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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 229

Chapter 229: Villain: Sect’s young mistress 39 END


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On the second day, there was no cloud.

On such a sunny day, everyone has to have the most intense competition.

It was worth mentioning that the opponent that Luo Qingge encountered was Yun Ruixi, and the opponent that Mo Qianlin encountered was Sheng Ye from the Xuanyin Temple…

Of course, this was no longer Xia Beibei’s concern.

Before she came to the stage, she looked at Yan Yicheng, who had been watching the battle and couldn’t help but smiling at him.

Feeling Xia Beibei’s gaze and her smile, Yan Yicheng gently nodded at Xia Beibei. Yan Yicheng obviously already knew that she planned on leaving today.

In fact, in this mission world, he really felt that time was too slow and too difficult (cough, cough, it was mainly because of too many rivals). Fortunately, everything is finally over…

On the big ring, Xia Beibei and Qin Zizhen stood on both sides.

“Let’s start.”

Xia Beibei’s voice was as usual. She drew out her sword, and Qin Zizhen also took out her Lan Ling sword. The two of them were already running their aura without any pause as they began to fight.

Qin Zizhen was very strong, especially after obtaining the fairy sword in his hand. However, Xia Beibei was also not a weak person. Hence, the fight between the two was exhilarating and intense.

It took a full half an hour before Xia Beibei began to show signs of decline. Seeing that Qin Zizhen was suppressing her, Xia Beibei could not help looking cold and took out a magic weapon from her storage bag: “Zizhen, if you change your mind and are willing to be with me at this time, I can consider letting you go!”

What Xia Beibei took out this time was that piece of Fantian Yin!


The audience under the stage was boiling. Even the elder who led the team from Guiyizong has stood up and wanted to rush to the ring to stop the game! It was a pity that a layer of spiritual power protects the entire arena, and outsiders cannot go up. As long as the party on the ring does not actively admit defeat, this layer of spiritual power shield will never be removed until the end of the game!

The power of Bliss Palace’s Fantian Yin was well known to most of the people present. The relationship between An Yutong of the Bliss Palace and Qin Zizhen was also known to every cultivator present.

Hence, at this time, some were watching the excitement, while some were gloating, and another part was nervous and worried.

On the ring.

Seeing Xia Beibei took out the Fantian Yin, Qin Zizhen’s eyes were solemn for the first time.

He communicated with Lan Ling sword spirit and knew that it was tough to avoid it, but…

He can take advantage of Xia Beibei’s wholehearted use of spiritual power to launch the Fantian Yin to attack her vitals and force her to be distracted, hence lacking the energy to activate the magic weapon.

In the world of martial arts, fast attacks were often unbreakable, and in the realm of cultivation, quick and fierce attacks were also the best defence!

Qin Zizhen made up his mind, and immediately without a word, he raised the Lan Lingjian and headed towards Xia Beibei’s vitals part!

Seeing Qin Zizhen coming quickly, Xia Beibei immediately smiled triumphantly. The aura on the palm of her hand was all injected into the Fantian Yin.

Under the arena, everyone subconsciously held their breath to witness this moment of life and death.

Just the next second, all the mouths grew up in surprise!

Luo Qingge, who has been squeezing sweat for Qin Zizhen, also looked at the ring with shock.

With Xia Beibei’s aura infusion, that piece of Fantian Yin did not gradually grow larger as everyone knows, but instead became smaller and smaller.

At this time, Qin Zizhen’s Lan Lingjian was already in front of her, and in an instant, it had penetrated Xia Beibei’s body without hesitation.

She did not avoid it.

Qin Zizhen was also stunned for a moment. He thought Xia Beibei would escape. Does she want to die with him?

The next moment, a familiar object suddenly floated down in front of Qin Zizhen’s eyes. When he saw such an object, his pupils suddenly shrank.

This jade pendant.

It was his jade pendant!

“I return this to you.”

Xia Beibei smiled at Qin Zizhen slightly: “You really thought I was going to kill you? You have been in my illusion from the beginning. Qin Zizhen, it is easy for me to beat you.”

Speaking of this, Xia Beibei smiled proudly: “However, you are the man I, An Yutong, like. How am I willing to…willing to kill you? It’s you…who is cruel!”

The so-called Fantian Yin was just an illusion. The thing thrown out by Xia Beibei has always been Qin Zizhen’s jade pendant.

“I lost.”

As Xia Beibei’s voice fell, the aura shield that surrounded the ring suddenly disappeared.

Qin Zizhen held the jade pendant tightly and froze in place. Before the people from the Bliss Palace could rush up, there was already a figure floating in the air, holding Xia Beibei in his arms.

Yan Yicheng looked down at the dying person in his arms. He raised his eyebrows and said, “I’ll take you back.”


Xia Beibei nodded and then quietly leaned in Yan Yicheng’s arms.

Actually, she can choose to leave quietly, but this time she did not.

Whether it was the halo of the protagonist or the halo of the female partner counterattack, what Xia Beibei wanted to see is whether the so-called halo is powerful and unchangeable?

Is the supporting role who has nothing destined to be abandoned as cannon fodder?

As Yan Yicheng left with Xia Beibei in his arms, the Bliss Palace and Xuanyin Temple people also followed along. Even Yun Ruixi gave up the game and chased after Yan Yicheng’s figure. Unfortunately, no one knew where he went.

On the top of cloud and mist, Yan Yicheng looked at Xia Beibei in his arms and slowly said: “Does it hurt?”

His tone was more cautious than ever. He knew the feeling of dying, and he also knew the pain.

“It doesn’t hurt.”

Hearing Yan Yicheng’s words, Xia Beibei just smiled: “I want to say sorry if I bothered you to clean up the mess. I just thought… that a person should not need any aura… As long as you do what you can do, would you be able to change the fate of a supporting role?”

Yan Yicheng was startled upon hearing her word. He then raised his hand and gently covered her eyes: “You are tired, go to sleep. Go back and have a good night’s sleep.”

The pain in her body gradually disappeared, and Xia Beibei’s soul gradually withdrew from An Yutong’s body.

Back to the real world, the voice of 110 immediately rang in Xia Beibei’s ears: “Intermediate villain 109, this is your first time to perform the villain BOSS’ mission. However, you only managed to reach the passing line. Did you know that?”


Xia Beibei’s consciousness was a little bit disarray at that moment. When she recovered, the task assessment reminder sounded in her mind–

“The mission evaluation is complete! Congratulations to the intermediate villain 109 for completing the main mission! The completion level is E! The reward life span is three years!”

E-level completion was the worst completion which was equivalent to 60 points.

“Intermediate villain 109, as a villain BOSS, you must be cruel that you would not even recognize your own relatives. This time your mission evaluation is very low. Do you know what it means? Originally, you could already be promoted to senior villain officer after finishing this mission! Now, you do all for nothing and have to complete one more task to be promoted! Of course… if you still behave like this next time, then you will probably not be able to be promoted to senior villain in your life!”

Xia Beibei:…

Is her performance so bad?

In the past, when reading novels and watching TV series, Xia Beibei would often involuntarily sympathize with a certain villain. She always felt that the villain was the easiest to do yet the most tragic existence.

She did many tasks and basically passed the level smoothly. In the beginning, she vomited when she saw blood, but now, she can kill people easily. Xia Beibei thought she had gradually become a qualified villain, but why…

“You lack something, and you don’t know it yourself.”

110’s voice was solemn for the first time.

This was also the first time Xia Beibei felt that 110 was not like a cold machine but more like a human being.

“What is it that I lack?”

Xia Beibei asked subconsciously.

After a while, an answer came in slowly from 110–

The villain’s heart.

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