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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 154

Chapter 154: Entertainment Circle’s Villain 1


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Xia Beibei’s consciousness gradually became sober as soon as she joined the mission. The hazy bathroom attracted her attention when she opened her eyes. She was curled up in the bathtub as her entire body was submerged in the warm water.

Xia Beibei looked at the empty medicine bottle beside the bathtub labelled as a sleeping pill.

Chen Yining, the original owner, had consumed the entire bottle of sleeping pills before filling the bathtub with water and sat naked in it…

Your mom! Suicide is suicide. Unexpectedly you have to make it so complicated. Truly worthy of having the mind and heart of a psychopathic villain.

Today, Xia Beibei classmate had gloriously transformed herself into such a major villain.

At the very least, the host’s body was not ill or in a state of disaster. Hence, there was no damage or discomfort when she entered the mission this time around.

This is indeed a delightful thing, ah! 

Accompanied with the splash of water, Xia Beibei stood up from the bathtub as she walked barefooted while wrapping herself in the bath towel that hung on the side. The water in the bathroom was still rising as she searched for the slippers. Soon, Chen Yining’s pale and slender face was reflected on the shadow. Xia Beibei approached the mirror and brushed away the fog.

The host body was currently the editor-in-chief and the top reporter of Xin Cheng Entertainment News. If she aimed towards any celebrity, she would soon unearth a plethora of controversies. Even if they did not have any scandal, Chen Yining would do anything to build a myriad of controversies for them….

Chen Yining, in fact, suffered from a mental illness. She actually despises people in the entertainment industry because of childhood trauma, which affected her life experiences.

She was in a morbid state where she found amusement by biting people in the entertainment industries like a mad dog. For her, she could derive endless pleasure as she watched those people fall from their pedestals into the mud.

This was how Chen Yining entertained herself.

And this crazy and distorted person ended up being confronted with insane revenge from an unknown person, which led her to a mental breakdown and suicide.

Xia Beibei extended her hand and gently stroked Chen Yining’s pale, sickly face.

Ah, even a hateful person had a moment of pity in their life.


Xia Beibei saw a messy bedroom when she emerged from the bathroom. The room, which was already dark in colour, looked even more disorganised. Chen Yining had clearly been in pain for a long time before she decided to take her own life to escape from the torture in her mind.

The person behind the scenes appeared to have done extensive research into her background. That person seemed to be aware of her greatest fears, as they take pleasure in torturing her, driving her insane, causing her to collapse, and eventually committing suicide.

Who is this mysterious individual?

Xia Beibei smiled as she looked down.

Ah, Chen Yining, you have so many enemies. Hence, it is difficult for you to know who this person is.

Nevertheless, do not worry. Everything will be fine. Now that I have become you, I no longer need to find that person. What I must do is… One by one, annihilate your foes and let them never rise again…

Xia Beibei walked to the closet and found a new set of clothes to put on after sorting out Chen Yining’s memory in her head. Chen Yining wore primarily grey and black clothing. Coupled with her thin and pale cheeks, her aura appeared to be reasonably fear-provoking.

Xia Beibei brushed her wet hair in front of the mirror after changing her clothes. At this point, she looked like a female ghost in a horror film with her black hair scattered…

Xia Beibei carried Chen Yining’s backpack after she packed up.

Over the years, Chen Yining has amassed a sizable fortune. She owned her house and has her own vehicle. Xia Beibei then took Chen Yining’s car out of the garage. He dialled Chen Yining’s assistant, Tang Xiao while starting the car.

“Are you Sister Yining?” 

When Tang Xiao received a call from Xia Beibei, he was taken aback because Chen Yining had just received a mysterious package at their office two days before. As soon as she opened it, the whole person appeared as if she had lost control of herself and had been absent from work and appeared as if she had evaporated from the world.

“Where are you right now, Tang Xiao? Is there any new progress regarding Shen Nie and Su Luo?”

While driving, Xia Beibei inquired softly.


Tang Xiao immediately replied: “Sister Yining, haven’t you watched the TV in the past two days? Shen Nie has proposed to Su Luo in public! Good things are about to come for those two. Now no one cares about the rumours that Su Luo was being fostered and raised by Shen Nie.” 

“What exactly are you talking about?”

Xia Beibei’s eyes widened as she heard Tang Xiao’s words, and her lips flashed with a smile—

Xia Xiran was the Female Lead in this world of entertainment novels. She was an up-and-coming entertainer who rose to the pinnacle of entertainment through her own hard work and wisdom. Even so, there is a person who never leaves her side along the way. That person was Lin Mo, who has been quietly working behind the scenes to help her. He was also the President of Moyu Entertainment’s company. This company had once made the generation most beautiful woman, Su Luo, famous.

It was just that while Su Luo was flying through the sky, Xin Cheng Entertainment’s Chen Yining had dug up the scandal of her being fostered, her history of being promiscuous, her participation in a sexual relationship, as well as the history of drug abuse. Su Luo, who couldn’t stand the public’s pressure, ended up in the Xingyu Building where the Xin Cheng Entertainment newspaper was located and committing suicide by jumping off the building.

This incident has repeatedly pushed Chen Yining to the top of the storm. Yet, for a morbid lunatic, the more accusations she faced, the more ecstatic she became.

Su Luo’s death did not let Chen Yining converged, instead of making her action more intensified. Chen Yining has gradually become the worst-known person in the entire entertainment industry and the most daring paparazzi.

Moyu Entertainment scouts discovered Xia Xiran working part-time on the street shortly after Su Luo died. Su Luo and Xia Xiran look a lot alike. She made her debut under the gimmick of “Xiao Su Luo” and quickly gained followers.

Xia Xiran worked harder and more intelligent than Su Luo, who was dead. She was part of the murky entertainment world, but she stayed true to her original goals. The president of Moyu Entertainment was taken aback because she could remain unstained in this pit of sludge. Hence, Lin Mo has been silently watching over Xia Xiran and will always assist her with problems.

This brightens Xia Xiran’s already bright star path, and Chen Yining, who specialises in being paparazzi, naturally out her focus on Xia Xiran—

There is no such thing as a clean person in the entertainment industry.

Chen Yining has always believed in this sentence. So she digs into Xia Xiran’s privacy, exposes her entire past, and spreads it out in the open.

Lin Mo, who had been silently guarding Xia Xiran, was enraged by such crazy behaviour. Lin Mo even dispatched a bodyguard to assault Chen Yining. However, for a sick person like Chen Yining, the more you threatened her, the crazier she became.

She began criticising Xia Xiran in newspapers and the Internet, portraying her relationship with Lin Mo as intolerable. Such overwhelming adverse reports once jeopardised Xia Xiran’s career as an artist. Still, she persevered and stood over the hurdle repeatedly and eventually married Lin Mo by relying on her strong heart power.

The outcome for Chen Yining as a morbid and insane individual…well, let’s not go there; these aren’t the main points.

Su Luo was currently the centre of attention.

Su Luo, who was supposed to be surrounded by bad news at this time, as she became depressed and kicked out by Shen Nie, was OK and managed to subdue the circle most famous playboy, Shen Nie, to settle down. According to the original plot, isn’t it odd that he is willing to give up the entire forest for her?

Su Luo was currently walking in a strange direction, and this mission appeared to be far from straightforward.

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