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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 183

Chapter 183: Entertainment Circle’s Villain 30


“My name is Tong Nian. Ziqian, Aning, I will be your father from now on.”

When she first saw that man Tong Nian in the orphanage, Chen Yining actually had a good impression of him. This man seemed very reliable and safe.

Having been bullied in the orphanage, she had always wanted to leave this ghost place a long time ago. This was even pertinent after she discovered that the orphanage’s dean had been looking at her brother with weird eyes. This has made Chen Yining felt terrified.

Now, Tong Nian looked at her and her brother with kind and gentle eyes.

This man, he must be a good father.

Facts have proven that Tong Nian was indeed a good man and a qualified father. Unfortunately, Chen Yining had never been a good daughter.

She was too sensitive, except for Tong Ziqian; it was difficult for her to trust anyone, including Tong Nian.

Since she accidentally learned that Tong Nian was her mother’s first love, she rejected this adoptive father. She would not appreciate Tong Nian no matter what he did.

This antagonism continued until Tong Ziqian entered the entertainment circle.

Tong Nian was against Tong Ziqian’s entry into the entertainment industry. Still, Tong Ziqian inherited his mother’s beauty and temperament, as well as her beautiful and gentle voice. He was a natural idol.

Perhaps many people have fantasized about becoming famous overnight, and Tong Ziqian also thought about showing himself off in the entertainment circle. Unfortunately, destiny made a cruel joke on him.

There are many male and female investors as well as rich people in the entertainment industry. Hence, the handsome Tong Ziqian naturally became those people’s prey. Because of his disobedience, the entertainment companies began to block him. Those people even forced him to take drugs and give him a poisonous shot until he was willing to give in…

Chen Yining once witnessed the appearance of his brother’s drug withdrawal, which hideous and scary.

“Aning, don’t look, get out!”

Her brother bit his bleeding lips and shut her out.

The gloomy memories in her heart kept pouring out–

Her mother was so beautiful when she was young. At that time, many men, including Tong Nian, pursued her. She originally in a relationship with Tong Nian, but later, she broke up with Tong Nian for her star dream and fell into the arms of a producer. Yet, what she did not expect was that the producer was just playing with her. Not only did he get her into various bad habits, but he also abandoned her after learning that she was pregnant…

Later, her mother secretly gave birth to her elder brother. After that, she still did not give up her dream to top the entertainment circle, but… In this circle, wanting to be popular, how could it be easy? There are countless women in the entertainment industry willing to throw themselves to the producer, wishing to become popular instantly.

In the end, her mother had to sell her body and soul time and time again, but what she got was always a trivial opportunity.

In this way, another 3 years passed, and Chen Yining was born.

Due to her mother’s poor health, she was born with deficiencies. She and Tong Ziqian did not have the same father. She also did not inherit her mother’s beauty. At that time, her mother’s drug addiction was already great. She even started prostituting herself to buy the stash. Sometimes, when she runs out of money, and the addiction broke out, she would vent her emotions by beating her children——

It was all you! You guys are the reason I can’t be a star.

I going to strangle you to death!

[Strangling you to death] was the words that Chen Yining’s mother often said to her in her memory. She was even nearly choked to death by her own mother several times. At that time, fortunately, there was a brother who had been protecting her desperately. 

Later, her mother died, and the two were sent to the orphanage.

That place was definitely not a place worthy of nostalgia.


In the darkness, Xia Beibei woke up from her sleep. Chen Yining’s memories were still spinning in her mind.

She seemed to see Chen Yining’s mother dying and struggling like a withered flower in the darkroom.

She also saw Tong Ziqian jumped from the top of the building in despair.

Behind the colourful entertainment industry, how many obscure and sorrows left unknown?

Xia Beibei turned on the lamp and turned on her mobile phone. She silently looked at a number in a daze.

This was Long Yiyun’s private number. When he was sorting Tong Nian’s relics, he also saw this number on his mobile phone.

When that accident happened, the person who called Tong Nian was Long Yiyun.

Xia Beibei could even imagine that Long Yiyun’s people were being blocked at the trading scene. He then called Tong Nian, who led the team, to prevent his losses from being too serious. He must have been threatening Tong Nian with Chen Yining’s evidence of murder——

Eight years ago, after Tong Ziqian’s death, Chen Yining wandered into various bars to avenge her brother. She finally caught the opportunity to “encounter” the producer who forced her brother to jump off the building. Chen Yining then took the drunken man away. Using some chemical, she finally managed to tie that man to the scene of the crime and cut his flesh one by one.

How much pain did my brother had to bear when he was suffering from drug addiction?

Chen Yining could not relate to it, but she saw his bloody handprints were all over the door of his room with her own eyes.

These pains, Chen Yining, wanted this person to taste in ten times and even hundreds of times…

After the murder, Chen Yining dealt with everything calmly; she even took the initiative to call Tong Nian and decided to surrender.


Tong Nian sheltered her and helped her deal with the crime scene flawlessly. The death of the producer was still an unsolved public case.

In fact, since then, Chen Yining felt that Tong Nian really cared about them and loved their brothers and sisters deeply. Unfortunately, it was too late.

Her brother already died, and she was a murderer. She did not want to hurt Tong Nian anymore than this.

Therefore, Chen Yining left Tong’s house. She changed her name, erased her past, and became an entertainment reporter. She exposed scandals in the entertainment industry and let everyone know how dirty this circle was. This was the most important mission in her life…

Xia Beibei coldly looked at the phone number displayed on the phone. Her other hand was groping around her bed. After touching it for a long time, she still found nothing.

Where is my cigarette?

The original owner Chen Yining was addicted to cigarettes. Xia Beibei had been living in Diamond City during this period. Therefore, she put the cigarettes that Chen Yining had habitually carried with her in her bag and put them under her pillow. Of course, she was not a smoker, but now she really wanted to smoke a cigarette.

“Looking for this?”

The door of the bedroom was pushed open at some unknown time. Yan Yicheng stood quietly outside the door wearing silk pyjamas, with a pack of cigarettes quietly in his palm.


Xia Beibei saw Yan Yicheng’s figure and stunned for a moment. Under the dim light, the man’s brown eyes were intense: “Do you want to avenge Tong Nian?”

In the hospital, she had always been very calm. She calmly went to see Tong Nian’s corpse for the last time and calmly left the hospital.

Yet, Yan Yicheng knew that Xia Beibei’s heart was never at peace.

“You are right.”

Xia Beibei smiled at Yan Yicheng: “Give me the cigarette. I need to think about how to kill Long Yiyun and Ye Qingge.”

“Your body is not suitable for smoking anymore.”

Yan Yicheng put the cigarette away, and he sauntered towards Xia Beibei’s bed: “Aren’t you going to explode Xia Xiran’s material? You can destroy her image and provoke her relationship with Lin Mo. After that, you can retire. Tong Nian is already dead. No matter how much you do, he won’t be able to come back to life.”

“Yeah, he won’t be able to come back to life. As you said, if a passerby dies, he would die without destroying the overall plot. So… Ye Qingge and Long Yiyun, who is not the protagonist, are obviously not going to affect the plot of the world even if they die, right?”

Xia Beibei faintly smiled at Yan Yicheng: “You don’t need to help me, and I don’t need anyone help. I hope that you would not stop me. Because I am Chen Yining, Tong Nian’s…daughter.”

At this moment, in this world, she was Chen Yining.

Being crazy was a pronoun synonymous with Chen Yining.

The death of her mother was an indelible shadow in Chen Yining’s heart. The end of her brother put her on the path of paranoia, and now even her adoptive father was also dead.

Then, she will no longer burst out in madness; she will instead perish in rage…

Hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Yan Yicheng lowered his eyes. He quietly walked to the bed, pressed her body, let her lie down. He then briskly turned off the bedside lamp: “You go and take a rest first, I…will help you.”

He never cared about the life and death of the passersby in a novel world, but if she were going to do it, he would definitely not going to stop her…

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