May 25, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Passerby Villain A (END)


Hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Hao Shaoyan just looked at her with a blank expression: “I know.”

While talking, his muzzle was aimed at Xia Beibei’s heart.

“What are you doing?”

Xia Beibei was pointed by Hao Shaoyan for the second time; this time she immediately felt a sense of crisis.

Is this the rhythm of being killed?

Although this is the mission world, I still feel scared!

“Oh, big brother, I have something to discuss. Actually, I was just joking with you. What, I suddenly remembered that I’m still boiling crab at home. Why don’t I go back and see?

Xia Beibei said as she moved her body and ready to dash at any given time, but the next moment, a huge pain filled her chest.

Blood …

“I X your uncle!”

Xia Bei Bei sat up suddenly from the bed and saw the familiar arrangement in front of her. She touched her chest, subconsciously.

Wuwuwu~ Sure enough, still flat-chested

Uh, Girl, where are your priorities?


Xia Bei Bei, who had died once, settled down. She looked up at the wall clock in her bedroom for the first time. It was 4:20 in the morning.

Is it true that no matter how long you stay in the task world; it is only four hours in the real world? Or different tasks consume a different period?

As a cute newbie, Xia Bei Bei was still in the state of ignorance regarding her new career.

Alas, in short, it is useless to overthink. She still failed her first task!

This is totally unscientific!

Xia Bei Bei looked down at her laptop on the bed in sorrow. The task page was still displayed on the computer screen. At this moment, the main page was flashing a large line of characters—

Task assessment.

A few seconds later, a crisp sound came from the computer.


“Assessment is complete! Congratulations to the rookie villain 109 for completing the task, and the completion level is A! The reward is an extension of life for 30 days!”

Wh, what?

Xia Beibei, who was ready for failure, heard the sound coming from the computer, and she immediately becomes dumbfounded.

It was a success!

How did I do it? Why didn’t I know anything about it?

It shouldn’t be computer failure, right?

Er, no matter what, earning a month of life expectancy is also beautiful. Let’s take a nap first before we discuss it again….

For you to be this unconcerned; Girl, you are indeed free and easy, ah.

Naturally, Xia Bei Bei would not know that in the mission world, after she died, Hao Shaoyan’s figure disappeared.

As soon as Xiang Qingtian was notified by Hao Shaoyan, he rushed in and saw the dead body on the ground, as well as … Jing Yan, who had been drugged. Furthermore, the effect of spring medicine that Jing Yan consumed also flared up at that moment, cough, cough, the affairs afterwards was not suitable for children. Asked the audience to imagine it on your own.

Because the spring medicine was fed by Xia Bei Bei personally to Jing Yan, therefore, the task of Xia Beibei was judged to be successful, and the grade was A.

However, Xia Bei Bei knew nothing about it.


While Xia Bei Bei taking a nap, in the same city, in a villa’s study room, a man slowly opened his eyes. His eyes were as deep as the sea and cold as the star.

It was obviously a hot summer night, but his study room was not air-conditioned. Even the person himself wore a long-sleeved silk pyjama. Those black silk pyjamas lined with his tall and slender figure as he sat elegantly at his desk. The pyjamas on his body were spotlessly clean, without any trace of wrinkles.

The warm and soft light in the study reflects the flawless side of that man’s face. He had just resolved a small space-time BUG. Yet, his expression did not show much fluctuations.

As an outstanding time and space law enforcer, he has long been used to this life.

It is the job of law enforcers to shuttle between different time and space lines and eliminate any loopholes that should not exist, one after another.

These tasks are much easier than the mountain of documents he has to deal with in his daily work.

Thinking of this, that man seemed to remember something. He raised his eyes, and fixedly looked at the computer on his desk. At this time, his personal email page was displayed on his computer screen.

Well, just before midnight, he suddenly received an email.

To be precise, it was a love letter.

An inexplicable, typo-filled, totally unintelligible love letter.

The sender of that love letter was Xia Bei Bei.

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