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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 107

Chapter 107: The Demon Girl 16


T/N: Prepared for a dog-blood drama. I know people might be complaining again… sigh~

“Sect master!”

After Xia Beibei learned that the Xueyi sect was being surrounded, she hurriedly rushed towards Hu Yandian’s residence. At this time, Hu Yandian who dressed in red was about to go out when she encountered Xia Beibei. Hu Yandian paused slightly as she said: “A’ Lan, what is the matter?”

“Sect Master, what’s the situation outside?”


Hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Hu Yandian narrowed her eyes and sneered: “It is those righteous people from Wulin circle. They come to besiege our Xueyi sect under the banner of revenge for the Wutong Villa!”

“Sect master, those so-called famous sects have always been in harmony with each other. It has been so long since Wutong Villa’s affairs happened. Why did they think of taking revenge now? Is there something weird in this?”

Hearing Hu Yandian’s words, Xia Beibei immediately asked.

She still remembers the scene in the woods when the Huashan Jianzong and Kongtong Sect people. They were so scared by Hu Yandian. Would they have any courage to besiege Xueyi sect just by relying on those people?

Who gave them such courage?

“Wealth touches people’s hearts. After all, human beings will die for riches, just as birds will for food. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Hu Yandian raised her hand and patted Xia Beibei’s shoulder lightly: “A’ Lan, don’t be so anxious. It was just a herd of small shrimps. This Lord didn’t even put them in my eyes. However, for the sneaky person behind the scenes, we have no option but to put up our guard!”

Hearing Hu Yandian’s words, Xia Beibei frowned: Did someone deliberately manipulate all of this?

Who will that person be?

Could it be… Chu Ran?


Hu Yandian didn’t let Xia Beibei lead people to charge into the battle. After all, Xia Beibei’s injuries had not fully recovered.

Xia Beibei who was left in charge of the headquarter also learned from the spy’s mouth the truth that led those righteous Wulin factions to besiege the Xueyi sect this time around-

What the hell with avenging the Wutong Villa!

It was just a high-sounding excuse.

It turned out that a few days ago, someone suddenly circulated a message in the Wulin circle that there is a stunning secret book in Wutong Villa, and this secret book can lead others to dominate the Wulin world!

The rumour seemed to secretly point out that the Xueyi sect had massacred the Wutong Villa for it. Currently, the secret book and Yue Zhengxi who knows the secret method of the book had fallen into Xueyi sect’s hands.

This kind of people will never move if there is no benefit. Compared to the normal grievances and killings between people in the Wulin circle, those people are more willing to believe that Xueyi action of slaughtering the Wutong Villa was driven by profit.

Sure enough, people are more willing to believe in the “truth” that they think is the truth.


The Wulin Alliance had been attacking the Xueyi sect non-stop. This time, they were prepared. From sunrise to sunset, from early morning to night, they continued to shout and besiege the sect relentlessly. The whole valley was full of corpses as the blood flowed into rivers.

Due to the location of Xueyi sect which is on a steep mountain ridge, it made the headquarter easy to defend, yet difficult to attack. Therefore, the people from the Wulin Alliance couldn’t find a chance to reach the headquarter on the first day. The two sides have been facing each other, and in this battle, due to Hu Yandian’s superb martial arts, she has always been a difficult opponent to the other side!

Originally, owning to Hu Yandian’s imposing aura and strength, some people from small sects and schools had already started to retreat from the battlefield. However, at that moment, suddenly someone stepped forward to fight with Hu Yandian!

This person is Feng Yanwang, who has just recently made a name for himself in the Jianghu under the name “King of Hell”!

Speaking of Feng Yanwang, initially, he didn’t want to care about the right and the wrong of the Central Plains’ Wulin circle. He just planned to come here alone to rescue Yue Zhengxi. Who knew that he would face a bloody battle between the two sides as soon as he arrived at the valley.

Feng Yanwang had an impression of this mountain valley, but he was not familiar with it. He knew that he couldn’t find a way to lurk into the mountain after nightfall, so he simply joined the Wulin League’s camp to wait for the opportunity.

When Feng Yan was spying on everything, a red-figure attracted all of his attention——

The sect master of Xueyi sect, Hu Yandian!

The number one devil of the Central Plains’ Wulin circle who had killed countless people. A person who is highly skilled in martial arts!

Seeing the red figure slaughtered the crowd, Feng Yanzuo couldn’t help but narrowed his eyes- this person is powerful!

Feng Yanwang had always been confident in his martial arts, but there were only a few people who could rival him. Therefore, when he saw Hu Yandian’s skill, he began to get restless. Therefore, as soon as he saw that the people of the Wulin Alliance getting pushed back by Hu Yandian, Feng Yanwang finally couldn’t hold it back and took the initiative to attack!

He immediately fought with Hu Yandian. As soon as he shot, he discovered that the two of them were evenly matched!

At night, Xueyi sect’s headquarter.

Xia Beibei was unable to get any rest this time. She oversaw the general headquarter’s operation while pacifying the sect member at one side. At the same time, she had also been arranging the sect members and the inspection teams to prevent anyone from taking advantage during the chaos.

It wasn’t until late at night that Xia Beibei finally let out a sigh of relief when she saw Hu Yandian’s return: “Sect master, how is the situation?”

Xia Beibei quickly greeted her. As she walked towards Hu Yandian, she could smell the scent of blood coming from her body. Xia Beibei’s expression changed slightly: “Sect Master, are you injured?”

Xia Beibei was very surprised at this time. After all, there were too few people who could hurt Hu Yandian in the entire Wulin’s circle!

“I’m fine, A’ Lan.”

There is a trace of exhaustion in Hu Yandian’s indistinguishable voice: “I’m going back to rest. There are still left and right guardian to keep watch of the matter down the mountain. A’ Lan, you can rest early! We still need to fight tomorrow!”

“Sect master…”

Xia Beibei wanted to say something, but Hu Yandian had already left without looking back.

Looking at her leaving back, Xia Beibei lowered her eyes slightly. She felt something was wrong with Hu Yandian today. In Ye Lan’s memory, Hu Yandian was a powerful person. If she encountered any difficulties, she would never compromise but instead, become more fearless.

This kind of little injury is absolutely nothing to her.

So, what made her whole person appeared to be wrong? Could it be this matter related to the one who hurt her?


It should not be Feng Yanwang, right?

As a quest person who is familiar with the plot, Xia Beibei knows the inside story. It is the hidden plot in this world regarding Hu Yandian’s past…


The cold night is deep.

Hu Yandian, who had already returned to her place at this time, stood quietly behind the screen as she took off her red dress, revealing the wound on her shoulder.

On the fragrant white shoulders, the wound wounded by the sword qi looked hideous.

Feng Yanwang.

Hu Yandian quietly closed her eyes. A particular memory in her mind rose from the bottom of her heart. At this moment, it becomes clearer and more vivid–

“Are you lost? I will take you out, OK?”

“My name is A’ Man. What’s your name, gege?”

“A’ Man, my name is Feng Yanwang, you call me Feng dage!”

That year, when she was six years old, she was beaten all over by her mother because of her defiance behaviour. After that, her mother left her alone in the valley.

It was on that cold and desperate day that she encountered Feng Yanwang, who was also lost in the valley. During those days, the two children relied upon one another for survival, and they finally successfully walked out of the valley——

“Aman, if it were not for you, Feng ­dage might have been starving to death in the valley. You are Feng dage’s life-saver! It’s a pity that I need to leave the Central Plains with my master! Should I take you home now? If I have a chance to come back to the Central Plains in the future, I will surely come to see you again, OK?”

Send her back home……

Hearing Feng Yanwang’s words, Aman’s face changed drastically as she desperately shook her head: “No, no, I…I should go back too! My house is very close to here, so I don’t need you to send me. I’m leaving now!”

As she spoke, she ran away hastily.

A’ Man…

Under the same sky.

At the foot of the mountain where the Xueyi sect headquarter was stationed, Feng Yanwang who was attired in full black clothes left the battle ring as he stood alone above the ravine.

More than ten years later, he can no longer find the valley of that year. In fact, he has been here for the first time since he returned to the Central Plains. Unfortunately, the residents and villages here have long disappeared without a trace. It was said that the Xueyi sect has been governing this area. Under the rule of the sect, those villagers had been fleeing with their families from this sketchy area, fearing the Xueyi sect’s brutality.

 A’ Man, where are you? Are you OK?

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