of the little girl ghost, Niuniu, and then rubbed her little head and asked her to find her own mother.

This is why he has been worrying too much. Most people don’t have the physique to perceive the ghost. They can’t even see the existence of the soul. Unless if there is a particular magnetic field or if it was a strong ghost, which could break through the limits of the yin and yang. If not, it is impossible for them to show their actual body before others.

Generally speaking, the little girl’s mother can’t see her.

Thinking of this, Jiang Liu felt sad for the little girl ghost.

“Uncle, can Niuniu still come to you to shoot the ball?”

The little girl rolled her eyes and asked pleasingly.

“Okay, uncle will not only play slap the ball with you but will also play header with you.”

Jiang Liu looked at her round head with a gentle smile. The little girl shuddered. She no longer dares to talk about playing ball anymore, and hurriedly left in the night.

Without the company of this noisy little girl, Jiang Liu’s life suddenly became a lot lonelier. Fortunately, he still has a lot to learn now, and he doesn’t find life too complicated.

Through induction training, Jiang Liu finally perceived that the power of the ghost emissary is closely linked to merit. The more he salvaged the dead souls and rescued the living people, the higher the accumulated merits will it be. Corresponding to his merit, the more substantial power will he have as the ghost emissary. 

Of course, in addition to merit, ghost emissary can also rely on cultivation to strengthen his dharma, like those normal monks.

The Maoshan talisman encyclopedia left by the original adoptive father was another power-enhancing plug-in. This talisman could be used to restrain ghosts and can often come in handy when subduing them.

It was unknown if he was talented or if there was any other factor. However, after looking at the book for a week, Jiang Liu has been able to draw the most basic palm thunder spell. This talisman has a strong effect on ordinary ghosts, and can also be used to restrain Li gui.


Jiang Liu was practising, as usual, that day when he received the notification from the old ghost about the appearance of a female ghost in red at a college in Yinzhou. The other party seemed to be able to create illusions to lure other students in the school into committing suicide.

Since the first suicide incident that occurred half a month ago, a total of 3 students have died. Due to that, a unique magnetic field has formed in that place. Many students have claimed that they have seen a person in red jumped down from the top of the college building every midnight. Consequently, the school environment got distracted by this rumour. Many students submitted suspension applications, fearing that the next person to die would be themselves.

[T/N: Based on my reading, when a unique magnetic field formed, the ghost which trapped in this field will continuously experience the moment of their death, relishing their pain and thus forged their resentment]

The old ghost came to inform Jiang Liu of the news, hoping that he would be able to catch the Li gui. He was afraid that this scarlet ghost might grow into a big ghost over time and by then there will be more people who are going to die.

Although Jiang Liu has adapted to the existence of the old ghost and the little female ghost who likes to shoots her own head, this does not mean that he is no longer afraid of ghosts.

However, according to the consequences that might occur due to the dereliction of duty described in the last page of the induction training book, Jiang Liu felt that it would be better for him to face the female ghost in red alone.

“Before I set off, I have to prepare a few artefacts.”

Jiang Liu said in a deep voice to the old ghost.

When he heard about the artefact, the old ghost was in awe. In his concept, an artefact was some kind of an incredible thing, ah. He had never heard of such a good thing from the previous ghost emissary. Did they keep it mainly for the new ghost emissary?

Then, under the watchful eyes of the old ghost, Jiang Liu walked into a pharmacy.

The old ghosts who followed the new ghost emissary from far away started to wonder what kind of artefacts would appear in the pharmacy? Or is this a trick of the new ghost emissary?


Xincheng college could only be considered as a one-level college in Yinzhou. Although outsiders may have not heard of this school, for the locals, this school is their pride.

At 11 in the middle of the night, Jiang Liu was wearing a looser set of casual clothes as he came to this school with a backpack on his back. Since there were security guards at the door, he chose to climb over the wall and enter the campus.

Frequent incidents were reported happened at the school’s moral education building. This building was located in the middle of the campus. There was a huge artificial lake in front of it. Even before approaching the building, Jiang Liu already felt the biting chill.

The old ghost had been following Jiang Liu secretly. When he saw Jiang Liu opened his backpack, he thought that the other party was going to take out the artefact. However, before his eyes, Jiang Liu instead took out a thick coat and put it on himself.

The old ghost comforted himself, thinking that the female ghost in red is still yet to appear, so, it is still too early for the new ghost emissary to make any move. With that thought, he continued to follow Jiang Liu secretly.

The closer he gets to the Moral Education Building, the more chaotic the magnetic field was. Jiang Liu seemed to be able to hear the whimper of a woman in his ears.

Jiang Liu subconsciously swallowed his saliva, when suddenly, with a “bang—”, a corpse in a red suit fell from the roof and smashed into a puddle of mud in front of him.

Jiang Liu was taken aback; his first reaction was to run over to see if this person could still be saved.

Before Jiang Liu could touch the person who fell to the ground, the corpse suddenly rushed toward Jiang Liu with a broken face. Her black hair that was mixed with flesh and blood, floating in the air as her whole body was filled with a strong evil spirit.

No matter how stupid Jiang Liu was, he knew that this was not the student he had imagined being coerced, but instead the female ghost who was trying to create disturbance to others.

Jiang Liu put his hand into his backpack and took out a bottle of Fēngyóujīng [Similar to Vicks] as he poured a little on the palm of his hand, and wiped it under his nose.

A cold breath rushed to his forehead in an instant. It should be all right now. He shouldn’t faint again like last time.

Is this the artefact that the new ghost emissary bought from the drugstore?

The old ghost looked at this scene with a full of black lines. He could not help but get a little bit irritated at the way the new ghost emissary work, ah. Is this person could even be considered as reliable, ma?

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