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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 228

Chapter 228: Villain: Sect’s young mistress 38


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Since Xia Beibei issued the killing order, not only the Bliss Palace and the Wuji Sect, even the Xuanyin Temple joined the team to chase Luo Qingge.

Of course, the Female Lead’s luck was still excellent. Basically, she can turn into good luck every time. Even if it was extremely critical and there was no escape, there would always be mysterious people appearing to help her.

Xia Beibei was still very relieved regarding this aspect of Luo Qingge. Since she started sending people to chase Luo Qingge, she has also been checking her task interface, and the completion rate was already at 80% and will soon reach 100%.

Xia Beibei knew that she only needed to work harder to add more blockage to the female lead. All that left was to brush her presence in front of the male lead, and this mission will finally completed.

In this way, another month passed.

Xia Beibei immediately ordered her troops and brought them to the scene of the big martial art competition. This time, there is no distinction between good and evil Sects. Everyone will use their martial arts to make friends. Barring any special circumstances, none of them was allowed to kill others.

Of course, although the convention was stipulated as that, in the end, the weapon has no eyes, and every time this event ends, there will be countless deaths and injuries.

The handsome men and beauties of Bliss Palace attracted the attention of countless people as soon as they arrived on the scene.

Xia Beibei even took the lead in a white fairy skirt.

An Yutong’s beauty was well-known in the realm of cultivation. Now that Xia Beibei was smiling and walking at the forefront, countless male cultivators were drooling at her–

Your mom, although they all say that being with An Yutong will definitely not end well, but her beauty really complies with the phrase that even if they die under the peony flower, they still going to flirt with her willingly!

When everyone was paying attention to Xia Beibei, Xia Beibei’s sight fell only at one place. She looked at Qin Zizhen with beautiful eyes, and a touch of grievance flashed over that peerless face: “Zizhen.”

“Cultivator friend An.”

Qin Zizhen’s attitude towards Xia Beibei was indifferent. Unlike others, he was not affected by her charming technique at all.

“Zizhen, you are so unfeeling!”

Xia Beibei looked heartbroken and wanted to get up and stand beside Qin Zizhen. At this moment, a person smiled and took the place beside Qin Zizhen. She smiled and grabbed Qin Zizhen’s hand before showing a smiling face at Xia Beibei: “This is Daoist An? It really a woman with a stunning allure! It is a pity that my family, Zizhen, already has a partner. We have decided to hold a double repair ceremony at the end of the year. If you like it, you can come to participate!”

Luo Qingge looked at Xia Beibei with a confident and indifferent smile on her face.


Xia Beibei sneered coldly: “This time, Fellow Daoist Luo will also participate? If…you live till the end of the year, I, An Yutong, will definitely attend your double repair ceremony in person!”

After saying this, Xia Beibei coldly tossed her sleeves, and left with the people from the Bliss Palace.

The competition has not yet started; yet, a strong smell of gunpowder has already appeared off the court…

Each session of the Cultivation Competition will be held for three days and three nights, and each Sect will send five of its best young disciples to participate in the battle.

This time, Xia Beibei will also participate in the competition.

In fact, she does not know if she will meet Luo Qingge or Qin Zizhen, but if she wanted to follow the usual nature of the plot deity, there would be a high chance for her to the Male and Female Leads at this event.

Yan Yicheng, who has become the head of a Sect, naturally cannot participate in the competition. He can only send five of his disciples to play.

On the first day of the competition, all those with low grades were eliminated in one round.

Xia Beibei, Yun Ruixi, Luo Qingge and Qin Zizhen, and the male supporting role, Mo Qianlin, successfully advanced to the next day of the game.

That night, Xia Beibei did not stay at her sect’s resident to practice, but quietly sneaked into Guiyizong’s resident.

“Since you are already here, there is no need to sneak around.”

Qin Zizhen, who was originally cultivating, felt the familiar breath. He immediately opened his eyes and saw a whole person appeared in the middle of the courtyard.

The moonlight is just right, and the beauty is picturesque.

Xia Beibei stood in the bleak night, looking at Qin Zizhen with gleaming eyes: “Zizhen, I really like you, why are you…so indifferent to me?”

“Does it make sense to say this now?”

Qin Zizhen looked at Xia Beibei indifferently. Perhaps, he was tempted and liked An Yutong before, but after all, it had passed.

They are too different from each other.

After encountering Luo Qingge, Qin Zizhen finally understood what life and death are and what kindred spirits mean.

The life of a cultivator is too long. It was also difficult to find a partner who was single-minded, like-minded, and able to keep up with his own pace.

Qin Zizhen knew very well that his encounter with Luo Qingge was like an arrangement of fate. This time he would never let go.

As for An Yutong…

She is just a passer-by in his life.


Hearing Qin Zizhen’s indifferent words and seeing his indifferent expression, Xia Beibei couldn’t help taking a step forward as tears flashed in her beautiful eyes: “Zizhen, I… can I hug you? For the last time.”

As she spoke that, Xia Beibei was about to lean in Qin Zizhen’s arms.

Reject me quickly! Please hurry up and refuse me!

In fact, Xia Beibei’s heart has been looking forward to Qin Zizhen’s rejection of herself.

At this moment, a slender figure flashed outside the door of Guiyizong.

That is……

Qin Zizhen was stunned for a moment. He then subconsciously pushed Xia Beibei away: “An Yutong, you don’t have to act anymore. Stop wasting your time! I won’t like you.”


Hearing Qin Zizhen’s words, Xia Beibei burst into laughter immediately: “It’s really not fun. You are completely immune to my fascination tricks. I actually want to play with you for a while, as well as the one outside the door. You do not need to hide and watch the excitement. I can tell you that what I want has never been his heart. It doesn’t matter if his heart is on you for the rest of his life, because…For this Young Mistress, what I like is just this man’s body!”

After saying this, Xia Beibei’s figure flashed, and the whole person disappeared.

Outside the door, Luo Qingge walked in slowly, and saw Qin Zizhen in the yard. She could not help shrugging: “I just passed by, cough, cough, I didn’t expect your body to be more popular than you!”

Qin Zizhen:…

On the second day of the competition, countless cultivator fell and many were eliminated. The ten remaining people were naturally the elite of the elite.

On the third day, the final elite showdown will begin. All of them will compete for the chance to advance to the top five and the last top three!

That afternoon of the second day, during the final draw, Xia Beibei saw several people silently made a wish to avoid drawing Qin Zizhen. After all, Qin Zizhen’s reputation as the first person of the younger generation was too high, and in this big competition, he did not even try his best yet still passed the hurdle to the final round with ease.

When others were in a state of anxiety, Xia Beibei was indifferent. She drew out a card at random from the specially sealed box next to the ring. The card was blood red.

The final draw was very simple. There are ten cards in five colours, two cards of each colour, and the person who draws the same colour was your opponent in the next game.

Seeing that Xia Beibei was drawn red, Luo Qingge blinked behind her. After a few steps forward, she also put her hand in the box. However, the card that was drawn out was yellow.

Luo Qingge made a helpless expression at Xia Beibei. Xia Beibei remained silent as she looked at Qin Zizhen, who had been walking behind Luo Qingge.

Qin Zizhen’s lottery was simply eye-catching.

Qin Zizhen was very calm and almost drew out a card without even thinking about it. The blood-red colour was extraordinarily dazzling!

Xia Beibei subconsciously raised her eyes and glanced at Qin Zizhen. The two people’s eyes met in mid-air for an instant, and then they separated quickly.

Perhaps, Qin Zizhen would not put An Yutong in his eyes.

For Xia Beibei, this time, it was her curtain call.

Her mission was actually over, but she wanted to have a curtain call on the last day.

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