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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 227

Chapter 227: Villain: Sect’s young mistress 37


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The beautiful men who had been gathering at the entrance immediately stepped back subconsciously after seeing Xia Beibei throwing that man with a raise of a hand. The man who was injured by that attack also struggling to get up from the ground as he raised his hand to wipe off the blood on the corners of his mouth. He then looked at Xia Beibei respectfully and whispered: “Young Mistress, it was the Grand Elder and the Second Elder who asked subordinates to serve you!”

Xia Beibei:…

At this time, Xia Beibei finally remembered that there seemed to be such a rule in Bliss Palace. Any disciple of Bliss Palace will receive rewards once they break through the Yuan Ying Stage. What kind of rewards do you say? Naturally, all kinds of top-quality furnaces!

Some of these furnaces were disciples who had joined Bliss Palace since childhood, while some were taken back by Bliss Palace because of their special physique. Just like Luo Chuya.

“Young Mistress?”

Seeing Xia Beibei stood silently over there, this large group of men on the side really didn’t know what to do.

They were all low-level disciples of Bliss Palace. Many of them have practised the technique of double cultivation since childhood to be able to double cultivation with other talented female disciples in the future.

In their eyes, An Yutong is undoubtedly someone unreachable to them. Hence, it was already a great honour to be sent to serve her.

“Where do you come from is where you go back. This Young Mistress does not need to be served!”

Xia Beibei drove away a large group of people with a cold face. After that, she immediately returned to her cave with lingering fear, as she set a lot of restrictions formation at her door before it could relieve her mind.

Dammit, they almost scared this baby to death!

In the next few days, no one came to bother Xia Beibei again. As Xia Beibei initially expected, Yun Ruixi, who had recovered from his injuries, came back again in the middle of the month. Now he looked particularly energetic. Xia Beibei also immediately felt that Yun Ruixi was successfully promoted!

“Ruixi, congratulations!”

Xia Beibei, who met Yun Ruixi at the main hall, immediately smiled and congratulated him.

“Thank you for your congratulations! The same to you!”

Yun Ruixi looked at Xia Beibei with a smile: “I can get this blessing in disguise was all thanks to the medicine that you gave me, Yutong.”

Having said this, Yun Ruixi’s eyes flashed. He deliberately lowered his voice and asked: “My father said that the medicinal effect of this pill is extraordinary. Some days ago, these pills were also found their way to the auction house in Yunshui City. He told me that the medicine you gave me and those in the auction house should come from the same alchemist. Yutong, where did you get these pills?”


Hearing Yun Ruixi’s words, Xia Beibei immediately showed a look of embarrassment: “I…”

“Yutong, if it is something that you couldn’t tell, then you don’t need to tell me specifically. It’s actually my father who wanted to know. I’m not interested in it at all!”

Seeing Xia Beibei hesitating, Yun Ruixi immediately whispered again.

“In fact, it’s nothing.”

Xia Beibei smiled at Yun Ruixi slightly: “This is something our Sect people accidentally got in Yunshui City last month. At that time…”

Xia Beibei made up a story at random. Of course, the purpose of saying to Yun Ruixi was to let the Wuji Sect noticed Luo Qingge’s existence.

After all, chasing and killing the Female Lead was also one of Xia Beibei’s tasks. She wanted to raise the greediness of the Wuji Sect before slowly led them to Luo Qingge.

It is still a systematic process. After all, the Female Lead also needs some time to grow up…

Yun Ruixi happily left after receiving Xia Beibei’s answer. Xia Beibei also knew that Yun Litian must have still been waiting for news from his son.

After all, there are too few amazing alchemists on the entire continent.

Once Luo Qingge’s identity is exposed, others will seek after her. At the same time, she will also encounter more troubles and pursuits…

After doing this, Xia Beibei went on a retreat with peace of mind. Now she was even reluctant to wander around in the Bliss Palace. After all, she could felt that the male disciples have been looking at her strangely. Perhaps because of her promotion, her charming technique has also upgraded. Therefore, those people with too low cultivation levels could not resist the temptation and mystifying aura on her. Anyway, regarding this matchless fraudulent setting, Xia Beibei was also speechless!

That’s it. More than half a year has passed since then.

Xia Beibei has stabilized her cultivation base at the peak state of Yuan Ying’s early stage.

When she left her cave, she realized that Luo Qingge’s name was now a household name. As expected by her, many people sought after the Female Lead, but the evil sect headed by Yun Chetian wanted to catch Luo Qingge even more, to force her to refine pills specifically for their sect.

While Luo Qingge was chased and nearly killed several times, in desperation, she could always turn the danger into an opportune. And in the most critical time, she happened to meet Qin Zizhen, who was practising outside alone.

The relationship between the female lead and the male lead has finally made a good start!

Learning that Luo Qingge smooth encounter with Qin Zizhen, Xia Beibei almost burst into tears——

It is not easy!

She could finally walk the plot well!

Then, let the storm come harder!

In the following month, Xia Beibei began to instruct the people in the Bliss Palace to spread the rumour regarding her relationship with Qin Zizhen everywhere in the cultivation realm. They even imprinted the appearance of his jade pendant on various photo stones.

Various versions of short stories concerning the big disciple of Guiyizong and the Young Mistress of the Bliss Palace immediately circulated in the cultivation world, and the rumours became more and more realistic and more and more outrageous…

Soon, Guiyizong’s people began to come forward to refute the rumours, but Qin Zizhen himself never appeared.

This made the whole thing extremely confusing.

As the rumours became more and more widespread, everyone in Guiyizong started to feel helpless. Qin Zizhen, who had been practising outside, finally returned to Guiyizong with another beautiful female sister next to him. This female sister was naturally our Female Lead-daren, Luo Qingge…

Qin Zizhen never liked to talk more, and he also did not see the need to say any word to explain. The day he returned to the Sect, he kept holding Luo Qingge’s hand tightly, equivalent to showing his attitude to the whole world while fanning a big slap towards the Bliss Palace.

For the Male Lead and Female Lead to be able to hook up and get together so quickly, no, it is to love and become acquaintances. This speed was not something surprising to Xia Beibei.

After all, in every novel, the Male and Female Leads are the existence of thunder and fire, so what is weird for them to fall in love at first sight?

How about those people who admitted to the wrong person and got the marriage certificate?

In addition, some even had drunk sex and hit it with one shot! Most of them even give birth to twins. So, it is not so weird, right?

In short, as long as it is the story between the male lead and the female lead, it must be a beautiful and pure love story…


The Great Hall of Bliss Palace——

“Qin Zizhen!”

Xia Beibei got up from her golden seat with an angry look. At this moment, her eyes were full of cold murderous intent: “Qin Zizhen thinks that if this is the case, I will let him go? Humph.” As she spoke, she deliberately squinted her eyes, as she called Fang Lingtian coldly: “Brother Fang, you take people down the mountain and find a way to kill that Luo Qingge! No matter what method you use- I. Want. Her. To. Die!”

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