June 23, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 157

Chapter 157: Entertainment Circle’s Villain 4


City A International Airport.

The entire airport reception hall was fully occupied by Shen Qiancheng’s fan support group. The people stood head to head, and it was even more spectacular than the crowded train during the Spring Festival.


Shen Nie took his bodyguard into the airport hall and could not help but explode.

It is crowded! Although I am used to such a scene, Shen Nie still cannot help but complain.

He and Shen Qiancheng were born from the same father and mother. Second young master Shen also realized that he was also a beautiful man!

Yet, compared to Shen Qiancheng, who has no interest in his face, Shen Nie felt that he should be more popular!

Are these women blind?

Second young master Shen shook his head speechlessly. He subconsciously looked at his tiny body stature. Your mom, if he squeezed to pick up his brother, would not he be squeezed into meat sauce in a few minutes?

“Well, let’s just wait in place.”

Thinking for a while, Shen Nie decided to stand on the periphery and guard.

Suddenly there was a noise coming from the crowd——

“Male God!”

“Male God!”

“Male God I love you!”

“Male God, I want to give you a monkey!”


With the bursts of shouts and screams, some were so excited that they cry, some fainted directly to the ground, and some screamed until their voices became hoarse.

This is the charm of Shen Qiancheng.

Wearing Kanor’s latest beige windbreaker, Shen Qiancheng’s slender and tall figure slowly appeared in front of everyone under the protection of many bodyguards.

He adorned brown sunglasses that make his eyes hard to see, but the contours of his face are perfect and handsome.

Seeming to be used to such a scene, Shen Qiancheng slowly raised his hand to say hello to everyone and then made a gesture of lowering his voice. In an instant, the audience was silent!

The fans in the whole hall, both men and women, subconsciously gave way to Shen Qiancheng.

He curled the corners of his sexy lips slightly, and immediately, countless female fans fainted with excitement…

Shen Nie:……

Damn! Too exaggerated! Laozi was just born late, or else Laozi would already enter the entertainment industry.

When Shen Nie finished complaining, Shen Qiancheng had already brought a large group of people to him.

“Brother, welcome back to China!”

Shen Nie raised his eyebrows at Shen Qiancheng and smiled. Shen Qiancheng just nodded quietly. When the brothers left the scene, the reception hall boiled again. At this time, countless reporters, paparazzi and fans were on the scene. They turned on their mobile phones and tablets and started uploading first-hand pictures of Shen Qiancheng at the airport——

Well, did you mentioned why there is no interview?

As a man standing at the top of the food chain, does he still need any coverage to reach the entertainment industry’s pyramid?

He has no need for any publicity, and he will not accept any interviews. However, the entire entertainment circle is still reporting everything about him.

Any news about Shen Qiancheng, let alone a photo, a message, the hair that fell from Shen Qiancheng’s body, is very precious…


Airport Expressway.

“Brother, are you going directly to the old house?”

Shen Nie sat in the car and turned his head directly to look at Shen Qiancheng on the side. At this time, Shen Qiancheng finally took off his sunglasses, revealing a pair of bright and eye-catching eyes, which are not black like ordinary Chinese people, but a charming brown. This is not due to wearing cosmetic contact lenses, nor an operation, but a natural brown. Looking elegant and reliable.

“Go to your private villa.”

Shen Qiancheng glanced at Shen Nie and whispered in a low voice.

“Oh ah?”

Shen Nie subconsciously agreed and then immediately reacted: “Brother, are you going to my villa?”

“Why? Am I not welcome?”

Shen Qiancheng took a deep look at Shen Nie: “I know that you are hidden a golden bird in your villa, so I’ll just go take a look.”


Hearing Shen Qiancheng’s word, Shen Nie’s eyes became even stranger.

In Shen Nie’s impression, his elder brother was definitely a desireless Liu Xiahui! He has no interest in any woman. In recent years, he has been immersed in performances. He has become accustomed to running between home and abroad, just to enrich himself.

It was not easy for a man to stand on top of the altar. He has been busy all these years. Let alone getting married and having children, he does not even have time to fall in love.

It was precise because Shen Qiancheng was too busy that the old man of the Shen family has repeatedly indulged Shen Nie’s nonsense. Even if he suddenly proposed to Su Luo this time, he was not blocked by the Shen family.

Ai, the elders of the Shen family, are waiting to hold their grandson, and they almost withered in waiting.

Hence, Su Luo seems to be pretty good to them at the moment. With her pure image, no unbearable love history, and clean net worth, She could be regarded as meeting the minimum requirements for marrying into the Shen family…

“Brother, do you know what happened to Su Luo and me?”

Shen Nie hesitated, then raised his head and asked gently.


Shen Qiancheng nodded, and then he looked at Shen Nie with some deep eyes: “Xiao Nie, I remember you told me before that you didn’t want to get married so soon, why did you suddenly want to marry Su Luo?”

“This one…”

Hearing what Shen Qiancheng said, Shen Nie’s face changed a little: “Brother, let’s talk about this later!”


Shen Qiancheng noticed the change in Shen Nie’s face, and he nodded silently.

In fact, Shen Qiancheng also knows that even though Shen Nie looks pretty lusty, he was actually a very witty person. For an heir cultivated by a big family and received all kinds of education and influence since childhood, how could he be someone with a low IQ who only knows how to flirt with a woman all day long?

It seems that there is another story to it.

The car was still speeding on the road at high speed, and it did not take long for it to turn into the scenic area on the outskirts of city A. The traffic on the road also decreased. When they were about to reach Shen Ni’s villa. Suddenly, Shen Ni’s gaze froze: “Stop!”

With the order from the Second young master Shen, the car at the front stopped as the entire convoy followed suit.

“What happened?”

Shen Qiancheng turned his head and glanced at his younger brother.

“Brother, it’s a bit of a private matter, let’s take care of it first, you wait for two minutes!”

Shen Nie stared at the familiar car on the side of the road, narrowing his eyes dangerously——

That is the damn car of that paparazzi; Shen Nie will not admit it wrong.

I have been trying to find it elsewhere only to stumble upon it coincidentally!

In the past few days, Second young master Shen had been planning to find someone to clean her up! To think that this damn paparazzi actually delivered it to the door by herself!

At this time, Shen Nie got out of the car, called two of the Shen family bodyguards, and walked to Xia Beibei’s car with a domineering attitude.

Speaking of which, Xia Beibei and Tang Xiao were bored as they checked the information in the car. As a result, the Shen family’s envoy drove over so brightly that even the blind could see it.

“It’s Shen Nie.”

Seeing Shen Nie’s aggressive approach, Tang Xiao immediately grabbed the corner of Xia Beibei’s clothes a little nervously: “Sister Yining, do we still have time to drive away?”

“What are you running from?”

Xia Beibei’s eyes flashed as she raised her hand and threw the camera into Tang Xiao’s arms: “Don’t get down in the car and switch to the video recording function. After a while, no matter what happens, you must record everything from beginning to end, remember?”

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