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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 104

Chapter 104: The Demon Girl 13


“Landlord Feng!”

Seeing Feng Jiutian’s devious haggling to stall for time, Tong Lian finally couldn’t help but interrupted his words: “Landlord Feng, did your Tianxianglou plan to associate themselves with the evildoer like Xueyi sect? Are you not afraid of being caught and abandoned by the righteous Wulin circle?”

“Aiya, I’m so scared.”

Hearing Tong Lian’s words, Feng Jiutian immediately jumped and put a certain distance from Xia Beibei: “Here, you see. I’m not familiar with her. I’m not the same kind as her. I merely walked and coincidentally come across her. When I met her and saw that she was injured, I could not help but care for her in the spirit of unity and love for fellow martial artists.”

As he said this, Feng Jiutian’s eyes flashed: “In fact, this Lord also did this thing all for your sake. I don’t want any of you to fall into the infamy for acting together to bully a woman. Aiya, indeed my good intention was not well received by others! Forget it! You demand to eliminate harm for the people, and also wanted to punish the evil with your hand, right?! Go on, go ahead! I, Feng Jiutian shouldn’t stop you, right?”

With that being said, Feng Jiutian’s figure flashed. His figure immediately appeared on an old tree not far away: “I’ll be here to watch the fun, OK?”


Landlord Feng, for your attitude to change at the speed of light, please forgive us the mortals who need a long time to comprehend it.

Seeing that Feng Jiutian had really left, and even put on the appearance as if it had nothing to do with him, Tong Lian was stunned for a moment. He turned to look at at the elder from the Kongtong school. The two of them made a gesture as everyone behind them immediately sheathe out their weapons and rushed up——

They planned to gang up and attack.

This formation was the usual strategy used by the righteous martial arts school to eliminate the evildoer.

On the tree, Feng Jiutian was still smiling. Yet, a glint flashed through his deep eyes. He raised his eyebrows and looked in a particular direction as he counted down silently in his heart- three, two, one!

A cold wind blew by, letting the sand and rocks fly. Everyone was getting confused by the sudden sandstorm. When everyone’s sight was restored, there was another figure clad in blood-red attire stood beside Xia Beibei—

That young man had a long jade body with a long black hair draped over his shoulder and a butterfly mask hiding everything except a pair of cold eyes.

“Sect master!”

Xia Beibei was surprised as she looked at the person who suddenly next to her. It was the sect master of the Xueyi sect, Hu Yandian!

“A’ Lan, I’m here to take you home.”

Hu Yandian smiled at Xia Beibei and then turned slightly to look at the large group of people in front of him. He then raised his lips in disdain: “You think you are worthy of being Xueyi sect’s enemy?”

Hu Yandian!

This name and this figure make everyone in Jianghu couldn’t help but discuss it!

Now that he had appeared, the atmosphere at the scene immediately became eerie. Even Tong Lian’s face turned pale as his hands trembled slightly–

Hu Yandian’s brilliant fighting prowess was evident to the people of Jianghu. His reputation came from the countless pile of corpses and people who shed their blood while fighting him.

He was a veritable and murderous demon!

Before Hu Yandian’s voice fell, the person on the opposite side had already involuntarily stepped back.

They were scared.

Even if no one wants to admit it, they were genuinely terrified.


Seeing everyone’s fearful appearance, Hu Yandian narrowed his eyes. The next moment, an endless amount of blood sputtered, as his figure flashed like a phantom before he returned to Xia Beibei’s position once again. In the woods, except for the two of them who were still standing in place, none of the other people was left.

All of them had turned into cold corpses.

Fast, accurate and ruthless!

His martial art was meant to kill people, and Hu Yandian firmly believes in it without any doubt.

“Clap Clap Clap!” [T/N: The original written as papapa and my dictionary told me another meaning of it. BTW I’ll refer Hu Yandian as a man in context when other people appeared in the same scene. Since only XBB character knew this secret.]

There was a round of applause, and Feng Jiutian jumped down from the tree all beaming with a smile: “Sect Master Huyan has a good skill!”

“Landlord Feng.”

Hu Yandian glanced at Feng Jiutian. His tone was as cold as ever.

“Sect Master.”

Xia Beibei felt that Hu Yandian’s murderous intent had not yet disappeared. She immediately came close to Hu Yandian’s ear and whispered a few words. Hu Yandian listened to Xia Beibei’s words and looked at Feng Jiutian’s eyes slightly: “Landlord Feng, thank you for saving A’ Lan’s life. Hu Yandian and Xueyi sect will remember this kindness forever! Goodbye!”

While speaking, Hu Yandian had already pulled Xia Beibei up, and the two figures disappeared from that place in an instant.

After the two left, the usual laughing expression on Feng Jiutian’s face gradually disappeared. His whole person became extraordinarily calm and indifferent.

Feng Jiutian shook his head slightly as he glanced at the corpses strewn all over the ground. He then turned and rushed to the other direction…

Xueyi sect headquarter. The forbidden area.

Back at the place where she nursed herself last time, Xia Beibei looked at the medicine on the table beside the bed and couldn’t help showing a depressed expression——

She really can’t stop using the medicine, ah!

“A’ Lan, take off your coat. I’ll change your bandages.”

Seeing that some of the wounds on Xia Beibei’s body had already scabbing, Hu Yandian’s tone could not help but sound a little distressed: “Why are you so stubborn? When you encounter a strong enemy that you can’t beat with your skill, you can always escape, right? “

“I, cough cough.”

Xia Beibei felt even more depressed.

How could she escape when she encountered a humanoid plug-in like Chu Ran, ah? If there is no Feng Jiutian…

En, that Feng Jiutian was also able to leave without injury while fighting that Chu Ran! Damn it! Is he even a BUG, ah?! Could it be that he is still the hidden boss of this world?

Before not knowing it, Xia Beibei’s brain hole becomes even more prominent.

Seeing Xia Beibei being continually being distracted, Hu Yandian couldn’t help but squinted her eyes: “A’ Lan, what are you thinking right now?”

“I was thinking about Feng Jiutian…”

“A’ Lan!”

Hearing Xia Beibei mentioning Feng Jiutian’s name, Hu Yandian’s tone suddenly got lower: “A’ Lan! Those man that claim to be decent and upright in the Wulin circle are unreliable! Don’t be fooled by him. I let him off today out of my respect for you. However, next time I met him, I will never show any mercy!”

Xia Beibei:…

Sect Master, is it too late for me to explain?

I specifically told you about Feng Jiutian today, not because I was afraid that you would kill Feng Jiutian, but because I was worried that Feng Jiutian’s might hurt you!

He is so mysterious. God knows what is wrong with him, ah!

Xia Beibei thought about it for a while. Since joining the Star Villain Club, she had done several missions and passed through several worlds. Your mom! None of those worlds was normal!

Damn it, will you die if you were to give this old mother a regular mission?!

Xia Beibei was changing her clothes while complaining inwardly. While she tidied up all her belongings, she saw the urn that Feng Jiutian had handed over to her previously. Seeing this urn, Xia Beibei was taken aback for a moment. She then turned around and saw Hu Yandian stood right behind her, holding the medicine bottle, ready to apply the medicine to her.

When they were young, the two of them used to nurse each other whenever they got injured, and this habit continues to this day.

In the past, Hu Yandian had suffered more injuries, but now Ye Lan was the one who had more injuries…

“A’ Man.”

Xia Beibei held the urn and suddenly called out in a low voice.

Hearing her call, Hu Yandian immediately froze. The medicine bottle in her hand almost fell to the ground.

After a while, she recovered and turned to look at Xia Beibei: “A’ Lan, how many times have I told you, there is no A’ Man in this world.”

A’ Man already dead.

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