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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 172

Chapter 172: Entertainment Circle’s Villain 19


“9874, does this punk really have that videotape?”

After calming down, Su Luo communicated with the system in her mind.

“Yes, according to the plot received by the system, Chen Yining appeared in that bar before the murder, and this little gangster named Pang San was also a frequent visitor to that bar. Therefore, he is really likely to record Chen Yining’s picture leaving with the victim.”

A cold and mechanical sound of the cannon fodder counterattack system 9874 sounded as it answered Su Luo’s question.

The vast universe has thousands of planes. In the past hundreds of millions of years, there have been countless mysterious forces in the universe. There were three most famous forces, which were the main god space, the lost time and space, and the time and space-time law enforcement alliance.

Of course, in addition to these forces, there were also many intricate minor leagues and clubs. Xia Beibei’s interstellar villain club was one of them…

Of course, this time, we will talk about the cannon fodder counterattack system that accidentally entered this novel world. It actually came from the main god space. However, it was only the lowest level artificial intelligence system in the main god space, and it was still a defective product ranked at No. 9874. According to the rules of the main god space, this unqualified artificial intelligence should be destroyed. However, this system managed to awaken its consciousness. It escaped from the main god space during the time and space storm and entered the world of two-dimensional novels to find a host that can match itself. When the host completes the task and attacks the protagonist, it, as a system, will get a lot of energy, which can help it become stronger——


Each cannon fodder counterattack system has been instilled with the idea of ​​[counterattack] since it was developed.

Therefore, as artificial intelligence, they seemed to be helping the host counterattack. Still, in fact, the host was also helping them counterattack.

Once the host cannot complete the counterattack task, the system will leave him or her and choose another person who can help it.

This was the true face of the so-called counterattack system…

A few days ago, Moyu Media had announced the signing of Xia Xiran, which caused Su Luo to be shocked. She told herself repeatedly to calm down, but too many things happened differently from her previous life. She could not eat and sleep well these past few days. As long as you close your eyes, you will see the scene where she was forced to jump off the building by Chen Yining. She also sees the glorious scene of Xia Xiran gaining the [Best Actress Award] and walking to the pinnacle of life——

No, these things belong to her. They belong to her.

As long as Chen Yining is finished, her life can definitely be rewritten!

Su Luo’s eyes flashed. She finally made up her final determination…


On Monday, Xingchen Entertainment had its most glorious day ever. There were long lines at newsstands and bookstores across China as millions of readers waited to buy their newspaper. At this time, Xia Beibei, who created this miracle with her own hands, was sitting in a private room of a private restaurant. The person sitting opposite her was the new rising actress who had recently constantly appeared on the headline, Ye Qingge.

“I never thought that I could sit with the famous reporter Chen for dinner and chat.”

Ye Qingge, who wore a light blue dress, has a gentle voice. Her smile was exceptionally peaceful and charming.

Seeing her smile, Xia Beibei could not help but beamed: “I also didn’t expect this myself.”

While speaking, she took out a file bag and pushed it in front of Ye Qingge: “This is my meeting gift to Miss Ye. We will be friends in the future.”


Ye Qingge opened the file bag and looked. Her face immediately became wonderful, but in the next moment, she returned to her charming and elegant appearance: “Now Reporter Chen is the veritable first entertainment reporter in our entertainment circle. To be able to become your friend is absolutely my honour.”

“Then, I hope we get along well!”

Xia Beibei raised the wine glass on the table and touched Ye Qingge. Both of them smiled slightly. Everything was silent…

This meeting with Ye Qingge was very private and secret. From the restaurant, Xia Beibei pulled the cap on her head and walked into a dark alley.

There was an inconspicuous black car parked at the end of the alley, and the people sitting in the car smiled impressively.

Shen Xiao can be trusted 100%. You can ask him for help with anything. This was what Yan Yicheng told Xia Beibei before leaving the country.

Xia Beibei quickly ran into the car, took off her hat, and leaned comfortably in the co-pilot position.

“Miss Chen, is everything done?”

Shen Xiao saw that Xia Beibei’s spirit was very relaxed and guessed that her affairs should go smoothly this time, right?


Hearing Shen Xiao’s question, Xia Beibei nodded involuntarily: “Things are going well. By the way, Shen Xiao, I would like to trouble you to buy something for me.”

“What is it?”

Shen Xiao glanced at Xia Beibei while driving.

This person is on Young Master’s heart apex, so he must be meticulous in waiting for her.


Seeing Shen Xiao looking at him, Xia Beibei smiled mysteriously: “That…You can help me obtain an aphrodisiac, right?”


When Shen Xiao heard Xia Beibei’s words, he subconsciously stepped on the brakes, as the car stopped suddenly: “Miss Chen!”

Shen Xiao looked at Xia Beibei nervously: “You want… what do you want that thing for?”

“Of course, it is used to harm people. Can you buy it to eat for yourself?”

Xia Beibei gave a speechless smile as she looked at Shen Xiao. Younger brother, what are you being so excited about?

“Harm, harming others, ah!”

Shen Xiao took a deep breath. Cough, cough. It is good as long as young master is not going to be cuckold, uh.

“Who do you want to hurt? Wouldn’t it be better if I helped you maim him?”

As soon as he mentioned his willingness to harm others, Shen Xiao immediately became energetic. His big black eyes were gleaming.

Xia Beibei:…

I got a feeling that this guy belongs to a violent group!

“Shen Xiao, it’s not good to fight and kill. If it can be solved with medicine, we don’t have to do anything extra, don’t you think so?”

“What if it can’t be solved by using medication?”

Shen Xiao started the car again and asked Xia Beibei smoothly.

Xia Beibei smiled coldly and made a gesture of wiping her neck: “Then just kill the other party. After all, death ends all troubles!”

Shen Xiao:…

Who is more violent here? No, let me be quiet for a moment.

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Due to the enormous sales on Monday, on Tuesday, Boss Liu of Xingchen Entertainment contracted an A star hotel and held a grand celebration party.

This time, not only all newspaper members participated but also many other media professionals in the industry and some well-connected celebrities and sponsors.

It was customary for people to flatter others for the sake of their interest. Now Xingchen Entertainment was on fire. Everyone decisively turned their faces as they forgot the previous unpleasantness and immediately became two good brothers.

Hey, this circle is too messy; So much that Xia Beibei did not even want to comment about it.

As one of the protagonists of this celebration party, Xia Beibei wore a long black dress to attend this party. Her thin figure, shawl of black hair, and unapproachable and grumpy outlook made it difficult for others to come forward and greet her.

“Chen Yining, it’s a waste of talent for you not to make horror movies!”

He Lanxin wore a low-cut see-through dress showing off her proud bodyline. She held a wine glass as she coldly looked at Xia Beibei with one eye.

“Well, is it?”

Xia Beibei pursed her lips and looked at He Lanxin’s chest: “Sister Lanxin, it would be a pity that you didn’t go to shoot pornography! This is really a loss for the film and television industry!”

He Lanxin:…

You little bitch!

Xia Beibei: You scheming girl, hum.

The two glared at each other before they brush each other shoulder. Yet, the moment they passed each other, a sly smile flashed across Xia Beibei’s lips…

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