June 23, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 15

Chapter 15: To send out a wrong love letter


Xia Bei Bei panted as she sat on her seat. She just barely managed to touch in the last second. The colleagues around her saw her and nodded at her.

This is her office friendship. Well, nodding, that’s it.

Looking at the clean desk that she packed yesterday, Xia Bei Bei sighed once again–

What was it like when I was off work yesterday?

Oh, I thought I was going to die!

When others die, they may all do all the things they wanted to do the most. Poor Xia Bei Bei who did not know what to do when her death was due, went to work yesterday like usual, returned home from work and made herself a bowl of instant noodles.

In fact, since she was sensible, she already knew that she wasn’t far from her death, but what if that wasn’t the case?

Her father told her that as long as she is still alive, she can live well and work well.

Well, her father always did this, although her mother remarried immediately after he died.


Xia Bei Bei lowered her eyes and smiled to herself. She was an orphan that no one wanted. She was doomed to be short-lived, but she still lives to this day and was still in great danger.

This, maybe silly people also have their silly blessings?

Without the heroine aura, no one will love her. She also unable to get along with her colleagues. Therefore, she has been living in her own small world to entertain herself.

Even then, what about it?

She is still alive.

It’s good to be alive.

After clearing up her mood, Xia Bei Bei skillfully turned on her computer and picked up the file at hand to start today’s work.

 She didn’t know how long it has been before Yan Yicheng’s email arrived.

Looking at the flashing new mail icon, Xia Bei Bei hesitated, but then she decided to open it quickly.

She was upset after she saw the content of the email–

Senior male god:

I’m Bei Bei, Xia Bei Bei! Although I can see you every day in the office building, this is the first time I write you an email. I, I actually, want to tell you that I like you!!!!


This, isn’t this the love letter that she wrote for senior Gu Yan!

Xia Bei Bei’s eyes widened as she looked at the comment marked by Yan Yizheng in red with the text behind the first line: Exclamation marks are used four times at a time, what do you want to express?

Your sister! Just peek at someone’s love letter! You even wrote a comment like it was a primary school essay! What are you doing?! What are you doing?!

“Yan Yicheng!”

Xia Bei Bei stood up angrily and rushed out of her office, running all the way upstairs. However, halfway through, Xia Bei Bei stopped suddenly.

Well, there seems to be something wrong?

How did that email appear at Yan Yicheng?

Xia Bei Bei thought hard and thought back for a while. She wrote that love letter to Gu Yan yesterday. Because she was too nervous, she ended just wrote arbitrarily. She couldn’t remember it afterwards. Of course, this is not the point. The point is that she was too absorbed in writing when she realized that it nearly midnight, so she was panicked and clicked the send button. Send……

Your sister! I didn’t set the recipient at the time! And because the previous email was a letter of resignation to Yan Yicheng, so … did I send it to a wrong address in the middle of the mess last night?

God! God! Oh my god!

She actually sent the love letter to Boss Yan’s personal mailbox, and it was even more difficult to explain since Yan Yicheng was also Xia Bei Bei’s senior! It just that Yan Yicheng graduated on the same year Xia Bei Bei entered the university!

He is still the student of the same school

It seems that this time she really need to roll out, definitely!

Xia Bei Bei involuntarily sat down on the stairs, feeling frustrated–

I am losing my job!

Now, in this situation, what kind of face do I have to go and see Yan Yicheng to ask for a salary?

Will I be starved to death? But I want to become a villain BOSS!

Oh! That’s it! The Interstellar Villains Club!

With that thought, Xia Bei Bei’s eyes brightened as she thought of her new career. She could do the task on her own! Eat and drink in the mission world while watching free shows!

This way, baby no longer has to worry about starving to death!


Your requirements are so low. Are you sure that you’re the villain BOSS?

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