May 25, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 14

Chapter 14: I love Yicheng, Yicheng love me


During the office hours, people are coming and going around in the office lobby.

At this time Xia Beibei was lying on the ground as she was desperately holding into Yan Yicheng’s thigh: “BOSS, I had a fever yesterday, and I was dizzy! Can you delete the email I sent you yesterday, and act as if it had never appeared? “

During the conversation, Xia Bei Bei raised her eyes pitifully. The first thing that caught her eyes was Yan Yicheng’s clean and tidy black trench coat. Well, at this time, the black trench coat was covered with white soybean milk, and it was utterly disassociated from the words “clean and tidy”.

No way!

Xia Bei Bei stood up abruptly: “BOSS! BOSS! I didn’t do it on purpose. I really didn’t do it on purpose.”

Xia Bei Bei was about to use her own hand to wipe Yan Yicheng’s coat, but Yan Yicheng avoided her hand with a cold face as he took out a pure white handkerchief from his clothes pocket and slowly wiped it clean.

Looking at his elegant and skilful movement, Xia Beibei was devastated.

As a big BOSS, you’re doing such small things yourself? Isn’t this forcing your wronged little staff to death?

When Xia Bei Bei was on the subway, she had thought that in case she couldn’t stay at her job, she will then cheekily go to Gu Yan to apply at his company, but now …

Xia Bei Bei had already been rejected by Gu Yan, and she suddenly felt that Yan Yicheng was her only way out.


Seeing that Yan Yicheng was about to put away the handkerchief, Xia Bei Bei rushed and grabbed the handkerchief into her own hand: “This is dirty, I help you wash it! Um, I’ll wash it very clean, very clean!”

While saying this, Xia Bei Bei could not help but widen her eyes and looked at Yan Yicheng sincerely.

BOSS, you must believe my sincerity!

Yan Yicheng who had continuously sporting cold expression on his handsome face finally dropped his eyes on Xia Bei Bei’s face.  He slightly raised his eyebrows and looked indifferently at the woman who rushed out to meet him: “You are …”

Xia Beibei: …

Boohoo. Apparently, she is still a small transparent newcomer of Yicheng Media, BOSS, do you really not recognize this baby? This baby is sad.

“BOSS, I’m Xia Bei Bei! Xia Bei Bei from the Planning Department!”

During his speech, Xia Beibei pulled up her worker tag and showed it to Yan Yicheng.

“Xia, Bei, Bei?” When he heard her name, Yan Yicheng’s eyes sank again. It turned out to be her.


Hearing the big BOSS suddenly called out her name, Xia Bei Bei immediately nodded like a chicken pecking at the rice: “BOSS, my e-mail last night was really … wrong. Wrong. Can you think as I you hadn’t seen it? Actually, I love Yicheng! I love Yicheng and Yicheng loves me!”


Seeing that his boss’s face was getting darker and darker, Xia Bei Bei suddenly noticed a big problem—

It’s looked like their BOSS name is also Yicheng?

“BOSS, this is what you think. Actually, what I want to say is that I like the company very much, right! The company is my home, and I will always love the company forever!”

Xia Beibei explained incoherently. After hearing her words, Yan Yicheng glanced at her again and said: “Are you from the planning department? Feeling… cough, even so, the punctuation in your email is already wrong. I really can’t think of any reason to keep you in the company. “

 “That is impossible!”

 After hearing Yan Yicheng’s words, Xia Bei Bei immediately subconsciously refuted it. She was in charge of copywriting in the planning department. Even if the writing were not good, it would not be possible to mistake the punctuation marks!

This is all an excuse!

It must be because he saw her scolding him in the email, and his little belly had to make excuses to drive her away! Isn’t it?

“You question me?”

Seeing Xia Bei Bei’s eyes staring at him with a look of dissatisfaction, Yan Yicheng couldn’t help but take a step forward: “I have a meeting in two minutes. You should go back to the company now. After the meeting, I’ll send the email back to you. You see it for yourself. “

Yan Yicheng strode toward the elevator.

He was a man who made a distinction between private and public matter. Since this employee has questioned his words, Yan Yicheng feels that it was necessary to let her die clearly.

His Yicheng Media does not support idlers and waste.

Just watch!

Xia Bei Bei glared at Yan Yicheng’s back. When she lowered her head and looked at her watch, damn, ​​I’m going to be late!

Elevator King, wait for me!

Xia Bei Bei hurried to the elevator in a panic, and all she saw was the elevator door closing relentlessly, as well as Yan Yicheng’s handsome face, still looking aloof.

For her to serve this petty-minded boss is indeed too much!

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