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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 180

Chapter 180: Entertainment Circle’s Villain 27


Since the last exclusive interview with Shen Qiancheng, more than a month has passed. Yet, the residual heat from that day was still there. Most people who like to read entertainment newspapers would buy a copy of Xingchen’s newspaper every day. Although Chen Yining rarely made news recently but, who is she? She was Xingchen Entertainment’s top paparazzi!

Chen Yining might not always write news, yet it would be a piece of earth-shattering news once she did.

Some people even set up a bet in the gossip forum. Everyone was betting who would be Chen Yining’s next target and which celebrity would be unlucky?

Of course, Reporter Chen never disappoints.

It was the most harrowing Monday again. During the lunch break, Liu Meiting would always go to the company’s newsstand to buy a copy of the Xingchen Entertainment Newspaper. Looking at the unusual crowd and long lines, Liu Meiting was immediately turned silly, this is…Could it be…

Her eyes flashed. She immediately stepped on her high heels and squeezed forward: “Boss, Boss! Give me a copy of the Xingchen Entertainment!”

Hearing Liu Meiting’s voice, the Boss of the newsstand shook his head slightly: “It’s all sold out. I am still waiting for the delivery man to deliver it. You see, everyone is waiting here. If you are not in a hurry, go to the back and line up!”

Sold out?

Sure enough!

Liu Meiting showed a very excited look on her face. She could not help but patted the young girl in front of her and asked softly: “Beauty, is Chen Yining explode news again? Who is it this time? Who is it?”

Hearing Liu Meiting’s words, the girl on the side immediately turned to her. She was more excited than Liu Meiting and replied: “You don’t know? It is Su Luo! The top actress, Su Luo, ah! I heard that she takes drugs and was also a female escort! Aiya, I knew she was not a good thing. Her appearance looked fresh and pure, yet, inwardly, she was actually such a slut, humph.”

Su Luo…

Liu Meiting’s face changed slightly when she heard the girl’s words because she is a fan of Su Luo!

How could Su Luo do that kind of thing?

Did something happen between Su Luo and Shen Nie? Shouldn’t their story about the return of the prodigal son and love will find a way?

As a loyal fan of Su Luo, Liu Meiting also knows that Su Luo seldom comes out recently. She seems to be in a bad state. She even arguing with Moyu Entertainment and plan to terminate the contract, but…

Su Luo has always shown a very pure and healthy image. She was also the most famous charity ambassador in the entertainment industry. How could she do those things?

It must be Chen Yining. Chen Yining is slandering Su Luo!

At this time, Liu Meiting’s mood became even more anxious. Xingchen Entertainment was also a leading media in the media industry. Hence, they have independent copyright. Every time Chen Yining’s publish an exclusive report, except for the day’s newspaper, the online news could only post the material the next day.

Although the material could not be posted on the internet, some people still took a screenshot of the article and share it with their circle of friends. However, Liu Meiting still wanted to buy the newspaper personally. She wished to find flaws in Chen Yining’s report. She also planned to organize a support group for Su Luo and go to the Xingyu building to seek justice for her idol!

As the leader of this generation jade girl created by Moyu Entertainment, Su Luo really had many diehard fans in recent years. These fans were in the same mood as Liu Meiting at this moment.

It’s just that these fans are destined to be disappointed.

Because the report on Su Luo was accurate.

Xia Beibei did not expect that Su Luo would fall so fast. After the conflicts between her and Moyu Entertainment, Su Luo began to look for other entertainment companies and even had dinner with several directors and investors alone. It did not take long for her to use the drug and revived her addition to it.

The photo of her taking drugs happened to be taken by Xia Beibei, who had been stalking her secretly in recent times.

Actually, Su Luo had been addicted to drugs in her previous life. Hence, in this life, after seeing other people taking drugs, she was actually eager to move.

People who have not touched this thing would not know how uncomfortable it was when the addiction strikes. Still, in the same way, people who have never use this thing will never experience the kind of ecstasy you get after taking it. The intoxicating feeling was as if you are flying to heaven.

Some things are tough to quit once you start.

Su Luo’s recent career has been very unsuccessful. Moyu refused to terminate her contract. Some other companies also did not dare to offend Moyu, while others could not afford the exorbitant liquidated damages. Also, some… already felt that Su Luo had already lost her value.

Yes, she has lost her value.

Su Luo could felt it. Even Shen Nie had been very cold towards her recently.

It turned out…

She still feeling unwilling, ah! She thought that man would treat her well in this life despite her not forgiving him! Correct! She does not want him, but…

In the end, she was the one who was being left behind.

During a dinner with a director, Su Luo could barely restrain the temptation from indulging in drug. Still, she managed to persist until the end. Who knew that she would receive a videotape when she returned home?

Now, Su Luo was very sensitive to all kinds of inexplicable packages and documents. However, she still could not help but look at them.

In this videotape, Shen Ni and another woman appeared…

Su Luo smashed the things in the living room after watching the very fragrant and colourful video. When she returned to the bedroom to change clothes and take a shower, she suddenly found a bag of white powder in her clothes’ pocket. That thing was like Satan in the dark, calling her constantly–

Come on! Use me. Then, all the pain and torture will disappear.

In the end, she still could not control her heart…

Life is like this. There are always people who will keep falling down at the same place. They can clearly choose another road to try, but they will not. They would always feel that they could go through this road. Yet, the final outcome, at the same place, will fall down again… Some people may never be able to get up again…

After Su Luo’s scandal was reported, there was a lot of trouble in the entertainment industry. It did not take long for someone to release Su Luo’s indecent videos and pictures. The Shen family even publicly announced that Shen Nie had unilaterally broken up with Su Luo. Personally, it does not matter anymore!

Even at the end of the month, a well-known person broke the news that he watched the police take Su Luo away to assist with the investigation…


Su Luo finally jumped off the building.

The same way as in the previous life. The only difference was that this time she did not choose Xingyu Building. She just walked to the top floor of the apartment where she lived.

This time, she was very calm.

Dark sky, quiet night.

At the moment Su Luo’s body lost its breath, the surrounding air fluctuated invisibly–

Detected that the host is dead! The system binding is automatically released!

System search is on! Automatically search for those who meet the requirements within a radius of a hundred miles…

The sound of the cannon fodder counterattack system 9874 came to an abrupt end.

It can’t move.

In the dark night, a tall and slender figure sauntered, carrying endless pressure with every step.

“This is the end.”

Yan Yicheng gently waved his hand. The system that was initially fixed mid-air was immediately caught in the palm of his hand.

Ordinary people could not see this invisible system, but Yan Yicheng can.

This was a defective product. It also carried a seal showing that the Lord God Space planned to recycle it.

“It is correct wanting to counterattack. It is also correct wishing to live.”

Yan Yicheng looked at the flawed system in his hand with complicated eyes: “But, if you want to change everything, first of all, you must have the ability to change it. It is obvious that you did not have such abilities.”

Before the voice fell, Yan Yicheng’s palm flashed white light. The inferior system was immediately divided into two and then turned into a little starlight, disappearing in the night sky.

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  1. I feel bad for Su Luo. Like Hu Yandian she couldn’t change her fate either. I should have skipped this arc since it had suicide.

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