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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 106

Chapter 106: The Demon Girl 15


Feng County.

Since Wutong Villa was destroyed, the entire Feng County has been shrouded in gloom.

It was noon when Yue Zhengxi and Feng Yanwang arrived at the county town. The sun was just right above their head, and there were many pedestrians on the street. Because Wutong Villa was too famous in Feng County, even if Yue Zhengxi rarely returns, the people in Feng County basically could recognize her.

In the past, the people of Feng County would greet Yue Zhengxi enthusiastically whenever they saw her figure, but now…

Everyone looked at Yue Zhengxi as if they had seen a plague. All of them quickly hid in a hurry, as if they were afraid of being infected by her.


Seeing the behaviour of the people in Feng County, Feng Yanwang couldn’t help but sneer: “Yue girl, I think you used to act as a doctor and administer medicine for the people in this county? But now, these people avoid you like the plague. Indeed they are indifference to other’s favour, ah!”

“It’s alright.”

Yue Zhengxi smiled bitterly: “After all, they are ordinary people. Naturally, they don’t want to be involved in martial arts’ disputes. Now Wutong Villa is destroyed by the Xueyi sect, and I am the only one left. For them to be afraid and scared is understandable. “

Having said this, Yue Zheng bent down her eyes regretfully. Now her relatives are gone, and her home is also gone. What good will it be to care about others’ eyes?

What she cared about… is already gone.


Wutong Villa.

The once magnificent villa now looked exceptionally depressed.

Standing in front of the familiar door, Yue Zhengxi couldn’t help but stop. She raised her head and stared at the blood-stained plaque——

Dad, mother, brother, Xi’er is back.

“Let’s go in.”

Yue Zhengxi took a deep breath, turned around, and made an inviting gesture to Feng Yanwang beside her. The two people walked up the steps one after the other.

Yue Zhengxi pushed open the door of Wutong Villa which had been closed for many days. When the heavy iron door opened, what she saw was no longer the clean and tidy courtyard or the servants with a smile on their face——

The yard was overgrown with weed, and the entire front yard was desolate.

The martial arts colleagues had cleaned up the mountain of corpses and the sea of ​​blood on the very same day of the incident; however, fewer people cared to repair the villa. Therefore, the current cold villa was now covered by weeds.

“Yue girl?”

Seeing Yue Zhengxi standing motionless at the gate of the courtyard, Feng Yanwang sighed. When he was about to comfort her, Yue Zhengxi suddenly turned around and smiled at him: “Brother Feng, I let you laughed at me. Let go to the hall, and I will tidy up a courtyard for you later.”

Here is her home, and it will always be. She can’t let her home become deserted.

Looking at Yue Zhengxi’s smiling face, Feng Yanwang’s eyes become deeper. The next moment, he drew out his sword with a smile on his face: “Since I’m here as a guest at your house, I have to do my part. I will help you clean up the weeds in this yard!”

While talking, the long sword in Feng Yanwang’s hand flew, clearing a clean road in a short while.

Seeing his bustling figure in the yard, Yue Zhengxi pursed her lips as she leaned sideways. She then took out the machete that she frequently used to collect medicine from the medicine basket behind her. She also bent down to get busy…

[T/N: If the original novel is the one being translated, of course, I will feel sweet reading the interaction between Yue Zhengxi and Feng Yanwang… But I’m not~ This story is depressing in one way to another. And I also know why certain readers are not satisfied having Xia Beibei die over and over again. Guys, remember, this is not a counterattack story~ at least for now?? Be aware while jumping into this pit.]


Xueyi sect’s headquarters.

It has been a while since Wutong Villa was washed in blood. Xia Beibei’s wound has also healed.

She has been secretly sending people to monitor the wind and grass in Feng County. Therefore, as soon as Yue Zhengxi and Feng Yanwang returned to Feng County, Xia Beibei also received a message from her subordinates.

The Female Lead finally appeared! Tsk tsk tsk, there is also the male lead.

Xia Beibei knew Yue Zhengxi’s character. She would try this, that and other things to come to the Xueyi sect to avenge her family. Not only that, but she would also come to the headquarter by herself and wouldn’t be involving Feng Yanwang in her plan.

So, what Xia Beibei has to do now is to wait. Wait for the Female Lead to throw herself into the trap. She is only responsible for catching, beating, and torturing her while waiting for the Male Lead-daren to rescue her.

According to the original plot, it will be in such pattern—everything bound to be extremely simple.

Cough cough, it just that…

Xia Beibei is still worried! According to her previous experience, the plotline deity’s wireless is so incredible that it often deviates from the expectation. Who knows what kind of monster might come out in the end!

Therefore, Xia Beibei immediately handed the flying pigeon to her subordinates, allowing them to follow Yue Zhengxi’s every move and report to her at any time.

This time, it seemed that Xia Beibei was somewhat just too worried. According to the information sent back by the subordinates, Yue Zhengxi used a knockout drug to faint Feng Yanwang and then walked alone towards her revenge journey.

Everything was the same as the original plot. Yue Zhengxi, who hadn’t gone far, was captured by the Xueyi sect’s secret agent, as they quickly spurred the horse to full speed towards Xueyi sect’s headquarters.

The first time Xia Beibei saw the Female Lead-daren was in the iron prison of the Xueyi sect.

Yue Zhengxi, who was dressed in a white prison suit huddled inside the cell. Across the heavy iron fence, Xia Beibei looked at the Female Lead-daren inside with a smile on her face: “Miss Yue, your name has been known to me for a long time. We finally able to meet at last!”

“Ye Lan?”

Hearing Xia Beibei’s voice, Yue Zhengxi raised her eyes slightly. When she saw Xia Beibei’s face clearly, her whole body was full of excitement. Yue Zhengxi immediately stood up from the ground and walked towards the iron fence. Xia Beibei continued to look at her with a smile on her face: “It turns out that Miss Yue also knows me, ah.”

“Ye Lan!”

Yue Zhengxi gritted her teeth and called out Ye Lan’s name again. Although they met for the first time, Yue Zhengxi had seen Ye Lan’s portrait before, and she had already remembered her enemy clearly.

It was this woman who washed the Wutong Villa in blood!

This woman killed her family!

Even though Yue Zhengxi had a natural disposition of living a simple life as a doctor, how can she not get excited when facing her archenemy?

“Ye Lan, kill me if you have the ability! Otherwise, I won’t let you go!”

Yue Zhengxi coldly stared at Xia Beibei with a look of resentment.

Xia Beibei has long been accustomed to facing others’ hatred. She caressed her nails, looking bored as she raised her brows, and sneered at Yue Zhengxi: “Don’t want to let me go? Just by relying on your three-legged cat’s kungfu? Or are you going to use your skill of healing and saving people, ah? It’s too easy for me, Ye Lan to kill others, but… I don’t want you to have the satisfaction of getting what you want. Miss Yue, there are eighty-nine types of torture devices available in this iron prison. I will let people entertain you every day with three kinds of them. You will definitely not going to experience the same thing all over again. With this, you can definitely feel the warmth of our Xueyi sect to our guests. Um, make yourself at home, you will surely like it.”

After speaking, Xia Beibei was beaming with a smile as she raised her hand. She then turned away with an air of satisfaction. No matter how Yue Zhengxi shouted from behind her, Xia Beibei didn’t turn her head or pause.

It was said that the harsher the Female Lead was tortured and treated, the more powerful she will be when she puts on her big moves in the future.

After Xia Beibei instructed the people were guarding the prison to torture Yue Zhengxi at a fixed time, she returned to her courtyard with gratification.

Although there were some mishaps in this mission, overall it went smoothly.

Besides, Xia Beibei did not forget to practice her kungfu during this period when she was recovering from injuries. She still clearly remembered that she had chosen this Wuxia world with the ultimate goal of improving herself. Therefore, the continuous practice was also one of her essential tasks in this world.

On the fifth day after the imprisonment of Yue Zhengxi in the iron prison, a large number of martial arts masters suddenly gathered outside the Xueyi sect. The accident Xia Beibei had been worried about still happened.

Originally, Feng Yanwang was supposed to go alone into enemy lines and enact the hero saving the beauty action. But now, the entire Xueyi sect circumference was surrounded by countless martial arts from the righteous teams…

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