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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 181

Chapter 181: Entertainment Circle’s Villain 28


The news of Su Luo’s suicide hit the headlines of the major entertainment media the next day.

“Everything is over. Did you managed to complete your mission?”

Xia Beibei rarely had a vacation. She leaned on the sofa in the apartment in the Diamond City, reading the newspaper as she asked in a low voice.


Yan Yicheng was standing by the window. He was calling Shen Nie, but the Second Young Master Shen never answered the phone.

Su Luo is dead, and the system was destroyed. So, did he managed to eradicate all bugs in this world?

No, not yet.

Yan Yicheng had an intuition that there was still a bug hidden in this world. He hides so well that he can’t find any flaws, but having no flaw was his biggest flaw——

Chu Ran, it is you.

I know you are here.

The person who knows you best in this world, besides you, is your enemy.

Yan Yi Cheng understands Chu Ran. Therefore, shouldn’t Chu Ran also familiar with Yan Yi Cheng modus of operandi?

If they insist on hiding from each other, neither of them will be discovered by the other. Now…Yan Yicheng did not hide his aura. He was in the light, while Chu Ran chose to be in the dark.

Even so, it is not Chu Ran’s style not to shoot. He must be planning something.

Yan Yicheng’s first doubt was Shen Nie.

Shen Nie was not Chu Ran. Yan Yicheng was sure of this. Yet, Shen Nie’s behaviour was bizarre. From the beginning, his attitude towards Su Luo was peculiar. Now that Su Luo had an accident, he immediately changed himself…

Chu Ran should have appeared as someone next to Shen Nie. Then, who would he be?


Due to Su Luo’s death, Moyu Media was also caught in a series of turmoil. Fortunately, Moyu’s president, Lin Mo, was a man with extremely high wrists. Not only did he smoothly resolved the turmoil, but he also took the opportunity to directly support Xia Xiran. This process was similar to the one set in the original plot.

Su Luo’s fans also gradually transferred their feeling and love for Su Luo to Xia Xiran. Xia Xiran quickly became popular in the entertainment circle. For a while, this limelight has steadily begun to suppress Ye Qingge.


“Chen Yining, don’t forget our deal.”

When Long Yiyun called Xia Beibei, Xia Beibei was on the way to an interview.

“Young Master Long, you have my handle in your hand. Dare I forget our agreement?”

Xia Beibei smiled while holding the phone. Long Yiyun, on the other end, became cold: “That Xia Xiran is getting too popular too quickly. She was also tightly guarded by that guy, Lin Mo. Chen Yining, you should help me find a way to bring down the Moyu Entertainment.”

To support his woman, Long Yiyun also invested in a small film and television company. Even now, Ye Qingge was shooting a TV series that was being adapted from the novel. Almost all the funds for filming came from Long Yiyun.

However, in today’s entertainment industry, small companies and newcomers were those that having hard times mixing in. Even if many people gave Long Yiyun some face and used Ye Qingge because of the investment, it still hard for Ye Qingge to be popular. After all, there was nothing unique about her personality that can attract people’s attention, making her drama not so palatable.

After so long without any changes, it was not a wonder that many prominent directors and productions crew preferred not to choose her as the main character…

Although Ye Qingge didn’t say anything, she still felt very uncomfortable in her heart as she witnessing Xia Xiran suddenly became popular——

In fact, Ye Qingge’s appearance and the body was not worse than Xia Xiran and Su Luo. She also works hard to learn acting. In every drama that she film, she had always paid attention and never slackened.

Nevertheless, the entertainment industry was really a strange place. Some people have an average look and average acting skill, yet with a single role, they can become popular. On the other hand, some people have good acting skills and good looks. Still, they always lacked the opportunity to be recognized by the audience.

Many artists who received the female lead’s role too fast also became collectively labelled as playing “hidden rules” by the media and audiences. These people also seemed to be unable to turn around for a lifetime.

Everyone yearns for a good life. Everyone also has the right to pursue a better material and life quality with his or her own efforts.

So, Ye Qingge chose Long Yiyun. She did not think she had done anything shameful.

Your man is rich and able to help his woman. What is wrong with this?

Have to say that in this colourful entertainment circle, Ye Qingge was not a noble person. She even could be considered a genuine person.


Actually, Xia Beibei likes Ye Qingge’s personality very much.

People have only had so many years in their lives. Why should they care about others’ perspectives and opinions? Live as you want. This is life!

“If my man is also a domineering president…”

Putting down the phone, Xia Beibei leaned in the car and could not help but mutter to himself.

“What do you want to do then?”

Hearing Xia Beibei’s mutter, Shen Xiao, who was in the driver seat, immediately asked.

“You gossiper.”

Xia Beibei glanced at Shen Xiao, but she still smirked to herself.

“If my man is a domineering president, then I, as the president’s wife, wants all women in the world to know that this man is contracted by me! We will wear a couple’s outfit when we go out, wear a couple’s ring, use a custom-made mobile phone and eat only couple’s meals. I will also change all the company’s passwords into the anniversary day of my acquaintance with him. In addition, all of our WeChat, Myspace, and Weibo should be turned into couple’s mode. Every hour, every day, he will regularly post [I love you] to me, and…”

“Cough, cough.”

Hearing this, Shen Xiao could not hold back. He coughed vigorously and interrupted Xia Beibei’s words: “Miss Chen, are you sure that by then… that your domineering president is still going to be alive? Won’t he be disgusted to death?”

Xia Beibei:…

“Drive your car! Where is so much nonsense! Do you want to quit? Do you want me to call Young Master Shen to fire you now?”

Shen Xiao:…

Seeing that a certain woman became irritated, Shen Xiao shut up immediately and concentrate on driving —

Your mom, he seems to have forgotten one thing!

Isn’t the young master of his family, the overbearing president beside her?

Shen Xiao subconsciously imagined the appearance of Young Master Shen and Xia Beibei dressing like a couple. Darn it, the picture is too beautiful…


Shen’s old house.

Yan Yicheng, who could not contact Shen Nie, returned to the old home of Shen early in the morning. He asked Elder Shen to find a way to call Shen Nie back——

“Brother, when did you come back?”

Shen Ni was really taken aback after he was commanded to return home immediately, only to find that his eldest brother was also there.

“I’m already back to China a long time ago.”

Yan Yicheng looked at Shen Nie deeply: “Xiao Nie, what about Su Luo. Do you want to tell me something?”


When Yan Yicheng mentioned Su Luo, Shen Nie’s face changed slightly: “Her death is none of my business. I do not know why she takes drugs. I, I never touch that stuff! “

“I didn’t ask you this. You should be clear, what I want to know!”

Yan Yicheng stared at Shen Nie’s eyes tightly. At this moment, his brown pupils released continuous pressure, which made people felt breathless.

“Brother, I…”

Shen Nie has never seen his elder brother being so domineering. He was stunned and could only react after a long time: “Brother, do you believe there are ghosts and gods in this world?”


Hearing Shen Nie’s word, Yan Yicheng’s eyes flashed: “Go on.”

“Big brother, this happened a few months ago. I went to an antique shop with a friend and met an expert in Taoism. At that time, I was about to break up with Su Luo, but he told me that I could not break up with her. Otherwise, there will be a bloody disaster!” 

At this point, Shen Nie’s expression became serious: “Brother, you know that I am always fearless, but that person is so powerful. He knows everything and can foresee the future. I could not help but believe him. So I didn’t break up with Su Luo after I got back, but instead, I proposed to her!”

Taoism expert? Ability to foresee the future?

Heh, it is just people who know the plot and acting like a ghost!

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