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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 155

Chapter 155: Entertainment Circle’s Villain 2


In a high-level closed community in City A.

Wearing a T-shirt and shorts, Tang Xiao was blowing on a small fan. He sneakily hid behind the curtain while his camera lens was aimed at the window on the opposite building.

“Boom boom boom!”

A knock on the door suddenly sounded.

Tang Xiao shuddered. The expensive camera in his hand almost fell to the ground and scrapped.

“I’m coming, what’s up!”

Tang Xiao hugged his camera tightly and walked slowly to the door wearing slippers: “Don’t knock, I heard it. I don’t want to go downstairs and have some beer, uh, sister Yining!”

Tang Xiao opened the door impatiently. However, when he saw Xia Beibei at the door, he immediately changed his expression. He stood aside, wincing: “Sister Yi Ning, why are you here so soon? I thought it was the decorator who came back!”

Yes, the room he temporarily borrowed was actually under renovation, and no one lives in it.

It was said that the profession of paparazzi was comparable to a criminal investigator. This is really true. There are things that even the police cannot find, yet the paparazzi can find ways to obtain them. This is the real scary thing about paparazzi.

“Why are you staying here?”

Xia Beibei glanced at Tang Xiao’s look that was sloppier than an otaku and could not help frowning in disgust.

“It was Sister Lan Xin who asked me to follow Ye Qingge’s newa. Recently, she had managed to breach into the third line quickly. Everyone thinks that there is someone behind her. I have been following for two days. Ye Qingge has not announced of any work or schedule recently. She mostly stayed at home. The defensive measures of the room was also good, so it is difficult to capture anything.”

Speaking of this, Tang Xiao was feeling extremely annoyed, ah! He had spent the whole night in this ruined house and could not help but feeling sour and aggrieved! What’s even worse is that he still pays for it and invite the workers who originally lived here to watch things to stay in luxury hotels…

“Ye Qingge?”

Xia Beibei heard Tang Xiao’s words as she recalled the data in her mind.

As a super entertainer paparazzi, Chen Yining’s brain was like a gossip forum containing all kinds of gossip scandals, lace news, etc., of all celebrities.

In Chen Yining’s memory, there was also Ye Qingge. This Ye Qingge was initially a little-known artist. Some days ago, she suddenly participated in a variety show with extremely high ratings. Her fame has dramatically improved, and she immediately became popular among the audience. After playing the female lead in the annual idol drama, her popularity immediately rose like a rocket.

In the original plot, this Ye Qingge can be regarded as a celebrity in the entertainment circle, but she was not tepid. Even if she performed the annual drama, she would not be praised for it. On the contrary, she usually provoked a large group of black fans. She could be considered an unfortunate girl.

Xia Beibei walked to the window and lifted the curtains, and then she could not help but laughed. “This is her private apartment, the place arranged by the company, even if there is really a gold master behind her, will Ye Qingge be so stupid to take people home and have sex there?”

Tang Xiao:…

Yining sister, you are as sharp as ever!

“I know too, but there’s no way! Ye Qingge has not gone out these days, and sister Lan Xin only gave me three days. Today is the last day. If I can’t get any news about Ye Qingge, my bonus this month will be gone!”

Speaking of this, Tang Xiao couldn’t help but look at Xia Beibei pitifully: “Sister Yining, you have to help me! When you are not in the office, everyone is bullying me!”

The so-called dog hitting depends on the owner. Chen Yining was very arrogant on average days. Even with Tang Xiao, who was her assistant, no one dared to mess with him. However, since Chen Yining had something to do a few days ago and did not go to work, the treatment that Tang Xiao received at the office started to show a sharp turnaround!

Especially Chen Yining’s old rival, He Lanxin, decided to take the opportunity to dump all thankless work to Tang Xiao.


Hearing Tang Xiao’s words, Xia Beibei curled her lips in disdain: “He Lanxin wants to fight me, is she comparable? Stop shooting! Hurry up and pack up and accompany me to Shen Ni’s villa.”

“Sister Yi Ning, are you still going to stare at Shen Nie and Su Luo? Aren’t both of them already make their relationship public?”

Tang Xiao heard Xia Beibei’s words and asked inexplicably while tidying up.

“It’s made public? It’s trickier when it is made public.”

Xia Beibei was sure that either Su Luo or Shen Nie must be abnormal. The most suspicious one was naturally Su Luo…


Tang Xiao glanced at Ye Qingge’s unit on the opposite floor with some entanglement: “Today is the last day, how can I explain to Sister Lan Xin?”

“What are you in a hurry? This is the daytime. If you have any good news, you will have to wait for it to get dark.”

Xia Beibei couldn’t help but shook his head at Tang Xiao. This young man looked well informed, but he was actually dumb. Not a paparazzi material.

“Oh oh.”

Hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Tang Xiao immediately nodded vigorously. With Sister Yining backing him up, his heart was much more stable. Who is in the entire entertainment industry does not know the name of Sister Yining?

There is no news in the world that she cannot dig!

Two people went out of the building, Tang Xiao went to take the car. In contrast, Xia Beibei went directly to the property room. It did not take long before she produced a printed list.

“Sister Yining, this is…”

“Ye Qingge’s ******* and contact number on the first floor.”

Xia Beibei smiled slightly. Looking at her smile, Tang Xiao could not help but feel cold. As long as Sister Yining smiled, someone would be unlucky.


With Tang Xiao working as her assistant, Xia Beibei naturally relaxed. She took out the ball pen she carried with her and drew a few strokes on ********, then took out her mobile phone and dialled the number that she had familiarized in her heart.

“Hello? Xiaoning, is that you?”

The call was quickly connected, and a slightly hoarse and tired voice came out: “Xiaoning, you speak!”


Xia Beibei felt that her body was a little tense and stiff, and her mind was also confused.

This is the first time she had such a strange feeling.

This is… the feeling from Chen Yining.

Because Chen Yining committed suicide due to a mental breakdown, when Xia Beibei entered the mission, her soul should have disappeared. However, this person’s resentment was too deep, so some extreme feelings and emotions remained in this body and are yet to disperse.


Xia Beibei opened her mouth: “Tong Nian, it’s me, I’m Chen Yining.”


The man on the other end of the phone seemed to let out a sigh of relief: “You girl is going to scare me to death, where are you now?”

“I am working.”

Xia Beibei unconsciously turned the ball pen in her palm, and her voice gradually became low: “Tong Nian, can you check the information of two people for me, and send it to me later?”

Before Tong Nian could assent, Xia Beibei had already reported the names and telephone numbers of the two owners.

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone: “Okay.”

Finally, Tong Nian responded. Hearing his answer, Xia Beibei quickly hung up the phone.

“Nailed it.”

She turned her head and glanced at Tang Xiao. Her nervous body was utterly relaxed.

Tang Xiao, who was driving the car, could not help but ask curiously after a moment of hesitation: “Sister Yining, you and Captain Tong are… relatives, right?”

Tong Nian, the captain of the city criminal police team.

Tang Xiao and Chen Yining have met that man several times. Tong Nian was a brilliant and capable middle-aged man. He looked like a dozen years older than Chen Yining. He was not like a brother but more like an elder. However, when Chen Yining spoke to him, her tone was icy and disrespectful. Still, Tong Nian seemed to listen to Chen Yining’s words very much. Every time she asked for help, Tong Nian would help her quickly as long as she did not ask too much. Therefore, Tang Xiao always felt that the relationship between Tong Nian and Chen Yining was not simple, and the relatives were just his guesses.


Xia Beibei in the car heard Tang Xiao’s guess. Her eyes sank slightly: “Tang Xiao, drive well, don’t gossip.”

In fact, Chen Yining and Tong Nian were not related by blood. However, if someone is willing to devote significant efforts to trace Chen Yining’s past, then they will know the truth about some old things. For example, she was not named Chen Yining initially, and the name on her first household registration book was—Tong Ningning.

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