May 26, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Passerby Villain A (8)


In the suburbs of the city, among abandoned factories.

Jing Yan was awakened by a bucket of cold water. She subconsciously shivered and wanted to shrink, but found that her hands and feet had been tied up.

“Woke up?”

A cold female voice slowly sounded in Jing Yan’s ears. She looked up in fear, facing Liu Yueying’s indifferent eyes.

“You, who are you?”

Jing Yan stared at the strange woman in front of her. She looked around nervously and realized that it was an abandoned building. The corner of the room was already covered with cobwebs and dust. At this moment, in this run-down room, there was a large group of people surrounding her.

Jing Yan knew these people. These people were the ones who rushed into her homes and knocked her out. Did they come to collect the debts?

When thinking about it, Jing Yan took a deep breath and looked at Liu Yueying calmly: “You, you are their boss? Are you here to collect debts?”

“Yes, I’m here to collect the debt.”

When she heard Jing Yan’s words, Liu Yueying couldn’t help but smile graciously. After all, she came back from hell to collect debts.

Blood debts must be paid with blood.

“I, I don’t have that much money now. Give me a little more time, and I will pay off my debts!”

Jing Yan was relieved when she heard Liu Yueying admit that she was collecting debts.

“Money? No, I don’t want money.”

Hearing Jing Yan’s words and seeing the pure face of the little sheep in front of her, Liu Yueying couldn’t help but stand up and came to Jing Yan step by step.

She bent down. Her eyes were cold as she said, “I, want, your, life!”


Jing Yan’s eyes widened. She was startled when she heard Liu Yueying’s words.

What a timid sheep!

Liu Yueying raised an eyebrow again, and the cold light in her eyes flashed away–

Xiang Qingtian, your little lover is in my hands. I will torture her to death. This is my first gift to you!

Liu Yueying straightened up and looked up at the people around him. At this moment, the men looked at the panic and wet girl. Everyone’s eyes were glowing.

“Brothers, help me say hello to Miss Jing!”

“Got it!”

Hearing Liu Yueying’s words, the black men on the side responded with excitement. Several people came forward and dragged Jing Yan, who had her hands and feet tied, to the corner–

“No, what are you doing?”

“Let me go! Ah! Don’t touch me!”

Feeling the danger, Jing Yan began to scream desperately. She is only 16, how could she ever experience this kind of things? The little girl was trembling with fright and her voice also quaking terribly. However, who would come to save her in such a place?

The tear of the clothes was accompanied by the little girl’s loud cry

Liu Yueying was utterly unmoved by it.

“You are really cold-blooded.”

Suddenly, a man’s low voice sounded.

Liu Yueying’s heart stunned. Her gangster career in these many years immediately gave her a warning bell. She subconsciously touched her gun, but the next second, the cold muzzle was already on her temple.

“You are dead. You should not live in this world.”

The man’s voice was still low and charming.

“You are……”

Liu Yueying raised her eyes in astonishment as she faced the handsome face.

Hao Shaoyan!

Naturally, Liu Yueying also recognized the young master of the Hao family. Why…?

Without giving Liu Yueying too much time to think, Hao Shaoyan pulled the trigger mercilessly–

Rebirth BUG Liu Yueying, successfully eradicated!

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