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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Yan Yicheng


“Ah! I’m going to die! I’m late! I’m late!”

The next morning, Xia Beibei climbed up from her bed and was in the same state of turmoil. When she finally decided to pack herself up and go downstairs to buy a cup of soy milk, she suddenly remembered something particularly important.

She did send a resignation letter to her boss last night, right?

Furthermore, cough, cough, her choice of words were also a bit extreme.

Your mom, damn it, damn it, I’m screwed! Who doesn’t know that BOSS Yan is famous for being strictly impartial and incorruptible?

If I went to the company today and told him that I had emailed the wrong letter last night, would he believe it?

He surely … it is unlikely for him to believe it, ah!

He is not a pig.

What should I do next?

Xia Beibei touched her purse with a tangled face. The most fraudulent was that she had donated all the deposits in her bank card yesterday! Ahhhh!

Let’s people unable to live!

Is this the legendary rather die than living, ah!

She had done an excellent job at Yicheng Media, and she will be promoted and get a salary raise soon, ah! At this time, even if she did a good job, but if others knew that she had been offended by BOSS, she would really be in a bad situation. She also wouldn’t be able to get around in this industry!

No, I can’t just sit here and wait for death!  I should try everything regardless of this desperate situation.

Even if BOSS Yan refused to let me go, at least he should still let me pick my salary for this month, right? After all, this is my last ration!

At that thought, Xia Bei Bei immediately burst into tears.

Wandering downstairs, Xia Bei Bei absent-mindedly bought a cup of soy milk. She then squeezed herself on the subway and then went to the company without in the state of uncertainty.

The office building of Yicheng Media is in the prime downtown building in the city centre. Xia Bei Bei’s male god also works in this building.

Damn it, really reluctant!

I really can’t give up the high salary of Yicheng media, let alone leaving my male god, ah!

Xia Bei Bei was sorrowful as she stood outside the door of the office building. Suddenly, a clear and nice male voice came from behind her: “Bei Bei! What a coincidence!”


Hearing the voice of her male god, Xia Bei Bei immediately straightened her waist and turned to look at him with a smile. Her eyes greeted a handsome young man who looked to be around 25 to 26 years old with a pair of long legs, the typical male god Ouba.

[T/N: Ouba is a loan word from Oppa, lol]

This is Gu Yan, the senior male god that Xia Bei Bei had secretly been in love since college.

Gu Yan was a student at Xia Bei Bei University. He was a well-known talent at the university. Now he graduated and started an advertising company. The company’s development is also outstanding.

In fact, after graduating from the beginning, Xia Bei Bei wanted to apply for Gu Yan’s company, but she was born with a careless nature! When I applied for the job, she ended up applying to the wrong floor and get the job offer.

Fortunately, Yicheng Media is the leader in this industry, and the salary is also ridiculously high.

Well, for the extra five hundred yuan a month, Xia Bei Bei is satisfied to stay at Yicheng.

Alas, Girl, you have no principle at all. This kind of small salary is enough to buy you.

Xia Beibei: …


“Bei Bei?”

Seeing Xia Beibei’s looking not that good today, Gu Yan couldn’t help but stare at her: “Did you have enough rest yesterday? Did you have breakfast in the morning?”

“No, no.”

Xia Bei Bei subconsciously sipped the cup of soy milk in her hands while following Gu Yan into the office building. She was hesitated to ask him about her e-mail to him.

Well, watching Gu Yan in a good mood today as he keeps smiling at me, does it mean that he also….

While thinking of this, Xia Bei Bei couldn’t help narrowed her eyes: “Cough, that, senior, I sent an email to you yesterday, did you … read it?”

Gathering 120,000 points of courage, Xia Bei Bei raised her eyes and looked at the man beside him with a hopeful expression

Do or die!

You are not afraid of death; why should you be afraid of being rejected? Besides, just in case senior is blind and coughs …

Mail? What mail?

Gu Yan froze a moment: “Bei Bei, did you send me an email? I didn’t see it. When did you send it? If it’s important, you can send it to me again.”

Xia Bei Bei: …

Don’t speak to me. Let me calm down a bit

Male god, are you rejecting me?! Must be rejecting me! I was unable to seize anything. But I fact I should be looking for a way out of this embarrassing situation, right?

I should behave with integrity and will meet a good man in the future. I get it. I get it.

“Well, it’s not important. It’s okay if you haven’t received it.”

Xia Beibei looked up and smiled at Gu Yan, revealing a row of clean and white teeth.

What’s the big deal about being rejected? Humph!


After hearing Xia Bei Bei’s remark, Gu Yan nodded: “It’s all right. The elevator is here, let’s go in together!”


Xia Beibei nodded and was about to follow Gu Yan into the elevator. At that moment, the corner of her eye suddenly caught a tall and dashing figure appearing at the entrance of the office lobby.

In this hot summer day, he can still wear a black trench coat. He has no expression on his face as if the whole world owed him eight million. This kind of exotic flower yet sinister man is the only … BOSS Yan!

Yan Yicheng, the CEO of Yicheng Media.

Seeing that the elevator door was about to be closed, Xia Bei Bei suddenly rushed out: “BOSS! BOSS!”

Big BOSS is something that you can discover but not sought after, ah.

Xia Bei Bei has been in Yicheng for almost a year. And BOSS Yan was someone that she had seen from distant only. Today, she also needs to work hard for the sake of her career and that small salary.

“BOSS! President Yán! Lǎobǎn!”

She called him with three different titles in one breath. Xia Bei Bei drank the half leftover of the soy milk in her hand as she rushed to meet Yan Yicheng.

Poor office cleaner Aunty had just moped the hall clean in the morning. Xia Bei Bei hurriedly braked, but she suddenly slipped, and the soy milk in her hand flew out immediately as she fell to the ground.


It doesn’t matter if you fall, what’s important is that she is currently hugging BOSS Yan’s gold, big thigh!


Xia Bei Bei desperately held into Yan Yicheng’s trousers: “BOSS. Boohoo I’m wrong, I won’t dare anymore! May I take back the email that I sent you yesterday?”

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