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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 182

Chapter 182: Entertainment Circle’s Villain 29


Yan Yicheng did not go to the antique shop to verify the so-called Taoism expert. That person must be Chu Ran, and Yan Yicheng knew very well that Chu Ran will only appear in that identity once and would never do it again.

Now he should still be in this mission world, playing as someone…

It was late at night when Yan Yicheng returned to Diamond City. Xia Beibei was still writing manuscripts in the study.

“Why don’t you rest?”

Yan Yicheng stood at the door and looked at her profile. He had to admit that Xia Beibei was actually a very dedicated employee.

It was also like that in Yicheng Media. Although her work was not exceptional, at least…She would do all her work seriously. There were also a few mistakes and omissions in her work.

In every task world, she played her character meticulously. Even every task of the tasker can be completed well.

Such a she makes him felt a little distressed when he looked at her.

Living so hard, she just hopes that she can do more and more valuable things during the limited time she has…

“The manuscript is not finished yet.”

When Xia Beibei heard Yan Yicheng’s voice, she involuntarily put down the pen and stretched out her arms.

Even though with various high-tech equipment around, the original owner Chen Yining has always insisted on handwriting it. She felt that she would be more inspired by this. Moreover, she does not believe in computers. After all, her manuscripts were exclusive. There have been stolen manuscripts cases in the past. Although it could not be considered a significant event, Chen Yining has maintained this habit for many years. Up to now, Xia Beibei also continued Chen Yining’s practice——

From entering this world, she was Chen Yining, and Chen Yining was her.

Xia Beibei kept telling herself that. Only when she was alone with Yan Yicheng would she let go of everything, as if she had changed back to herself in an instant.

Since he returned to China, the two have been living in Diamond City. The “cohabitation life” in Shen Xiao’s eyes, in Xia Beibei’s eyes, was just her living with her mutual company.

A person, no matter how unfeeling they were, will also feel lonely.

And two people, no matter how silent they were, could still accompany each other.

“I heard from Shen Xiao that you asked him to take you to the department store in the city today?”

Xia Beibei’s daily itinerary, from what she ate to what she said, was jotted down dutifully by Shen Xiao and then reported to Yan Yicheng in a unified manner.

Xia Beibei did not actually notice this. She heard Yan Yicheng’s question and could not help but nodded: “Well, there’s something wrong with the cosmetics produced by Beifeng Daily Chemicals. With this first-hand information and this manuscript, I should be able to set off a new frenzy tomorrow!”

The endorsement that initially belonged to Su Luo fell on Xia Xiran’s body. Still, it was a pity that Su Luo could no longer see Xia Xiran’s unlucky day.

This life is really…

“Once you finish writing the manuscript, please rest. Your body needs a good rest.”

When he was abroad, Yan Yicheng told Shen Xiao to pay attention to Xia Beibei’s food every day. Not only because he knew that she was a foodie but also because he knew clearly that Chen Yining’s health was not good.

In the original plot, Xingchen Entertainment was finally shut down by Lin Mo. Chen Yining, who lost everything, was like a mouse crossing the street. Although there was still occasional relief from Tang Xiao and Tong Nian’s silent care, she soon died of illness.

This body…

Thinking of Chen Yining’s life experience, Xia Beibei couldn’t help but raise her eyes to look at Yan Yicheng: “Why is that every villain and supporting role, no matter how much grievances and sufferings they have undergone, as long as they do one thing wrong, they will be unforgivable and have to die. Why is it that the protagonists, even if they kill people and set fires, people regarded it as if they were doing it for the people’s good?

Hearing Xia Beibei’s question, Yan Yicheng was taken aback for a moment. He slowly lowered his eyes: “There are some things you don’t know now that you will know later.”

Laws were always in the hands of powerful people…

Xia Beibei smiled: “Shen Qiancheng, you seem to have hidden a lot of secrets. I think you have a hard life.”


Yan Yicheng smiled. The most challenging days were spent by him alone with clenched teeth. Now, he no longer feels the pain, and…Fortunately, he met her in the vast crowd.

While the two people were gazing at each other in silence, Xia Beibei’s mobile phone on the table suddenly rang. She was taken aback when she saw the strange number. She hesitated a bit before she answered the phone. Hearing the crisp female voice from the other end, Xia Beibei’s expression immediately changed: “I know, I’ll go there right away!”

Putting down the phone, Xia Beibei glanced at Yan Yicheng: “Something happened to Tong Nian! I’m going to the hospital!”

“I’ll take you!”

Yan Yicheng subconsciously turned around and preparing to go out.

“No, your identity is very troublesome. Maybe we can call Shen Xiao to come and send me…”

“No need to.”

Yan Yicheng interrupted Xia Beibei’s words: “I can disguise myself. You can rest assured that as long as I don’t want to be discovered, no one will find out my identity.”

Boss Yan still have self-confidence in this.


Xia Beibei nodded, and the two changed their clothes and immediately left the apartment.

City A’s Central Hospital. Emergency Room.

When Xia Beibei and Yan Yicheng arrived at the operating room, they saw two criminal police officers with blood on their bodies. After seeing Xia Beibei, one of the older men immediately took a step forward: “Ning Ning, you are here.”

“He, how is he?”

Xia Beibei nodded, staring into the operating room, clenching her hands tightly.

“There was an accident during the mission. Captain Tong was shot and is now being rescued!”


Xia Beibei pursed her lips——

Why did Tong Nian got shot?

In the original plot, he has been alive and well! Even after Chen Yining’s death, Tong Nian, who did not feel any attachment to his job, left the police force. Although he had been alone all his life, he travelled around without worries, and his life was easy.


“Captain received a piece of information and took us to the trading scene of the Neptune Gang. Unexpectedly, they carried many weapons with them. We were not prepared enough, and… Captain Tong picked up a call at that time.”

The young police officer mentioned the incident of Tong Nian’s injury. His face was full of grief and regret: “It was because of that phone call that the captain was temporarily distracted and was shot.”

According to the usual code of conduct, no one except the first command can be equipped with communication equipment. Tong Nian brought his own phone to make it easier to contact the leaders above in an emergency, but he did not expect…

Hearing the words of the young police officer, Xia Beibei’s eyes flashed–

Neptune Gang.

That is Long Yiyun’s gang.

She took a deep breath and subconsciously raised her hand to grab the corner of Yan Yicheng’s clothes: “Shen…Acheng, you, you help me!”

There should be nothing wrong with Tong Nian. He was not a short-lived person.

Just for some reason, Xia Beibei suddenly felt shocked and felt very bad.

Tong Nian…

Yan Yicheng lowered his eyes; he did not go to see the operating room because he had already scanned it when he stepped onto this floor.

The bullet penetrated Tong Nian’s heart, and his heartbeat was already stopped. When he and Xia Beibei came in, the doctor in the operating room just followed the standard procedure and do the final heart resuscitation.

Although Tong Nian should not die, it doesn’t affect the main storyline. Hence, law enforcement cannot interfere with the life and death of a passerby at will.

This was the rule.

At this moment, the lights in the operating room went out, and the door was slowly opened.

“Who is the family member of the injured?”

The doctor wearing a mask asked lowly.

“I am!”

Xia Beibei blurted out subconsciously: “I am his daughter!”

The doctor glanced at Xia Beibei, his eyes fell down slightly: “Please restrain your grief, we have… tried our best!”

We have tried our best…

Xia Beibei’s gaze was startled. Her face paled in an instant——

What does it mean by trying your best?

“Doctor, don’t go. He shouldn’t die, he shouldn’t die, you can help me again!”

Xia Beibei suddenly rushed up to try to pull the doctor’s white coat; Yan Yicheng abruptly grabbed her and held her tightly in his arms.

“Hey, calm down, calm down!”

Calm down…

Yes, Xia Beibei knew she should calm down, but as Chen Yining, she could not calm down—

Except for her brother, Tong Nian, the adoptive father, was the relative she has never admitted yet still cares about.

Now, he, too, has died.

Moreover, he likely died because of her.

Neptune Gang.

Long Yiyun…

Xia Beibei leaned weakly in Yan Yicheng’s arms. Her eyes were getting colder and colder…

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