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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 156

Chapter 156: Entertainment Circle’s Villain 3


Shen Nie was the second son of the Shen Family Consortium in City A. This second young master Shen has been scandalized with countless beauties around him.

Moreover, this generation of beautiful woman, Su Luo, was just one of his many girlfriends. At that time, Su Luo had just entered the entertainment industry. Because her public image was very pure and pleasant, and the company’s packaging was good, her career could be considered smooth. She immediately became the head of the entertainment industry in one fell swoop.

Actresses who are packed like this often had people to back them, and this backer is usually rich and powerful.

Su Luo has reasonably good economic conditions. Naturally, she looked down upon those fostered by wealthy businessmen who were too old and looked terrible. Hence, she had refused many meals. Slowly, many men in the circle dispelled the idea of fostering her. However, at this time, the handsome and unrestrained Shen Nie launched a fierce love offensive towards Su Luo——

Sometimes money alone is not enough to move people’s hearts.

However, when the emotional offensive is fierce, coupled with the temptation of money that you cannot refuse, associated with the handsome appearance of the other party.

May I ask what kind of woman is willing to refuse?

Su Luo quickly became acquainted with Shen Nie, and the two of them were really sweet for a while. Nevertheless, for the playboy Shen Nie, no woman in this world can satisfy him, and he soon became tired of Su Luo as he started looking for new goals.

Shen Nie’s coldness caused Su Luo’s mood swings. She gradually began to drink and take drugs. To keep Shen Nie’s heart, she even secretly manipulated the preventive measure, hoping to tie up this man with a child. However, in fact, in the end, in addition to the scars all over her body, this man left nothing for her.

At this time, Su Luo only had her own career left, but Chen Yining broke her bottom and gave her a knowing blow!

In her previous life, Su Luo committed suicide by jumping off the building in despair.

At the moment when she fell from the top of dozens of stories high, her heart was very restless, and even all the resentments of this life gathered together——

She is so unwilling!

“Di! Discover a host that meets the system requirements. The system will bind to the host. Please choose to agree or disagree?”

“Di! The host defaulted to consent. The system binding starts, 1%, 5%, 20%…100%!”

“Bind successfully! Ding! This is the cannon fodder counterattack system 9874; nice to meet you!”

System…rebirth…cannon fodder.

When Su Luo opened her eyes again, she realized that she had returned a year ago.

At this time, she was still being wrapped up and raised by Shen Nie. At this time, she has not contracted any bad habits. At this time, she has not been ruined!

This system gave her a chance to do it all over again. All she needs to do is to complete the cannon fodder counterattack according to the tasks set by the system——

Since it is a cannon fodder counterattack, the system’s primary task after Su Luo was reborn is to keep her in the entertainment circle and eliminate the original female lead, Xia Xiran, from the entertainment circle by strangling her in the bud.

In addition, the cannon fodder who doesn’t want an act of revenge is not good cannon fodder. So the second task of the system to Su Luo was naturally to address her grievances and avenge herself——

Shen Nie, Chen Yining, she will never let go of any of them!

After rebirth, Su Luo originally wanted to distance herself from Shen Nie. She did not want to be entangled with this man again, but what Su Luo did not expect was that Shen Nie suddenly seemed to have changed in this life. As a person, he started to become very considerate and gentle to her. Shen Nie’s changes made Su Luo confused. The Shen family was so big and difficult to deal with, so she simply stood still and quietly spent money to find someone to investigate Chen Yining’s past.

The effort paid off. Private detectives found out Chen Yining’s life experience and her past. Su Luo single-handedly arranged a series of mysterious events, causing Chen Yining’s spirit to continue to be destroyed until she collapsed and committed suicide.

Initially, everything went smoothly, but Su Luo did not know why she could not receive the reminder of the successful revenge mission.

Is that Chen Yining really so difficult to handle?

At this time, Su Luo was sitting on the balcony of Shen Nie’s private villa. With the blow of the gentle breeze, she squinted her eyes comfortably——

It feels so good to be alive!

In her previous life, she worked hard in the entertainment circle to live a better life and have a life and love that others will envy. Who knows that she will end miserably in the end?

After getting the cannon fodder counterattack system, Su Luo realized that her life was just a paragraph arranged by others. No matter how hard she tried, she could not escape the fate of being cannon fodder. Who made herself a stepping-stone for the Female Lead?

She had already faced death once. How could she let the female lead come to the top?

Heh, it is ironic.

Su Luo thought of her previous life and those opponents who fought her to death. It was very ridiculous, ah!

In this life, if she wanted to get rid of her fate, she must become the protagonist of this world!


Xia Beibei and Tang Xiao parked their car on the side of a minor road not far from Shen Nie’s villa. Xia Beibei took out the binoculars from the trunk and looked at Shen Nie’s estate. Su Luo, with a relaxed and lazy expression on the side of the balcony, appeared in her eyes——

Hey, she seemed to be in good shape, should it be her?

After experiencing multiple mission worlds, encountering various collapsed plots or reborn characters, Xia Beibei now calmly judge the cause of the collapse of the plot.

Heh, no wonder it was said that it is not easy to become a villain. Not only were you already facing numerous protagonists with numerous auras, but there were also multiple hurdles along the way. Not to mention that from time to time, some rebirth and book-wearing people will also appear, striving to destroy the harm of the people and overthrow you, the big villain. You tell me, how vexed that is, ah!

“Sister Yi Ning, how is it?”

Seeing Xia Beibei holding the binoculars motionless, Tang Xiao couldn’t help but ask in a low voice.

“Su Luo is at home; shouldn’t Shen Ni be here at this time?”


Hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Tang Xiao immediately picked up his portable notepad and clicked on it a few times. Then his emotions became agitated: “Sister Yi Ning, today…today is Shen Qiancheng’s day to return to China! Shen Nie must have gone to the airport!”

Heaven! I actually forgot such an important day.

Hum, no wonder Sister Lan Xin let him guard Ye Qingge these days. She must have wanted to drive everyone away and go to the airport to pick up Shen Qiancheng herself!

It must be like this!

Tang Xiao believes in this because He Lanxin was a diehard Shen Qiancheng’s fan.

Shen Qiancheng, who was the first actor of the Chinese nation, was not only a national male god but also the eldest young master of the Shen family!

The wealth, status, power, appearance, figure, and acting skills are all superb. Shen family was prevalent, both at home and abroad. The so-called national male god was by no means a waste of fame.

“Uh, Shen Qiancheng?” Hearing Tang Xiao’s words, Xia Beibei also thought of this young man from the Shen family. He was like a god in the entertainment industry. Chen Yining was not afraid of death and thought about digging some of the male god’s scandal. Naturally, she did not even manage to touch the corners of the other men’s clothes.

In addition to his agent and assistant, Shen Qiancheng’s side was also equipped with the most powerful personal bodyguards. Not to mention ordinary paparazzi, even a master of Chinese martial arts can hardly get close to him.

Such a person has been living in the cloud, which is as unreal as the mansion of god.

However, such a person can only appear in the world of fiction.

In the eyes of the readers of this novel, Shen Qiancheng has not many roles. Still, he is highly regarded because he is a male god who stands on the altar and worshipped by people.

In this world of novels, Xia Beibei has personally experienced the charm of the so-called first male god of the entertainment industry.

You just need to look at the regretful expression on Tang Xiao little brother beside her to know about it–

Shen Qiancheng, as expected, is a heartthrob.

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