June 23, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 171

Chapter 171: Entertainment Circle’s Villain 18


Xia Beibei’s interview took an hour. In fact, she also pushed herself to do something beyond her ability. After all, the original made a living by exploding other people’s scandals. As for interviewing celebrities, our reporter is really not there yet.

Fortunately, interviewing Shen Qiancheng does not require any technical content. Shen Qiancheng has never been interviewed by any media magazine. So this time, Xia Beibei just briefly asked about his daily habits, hobbies, his schedules for this year, what movie he was going to make, whether he is interested in filming TV series, or will he release a photo album, and whether he will enter the music scene… etc. These were all non-nutritive questions, but this information was already a piece of big news to the public fans outside!

After all, Shen Qiancheng had always been too mysterious. Apart from his height and appearance, no one could find information on his weight, age, blood type, etc. This was actually a piece of very common information for any celebrity. However, when it comes to this Young Master Shen, it became a top-secret file.

Today, Xia Beibei was decrypting this top-secret file.

After finishing the interview, as usual, Xia Beibei and Yan Yicheng shook hands as the two stood side by side in the interview room for the final closing photo.

“Take a beautiful picture of this sister!”

Xia Beibei raised his eyebrows at Tang Xiao, who was behind the camera. Tang Xiao heard her and gave the two people in front of him a thumb up subconsciously. The moment Tang Xiao pressed the shutter, Yan Yicheng suddenly raised his arm and put it on Xia Beibei’s shoulders.

The figures of two people eternally freeze in that frames at this moment.


Xia Beibei immediately looked at Yan Yicheng after taking the photo: “Male god, you are really naughty!”


Yan Yicheng smiled. At that moment, he suddenly thought of wanting to hold her shoulders, and then his body made that movement involuntarily.

Actually, until now, Boss Yan still could not believe his action. Did he really do that himself?

Sure enough, physical performance is often the most honest?

Because there was still two hours before Yan Yicheng need to get on the plane, Xia Beibei simply asked Tang Xiao to go out and buy some snacks from a good tea restaurant nearby.

Seeing Tang Xiao coming in and out while the bodyguard of the Shen family still guarded the door, all the fans milling near the Xingchen Entertainment already wanted to buy a dynamite bag to blow up the door of the interview room.

Male god! Male god! What are you doing in there?

Tang Xiao bought so much food. Did you eat with Chen Yining?

No, such cheap junk food is not for you!

Just when the girls headed by He Lanxin were going crazy, Xia Beibei sat comfortably inside and had a meal with Yan Yicheng.

Of course, this morning tea also had a share for the younger brother Tang, but that person was so excited to see his male god that he couldn’t eat anything.

Xia Beibei: This is really a good thing! Younger brother Tang, for your share, I, your sister, will unceremoniously help you digest it, ah. You do not need to thank me; I am just used to doing good deeds.

Tang Xiao:…

In younger brother Tang’s stunned eyes, Xia Beibei and Yan Yicheng ate all the snacks.

It turned out that male god could also eat this way?

Tang Xiao felt that he was incompetent in accepting this fact!

In fact, of course, Tang Xiao wronged Yan Yicheng.

Usually, his appetite was minimal, but every time he had a meal with Xia Beibei, he could not help wanting to keep up with her rhythm.

In fact, eating with Xia Beibei is really a very interesting thing. Watching her eat, you will have a good appetite, because even a bag of instant noodles, she can eat and enjoy it with satisfaction. Let your index finger move when you look at it.

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At about 10 o’clock, Yan Yicheng took a group of bodyguards and left Xingchen Entertainment. When he went down, the fans downstairs gathered more than in the morning. Everyone shouted, pulling banners as they watched the convoy left.

 At this time, almost all people in China knew that Shen Qiancheng accepted an interview with Xingchen Entertainment. Everyone was so excited that they could hardly wait to see the latest issue of Xingchen newspaper on Monday.

Even the owners of newsstands and bookstores could not wait to book in advance!

Xingchen Entertainment has secured the top spot in the domestic entertainment media through this battle. Chen Yining, who was despised by his peers in the past for digging up other people’s privacy scandals, was also turning over today. Shen Qiancheng even made her name become China’s most searched enquiries.

“Chen Yining.”

At this time, Su Luo had already returned to her private apartment. She could not help gritting her teeth when she saw the news about Chen Yining on the Internet.

In Su Luo’s view, Chen Yining was nothing but a mad dog. Only after grabbing the **** luck did she gained Shen Qiancheng’s trust. However, Chen Yining, your good fortune is now over.

Su Luo sneered and took out a burnt mobile phone as she dialled a number proficiently.

“Hey, who is it?”

A man’s absentminded voice was heard on the phone.

“It’s me. I want you to explode Chen Yining’s affairs for me. Now I believe that many media are willing to spend money to buy her news. After this incident, I will put a large sum of money into your account and ask you to leave China.”

Su Luo whispered in a low voice. She deliberately made her voice thick, fearing being recognized by others.

After rebirth, she has become more careful. She is unwilling to trust anyone easily.


The other party seemed to be in a bad state of mind. Hearing Su Luo’s words, the man on the other side of the phone did not react after a long time: “Oh, oh, you are talking about the video from eight years ago? Haha, money, I, I really need money, how much can you give me?”

“How much do you want?”

At this time, Su Luo was already aware that the other party on drugs and his mental state was not good.

“One… ten million!”

The male voice on the other end of the phone has begun to change its tone: “Ten million, no less!”

Ten million? What a greedy person!

However, Su Luo can still afford that money now. For revenge, let alone ten million, she can get even more money.

“Okay, you put the video online first, and I will pay you after I see it.”

“Oh, you think I am an idiot? What if you don’t admit it afterwards? I, I do not even know who you are! I will give you three days. The evening three days later, you come and see me with the cash, and I will give you the original version of that video.”

Before Su Luo could answer, the phone was already being hung up.


Listening to the busy tone, Su Luo mercilessly dropped the phone in her hand. This little bastard is really troublesome!

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