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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 105

Chapter 105: The Demon Girl 14


“Sect Master.”

Hearing Hu Yandian’s words, Xia Beibei lowered her eyes. Her tone was full of guilt: “I’m sorry Sect master! I shouldn’t mention that name again.”

“It’s alright, A’ Lan.”

Hu Yandian heard this and smiled faintly at Xia Beibei. If there is someone in this world who deserves her unconditional trust, then that person must be Ye Lan.

The trust between them is unreserved.

“Sect Master I was able to survive this time because there was another person who saved me. He is… Zuo Qianji, Senior Zuo!”

Zuo Qianjie!

Hearing Xia Beibei’s words, the porcelain bottle in Hu Yandian’s hand finally slid to the ground and broken into pieces. The white medicine powder inside te bottle was also scattered.

Hu Yandian will never forget this name.

“This is his ashes.”

Xia Beibei knew that Hu Yandian would surely lose self-control when she heard Zuo Qianji’s name. Still, at this moment, she felt that she had to tell her everything: “Senior Zuo…he treated me as you. So he did not hesitate to exhaust himself. He had used his life’s eternal force to heal me. After he died, he was cremated by Feng Jiutian, and his ashes are here. I…I think it’s better to leave it to the sect master!”

“Ah ha~.”

For a moment, Hu Yandian’s body stiffened before it finally recovered slowly: “He, is dead?”

Did he die just like that?

There is only a pile of ashes left?

Staring at the ashes in Xia Beibei’s hand, Hu Yandian suddenly raised her hand. The wooden box in Xia Beibei’s hand was immediately knocked to the ground. The lid of the box fell on the ground and was shaken open, exposing the ashes inside, as if it would follow the wind and drifted at any time.

Zuo Qianji.

You finally came back, but why did you turn into ashes?

Can death make the past hatred disappear?

“This person has nothing to do with me. A’ Lan, since he is your benefactor, his ashes… you go and deal with it!”

After speaking, Hu Yandian walked out quickly without even looking down.

Looking at her leaving back, Xia Beibei sighed. She changed into a set of clean clothes, and then picked up the ashes on the ground once again.

With Hu Yandian’s skill, she could smash this box at once, but she didn’t.

So, she also hopes that person will be in peace, right?

A’ Man.

Even though you keep saying that A’Man is already dead, but you still retain her heart- that kind and immaculate heart.

Since Hu Yandian had left, Xia Beibei could only change the dressing of her wound by herself. Fortunately, there were a lot of medicines in this room. Xia Beibei also picked up even the medicine bottle that was broken by Hu Yandian.

As Xia Beibei nursing herself at the Xueyi sect’s headquarters, the news that Wutong Villa got destroyed was spread in the Wulin circle. Additionally, the information that some of the disciples and elders from Huashan Jianzong and Kongtong Sect got killed by the Xueyi sect also made the sect became a target of public criticism.

Countless martial arts sects were clamouring to eliminate the poisonous and cancerous Xueyi sect from the Wulin circle.

However, despite the clamour for revenge, no one took the lead. Those group of people was there to flaunt and amuse themselves, nothing more.

As the only bloodline left by Wutong Villa, Yue Zhengxi has been following his master, the sage doctor, Han Ke, into Jianghu, to practice medicine to help the people.

When she heard the news that Wutong Villa was destroyed, she couldn’t bear such a blow and passed out into coma.

“Senior Han, is Miss Yue got any better?”

The inner room was infused with the fragrant of medicine as a black-clothed man looked worriedly at Han Ke who was sitting in front of the sickbed. This man looked to be in his early twenties. He was slender and handsome, and he was dressed in black. It made his whole person looked even more cold and free from dust.

This person was the male protagonist who was saved by Yue Zhengxi not long ago because of the deviation that arose during his martial art’s practice.

Feng Yan was born in a secret sect. Twelve years ago, he came to Central Plains with his master once. At that time, because of his playfulness, he was separated from the master and the whole person was trapped in the bottom of a steep valley. In that valley, he met a little girl.

That little girl is Feng Yanwang’s life-saver. Over the years, Feng Yanwang has been unable to forget her. He came back to the Central Plains this time around intending to find that little girl from back then.

It’s a pity that the world is so big that Feng Yanwang doesn’t know how to find his benefactor at all.

Besides, apart from knowing the little girl’s name, he didn’t know everything about her…

Feng Yanwang just wanders in the Central Plains’ Jianghu. Since he likes to do whatever he wants, sometimes he will kill people due to some disagreement. This makes Feng Yanwang forged many enemies in the Wulin circle. Therefore, the previous days, someone had attacked him while he was practising and cause deviation in his inner force that accidentally made him went crazy and almost died!

Fortunately, at that time, Yue Zhengxi went up to the mountain to collect medicine. After seeing the unconscious Feng Yanwang, she immediately went forward to check and found that his pulse was in chaos. Yue Zhengxi did not hesitate to treat him, and this allowed Feng Yanwang to escape his death by the skin of one’s teeth. 

Feng Yanwang’s principle has always been to reward small favour with doubled effort.

Now that Yue Zhengxi’s family is facing a massive catastrophe, Feng Yanwang also felt uncomfortable.

Shifu, Feng gongzi.”

At this time, Yue Zhengxi, who was unconscious on the bed, had slowly opened her eyes.

“Xie’er, are you awake?”

When Han Ke saw that his beloved apprentice finally woke up, he immediately raised his hand to check Yue Zhengxi’s pulse. He felt that there was no significant problem with her health, and finally breathed a sigh of relief: “Xi’er, the dead are dead. You must restrain your grief and accept fate, alright?!”

“Yes, Shifu.”

Yue Zhengxi lowered her eyes. Since she became the apprentice of the Wulin sage doctor, Han Ke, she has also been accustomed to seeing life and death in the world.

Who can live without death?

Le Zhengxi knew that she should live well, and keep on living.

But… her parents and brothers died a violent death. Hundreds from the Wutong Villa stained the earth with blood, therefore, as the only survivor of the Yue’s family, how could she be indifferent?

She must personally avenge this grudge.

Even if she knew that she was not Ye Lan’s opponent and she could not even shake the Xueyi sect with her strength alone, she is still a child of a person and needs to avenge her parents.

Shifu, Feng-gongzi, I’m fine.”

Yue Zhengxi reluctantly squeezed out a smile: “I…I want to go back to Feng County to have a look, at least…Go to the graves of my father, mother and elder brother to burn them some incense!”

“I’ll accompany you to go home, Yue girl!”

Hearing Yue Zhengxi’s words, Feng Yanwang on the side immediately spoke.

Now that Jianghu is so chaotic, he doesn’t feel assured to let her be on the road alone. Even though her medical skills are unparalleled in the world, her kung fu was too plain. It’s no problem to deal with ordinary bandits. Still, she might not be able to handle it if the opponent has an excellent skill.

Feeling Feng Yanwang’s concern, Yue Zhengxi hesitated for a while and nodded softly, “Then, I will thank Feng-gongzi for your trouble!”

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