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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 99

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 99: God Stick 3

When the old ghost entered the bedroom through the door, he saw this scene.

A tall yet slightly thin young man stood upright with clenched fists. His eyes were firm (misconception), as he looked at the little imp baby, Niuniu, without fear (misconception).

There was no panicking call, nor did he faint from fear. This new Gui-Daren seemed to be much bolder than he thought.

Perhaps what happened last night was just that Niuniu adding details while telling a story to make it more interesting. Or perhaps at that time, this new Gui-Daren was yet to adapt to his new identity.

The old ghost made countless excuses in his heart for Jiang Liu’s coma last night. With a hunched back and a cane to support, he stepped forward. He then patted Jiang Liu on the shoulder before greeting him respectfully.

Poor Jiang Liu. He had been forced to stare at a pair of red eyes, and yet when he turned his head, he was greeted with an ashen face full of scars all over it. When the other party opened his mouth, he revealed a mouthful of black and yellow fangs, which seemed ready to gnaw on the tender flesh of his body.

Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!

Jiang Liu quickly took a step backward, but he forgot that there was a little ghost behind him and inevitably ran into it. The other party’s head was not securely attached to her neck, therefore, the collision detached her head from her neck as it rolled to the door, accompanied by a rumble.

“Hey, Niuniu’s head was knocked off by uncle!”

The little girl ghost exclaimed as she hopped to the door, squatted down, and picked up the head from the ground before putting it back on her neck. However, she seemed to be making a mistake as it was attached in the wrong direction.

Jiang Liu watched her head rotate 180 degrees before it clicked a few times and returned to its regular operation.

Is this female ghost planning to scam others?

Jiang Liu rolled his eyes and wanted to faint again.

“Niuniu, stop teasing Gui-daren.”

The old ghost can naturally see that Niuniu had deliberately dropped her head to frighten the new Gui-Daren. Otherwise, according to the characteristics of their souls, how could their head rolled off with just a light bump from others.

As an elder who has been worrying about these new ghosts for hundreds of years, the old ghost could not help but worried that this Niuniu will anger the new Gui-Daren. When the new Gui-Daren finally matures up, he might try to settle the score with her.

Fortunately, this just elected Gui-Daren still looked kind. Even when Niuniu was being so noisy, he did not scold her.

The old ghost looked straight at the new ghost emissary, who was still stood erect with a hint of satisfaction. He inadvertently made a preliminary assessment of the newly elected ghost emissary’s level of courage.

“Emissary Gui-Daren, I am Yinzhou’s ghost boss. I am a Liang gui who had registered my name in the underworld and legally allowed to roam the living world. Daren can call me [old ghost].”

[T/N: Liang Gui – Good Ghost; Li Gui – Malicious ghost]

The old ghost tried hard to show a kind and gentle expression, but in reality, his congenital condition was not good. On the contrary, the appearance of him trying to put a smile at the corner of his mouth was even scarier than when he was not smiling.

“Ghost emissary?”

After realizing that these two ghosts were not malicious and didn’t mean to hurt him, Jiang Liu became a little bolder. Yet, he still didn’t dare to look straight at the ghost in front of him. Therefore, he looked at them in dazed, too scared to put any focus on it.

Jiang Liu began to ponder silently on the old ghost’s words. The ghosts in this world seemed to be controlled by the underworld. Therefore, the ghost emissary in his mouth should be the underworld’s apostle in this living realm.

Just how did they identify a person as a ghost emissary? What kind of abilities does this ghost emissary have?

And why did the original body become a ghost emissary? And who was the one who held this position before him?

These were the mysteries that Jiang Liu was curious about.

“Did Emissary Gui-Daren were not made aware of your own identity?”

The old ghost looked at Jiang Liu’s expression and asked with a doubtful face. It stands for the reason that the new ghost emissary will succeed once the previous emissary resigned. Furthermore, the previous ghost emissary will also use unique methods to pass on the memory belonging to the ghost emissary to the newly elected emissary. With the memory inheritance, then could they better perform their responsibilities as the new ghost emissary.

Did he recognize the wrong person? But Jiang Liu’s prestige really appeared to be like ghost emissary, and this is not something that can deceive people. Furthermore, Jiang Liu’s adoptive father was the previous ghost emissary. Therefore, after the other party’s death, Jiang Liu should be the person most likely to inherit the mantle. This should not be wrong, ah.

“Uncle is so stupid. Even stupid than Ahuang raised by Niuniu.”

It was unknown when the little ghost baby ran up to the closet. She was sitting on the top, dangling her feet, while giggling.

Ahuang, Ahuang. Jiang Liu’s self-esteem made him forget that he was facing two ghosts he glared at that little devil.

Sooner or later, he is going to kick this girl and her pet, Ah Huang like a ball.

Fortunately, although there is an unreliable little ghost, that several hundred years old ghosts, was still quite reliable. With the explanation from the old ghost, Jiang Liu also roughly understands what kind of identity this ghost emissary was.

Because of the high population in China, the prefectures were already overwhelmed since decades ago.

In particular, Grandmother Meng was clinging to the secret recipe of Meng Po soup and still refuses to recruit apprentices. As a result, the ghosts who can drink Meng Po’s soup to enter the reincarnation pool are limited per every day. Therefore, the ghosts who were waiting for reincarnation have been booked for decades.

So, more than forty years ago, the underworld began to recruit apostles from the living world. Their job was specifically to manage these legal ghosts who were delayed in reincarnation and still lingered in the living world. They will also arrest and punish those ghost who for various reason, turned into a Li gui and making trouble at the world of the living.

[T/N: Li gui – Malicious spirit]

And these apostles have a unified name among ghosts, that is, Ghost Emissary!

Basically, there will be a ghost emissary in every area. After a ghost emissary dies, another ghost emissary will succeed him.

Generally speaking, the relationship between ghost emissary in each area was like [well water does not violate the river water]. Unless there is a rare powerful Li gui that required all the surrounding ghost emissaries to be summoned by the underworld to seal the big shot, most of them will stay at their own station and will not leave it casually.

This might sound too harsh. After all, there is no freedom once you become a ghost emissary.

But that’s not all, there are still many benefits of being a ghost emissary.

For example, once you become a ghost emissary, you will be able to possess abilities that ordinary people cannot possess. The power of ghost emissary comes from hell, and they could be considered as almost superhuman in the living world. Furthermore, what they do is a good deed as they help the soul to find their peace. This will help those emissaries to accumulate great merit and receive great blessings.

Many people who practice Taoism suffered from the five drawbacks and three shortcomings after crossing the mysterious gate. Yet for those ghost emissaries, even if they have to go through the same mysterious door as other Taoists, however, due to their karmic merit and being favoured by the heaven, they often have a good fortune in their body.

Moreover, after the death of the ghost emissaries, due to their as the partial internal staff of the prefecture, they can also enjoy the preferential treatment for reincarnation. Suppose you do not want to reincarnate, but decided to stay in the prefecture and work. In that case, you can also enjoy the exemption of the civil written examination and many other special treatments.

[T/N: LOL, this remind me of Hoozuki no Reitetsu]

In the eyes of a lonely wild ghost like the old ghost, the benefits of being a ghost emissary are simply too much.

Looking at the envious, jealousy and hatred that came from the two ghosts, Jiang Liu could only keep a straight face as he inwardly saying: Could this even be considered as having any benefit, ah?

“How did you know that I am a ghost emissary? Let me tell you, today is the first day that I even know that I also have this kind of identity.”

Since things have reached this stage, Jiang Liu decided not to conceal anything from the other party.

Because listening to the old ghost’s tone, it seemed that the legal “good ghosts” in Yinzhou also possessing another role which is to supervise their same kind. Once they find out where an uncontrolled Li gui has been reborn, the ghost emissary will be notified in time, so that they could act in time and immediately destroy those malicious ghosts.

Jiang Liu was not stupid, but, he was also terrified of ghosts. For him to become the ghost emissary, he afraid that might not be able to put down the burden again when the matter comes to hand.

“Didn’t the previous ghost emissary pass on the memory to you?”

Jiang Liu’s words affirmed the old ghost’s previous guess. This is weird, there is no reason for this kind of situation to occur.

“Who was the last ghost emissary?”

Jiang Liu had a faint guess.

“The last ghost emissary was your father.”

Sure enough, the old ghost’s answer confirmed Jiang Liu’s guess.

“It may be that the last ghost emissary went too suddenly and did not leave a legacy.”

The old ghost found a reasonable excuse to explain the problem. Jiang Liu’s eyelids twitched after hearing what he said. The original father didn’t seem to have died of illness like what those outsiders had thought.

Yet even the old ghost was not clear on the real reason that led to the death of the original’s adoptive father, Jiang Kun. These ghosts only know that the ghost emissary that controlled these good ghosts in Yinzhou had suddenly disappeared one day. A few days later, a new power pressure was formed, and this made them realize that it was the alternation between the old and the new. Yinzhou had finally ushered in a new ghost emissary.

The old ghost’s answer is not good news. The original adoptive father’s death is still a mystery. Because the oppression upon the ghost had temporarily disappeared for a few days, it may cause many hidden dangers.

Especially for ghosts who are not very obedient. They might be willing to surrender to Jiang Kun, but they may not necessarily surrender to Jiang Liu.

It is essential to know that almost every change between the old and the new ghost emissary will cause a temporary imbalance between the local yin and yang. Fortunately, the new ghost emissary will accept the memories of the predecessors, and can quickly subdue those troublesome ghosts. However, it is different in the Jiang Liu case. Not to mention the memory of so-called inheritance, he did not even have the memory of the original. To add more, he was also a coward who is afraid of ghosts. If some restless ghosts were to know about it, Yinzhou might really end up in chaos.

Jiang Liu was somewhat glad that the first group of ghosts who found him were these two ghosts who didn’t seem to like making troubles to others. If they were replaced by other restless ghosts, they might have attacked him when he told them that he did not receive the memory of inheritance.

It seems that in this spiritual world, he has to be more cautious.

“As for distinguishing the ghost emissary, it’s a simple matter.”

The old ghost had similar worries to Jiang Liu. Still, now he decided to patiently explain all Jiang Liu’s doubt.

“Qinglong, Baihu, Zhuque, and Xuanwu guard the south, east, north, and west of China respectively. The east corner, from jiǎo, kàng, dī, fáng, xīn, wěi to  belong to the Qinglong. In the west corner, from kuí, lóu, wèi, mǎo, bì, zī to Shēn, all belong to Baihu. For the south corner, Zhuque is controlling the jǐng, guǐ, liǔ, xīng, zhāng, yì, and zhěn. As for the last seven stars in the north, namely Dǒuniú, nǚ, xū, wēi, shì, and bì, it was under the jurisdiction of Xiangwu. The four directions of these mythical beasts will regulate heaven and earth while adjusting the Yin and Yang in the living realm. Therefore, every ghost emissary will also be given a different totem marks according to the different directions.”

[T/N: Qinglong – Azure dragon; Baihu – White tiger; Zhuque – Vermillion bird; and Xuanwu – Black tortoise. Those italics names above are according to Chinese constellation known as the 28 mansions]

Yinzhou belongs to the south, so the ghost emissary of Yinzhou would carry the Vermillion Bird Totem.

The old ghost motioned Jiang Liu to look at his back. Jiang Liu walked to the bathroom mirror, took off his pyjamas, and then turned around to look at his back through the reflection in the mirror. As expected, a totem of vermillion bird born from the fire had somehow been tattooed on his back at some unknown point.

The crimson colour was like flowing magma, and it appeared to be so radiance against his pale white skin. There is even a vaguely enchanting and beautiful feeling that came from it.

[T/N: This translator is guilty of imagining a possible BL plot LOL]

Jiang Liu silently put down his clothes. He thought that a real man like him should be equipped with a domineering and mighty totem-like that of an azure dragon. No matter how bad it was, even a white tiger totem will do.

No way, he no longer can go shirtless in the summer.

The author has something to say: About the four great mythical beasts and the twenty-eight stars, those were borrowed from the Baidu Encyclopedia.

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