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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 209

Chapter 209: Villain: Sect’s young mistress 19


Xuanyin Temple has many magic stores on the whole continent. They even opened multiple stores in the three mortal empires, selling musical instruments and qin scores. It seemed that their business was still very hot.

The people were responsible for overseeing the condition of the store now and then were called overseers of the Xuanyin Temple. Each overseer was a close aide of the Palace Lord, Li Fantian. Hence, the token in their hand representing the Li Fantian.

Therefore, every overseer has the power over their life and death, which was a compelling status in the Xuanyin Temple.

Of course, speaking of identity, Yan Yicheng’s current identity was the highest in the Xuanyin Temple. However, since their trip was a secret, he had no choice but to take put the token and temporarily disguising himself as the Temple’s overseer.

Anyway, it’s not the end of the month, and the real overseer won’t come so early to inspect!


“Oh, oh! Master Overseer! Why are you here so early this month?”

At this moment, a small shrewd smiling man quickly opened the curtain at the back of the shop and walked towards Yan Yicheng and Xia Beibei.

Because of the special nature of Yunshui City, there were many people wearing cloaks to hide their breath in this city, so seeing Yan Yicheng and Xia Beibei’s costumes, the owner of the shop was not surprised. However, when he saw Yan Yicheng’s body, the shopkeeper could not help but frown slightly–

It seemed that this person is not Sheng Ye?

Sheng Ye was the Overseer of the Xuanyin Temple. He was responsible for supervising the accounts of the shop in Yunshui City. Since they have interacted for a long time, not only him, even the shop attendant recognized him by his personal characteristic.

“The little one is the shopkeeper of this shop and also the foreign correspondent of Xuanyin Temple. You can call me old Jin. I don’t know why the overseer would like to see me? This is your first time to inspect Yunshui City, right?”


Yan Yicheng coldly flipped the token in his hand: “Would you like to see the authenticity of the token? I know that there is no foreign correspondent surnamed Jin in this shop. Are you new here? Or… Has the original old Yuan changed his surname to Jin now?”

Yan Yicheng broke through Old Yuan’s thoughts. Hearing his words and seeing the token on the palm of his hand, Old Yuan’s expression changed slightly. He bent down while smiling bitterly: “I’m sorry for the inspection. This little one did not receive the inspection notice from above, so… I misunderstood that you were an impersonator. It is I who is blind! It is little me who is wretched.”

“All right.”

Yan Yicheng could not help but interrupt old Yuan’s berating himself: “Help us prepare two rooms. We will stay here for a while.”

“Yes! Yes! These two master, please come with me!”

Each overseer worked independently, yet, there were two people this time. Old Yuan felt embarrassed for his mistake. However, now that he knew that these two people were not fakes, he would naturally entertain them.

There was a row of rooms at the back of the shop. There were several rooms with high-level spirit gathering formations built-in, which were specially prepared for the distinguished guests and Overseer.

Old Yuan ordered the shop attendant to bring Yan Yicheng and Xia Beibei to the room. At the same time, he also sent someone to deliver a lot of spirit tea and fruit.

When it comes to this Yunshui City, what to eat, drink and buy was guaranteed to be the freshest of all!

Today, Xia Beibei was already very satisfied after snatching the Female Lead’s storage bag. Once she and Yan Yicheng returned to the room, she set a restrictive formation and immediately took out Luo Qingge’s storage bag.

In addition to spirit stones, there were countless medicinal materials in that storage bag, with ages ranging from centuries to millennia!

There were also a variety of mass-produced medicinal pills.

“This one is actually Ten Thousand Poison’s pill?”

Finding the Ten Thousand Poison’s pill sealed in a small jade box in the deepest part of the storage bag, Xia Beibei couldn’t help but thump her chest and feet: “This is really a violent thing! Is the protagonist such a prodigal person? How could they use such peerless treasure in a supporting role? Such a valuable out-of-print pill was actually being sealed in an ordinary jade box. After a long time, the effect of the medicine will for sure dissipate!”

As she was grumbling about it, Xia Beibei hurriedly took out a good-quality spirit box from her storage bag and then carefully put the pill in the box.

Seeing her actions, Yan Yicheng could not help but smile: “This pill should not have been long since it was being refined. Most of the effects are still there, and the poison is amazing. It would be best if you kept it properly. Look at these medicinal materials and pills, see what you can use, and keep them. If you don’t need them, give them to me, I will tell old Yuan to sell them and replace them with spirit stones!”

“Well, that’s good. There will be auctions in Yunshui City every month. Twentieth is the day when the black market opens. Let us save the money first. After we have enough, we can just sweep everything we need!”

Shopping is a woman’s favourite pastime. Although the streets and shops here are different from ordinary shops, Xia Beibei still enjoys the pleasure and sensation of shopping, especially when you have a big wallet. As long as you fancy it, you only need to say one word——


Buy, buy, buy!

As long as you have money, you are guaranteed to say goodbye to the hard feeling of having to make a choice!

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It took less than half an hour before Xia Beibei and Yan Yicheng classified Luo Qingge’s medicinal materials and medicinal pills into good categories. Xia Beibei put away the pills and materials that she intended to use while giving the rest to Yan Yicheng…

“You should have a good rest today. If you need anything, call me!”

Yan Yicheng did not forget to remind Xia Beibei before he left.

In fact, Xia Beibei really wanted to take a good rest. She used to fall asleep as soon as she lay on the bed, but now she was unable to after boarding An Yutong’s body. It was unknown if it was due to An Yutong’s special physique. Every day, from morning until night, Xia Beibei felt full of energy. Even if she wanted to sleep, she could not fall asleep. Hence, she could only continue to meditate and practice. This is the so-called rest time in her day…

In a blink of an eye, it was night.

After dinner, Xia Beibei returned to the room. She planned to refine some of the medicinal pills that she had received from Luo Qingge during the day.

This is a great thing!

Xia Beibei still remembered in the novel that the pill made by Luo Qingge’s refining system has no toxicity or side effects. Its purity and effect were even better than those of the same type in this world of cultivation. Furthermore, pills of the same grade were many times higher than the ones available in the market.

In short, this time she really made a big profit!

Xia Beibei could not help but took out a pill and swallowed it very excitedly. This pill can be swallowed by the cultivator in the Gold Core period to increase their spiritual power and assist cultivation.

As soon as the pill entered her body, Xia Beibei felt her dantian became warm. The warm feeling spread from her dantian to all sides. The warmth continued to spread, and unconsciously, her whole body became warm.

So comfortable!

The overflowing aura wandered through the limbs and enveloped them with a warm feeling. Slowly, Xia Beibei’s skin changed from white to rosy.

In her body, there seemed to be something rushing and burning.

Her whole body and her whole limbs, at this moment, seemed not to be her own——

Your mom!

This medicine is too strong. It is a bit too much!

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