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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 170

Chapter 170: Entertainment Circle’s Villain 17


In this era of rapid Internet development, becoming famous overnight was no longer out of reach.

After Xia Xiran became the spokesperson of Northern Daily Chemicals, significant media began to scramble to report her affairs. At this time, the entertainment reporters dug up all three generations of her ancestors. However, Xia Xiran belongs to the kind of innocence route. The girl has always been very inspirational. Her past and family situation did not bring any adverse effects to her but also helped her add many points.

Want to dig out Female Lead’s black material?

Xia Beibei sat in her office and watched the news about Xia Xiran written by other newspapers. She couldn’t help pursue her lips and smiling——

Think about how hard it took for Chen Yining to dig out the only bit of black material in Xia Xiran’s family, ah? The result is not only the Female Lead successfully survived but also brought her to a higher level.

Countless experiences and realities tell us that those who are trying to wrong the Female Lead are all the pattern of seeking death.

“Sister Yining, good news.”

Tang Xiao rushed in from the outside in turmoil and even reluctant to wipe the sweat off his head as he whispered in a hurry.

“Xia Xiran has signed a contract with Moyu Media! Sister Yining, you are so good at it! For such a big company, I really didn’t expect that they would want Xia Xiran, a newcomer with no foundation.”


Xia Beibei smiled calmly. Of course, this baby is like a prophet. The Moyu Media was run by the male lead, Lin Mo. There is a word in this world called the law of the protagonist. Xia Beibei expected that Lin Mo would sign Xia Xiran. Even if he does not have any feelings for Xia Xiran and Su Luo is still a member of Moyu Media, Xia Xiran is, in fact, similar to Su Luo. Presumably, because of this, many entertainment companies are interested in her. Instead of letting her join other entertainment companies and fight against Su Luo for the [Xiaohuadan], it is better to take the initiative to include her in Moyu Media.

[T/N: Xiaohuadan – Well-known actresses in China. Usually four people. The first Xiaohuadan started in 2000, which were Zhao Wei, Zhang Ziyi, Zhou Xun and Xu Jinglei]

Whether to reuse or ban the artist, isn’t it just a matter of word from President Li?

Even if Xia Xiran is smart, she will never know how deep the water in this entertainment circle was, but she will know it soon…

“Xiran asked me to go to dinner this evening to celebrate her victory.”

Tang Xiao scratched his head and looked at Xia Beibei with embarrassment: “Sister Yining, this is actually your credit. I… I’m ashamed of it.”

“Are you really? Excuse me? Are you embarrassed because of the beauty?”

Xia Beibei pouted.

“I didn’t want to help Xia Xiran. I just used her to deal with Su Luo. You have to make it clear, little brother Tang!”

“Hehe, I know. I absolutely won’t say that this is because of sister Yining. Then, I am going out to work.”

Tang Xiao was about to leave when he suddenly turned around again: “Sister Yining, today is Saturday. Shen Qiancheng, that interview…”

“What’s the hurry? Tomorrow is Sunday.”

Xia Beibei stood up and pulled the blinds of her office. From the window, you can see Shen Qiancheng’s support group who have been surrounding the building.

These fans were almost crazy. To prevent Xingchen Entertainment from making false statements or claim, they send people around here 24 hours a day.

Of course, they actually hope that Xingchen Entertainment’s words are valid, so they can meet their male god idol downstairs.

“Shen Qiancheng has to go abroad for filming, the plane will leave at 11 o’clock tomorrow. So, at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning, little brother Tang have to make sure that you will be here to take pictures on time!

Eight o’clock in the morning!

Hearing Xia Beibei’s word, Tang Xiao immediately stood at attention: “Boss, rest assured, I promise not to be late!”

With a face full of excitement, Tang Xiao immediately ran out of the office. Does this guy get so excited because he wanted to meet an idol or because he is going to date a beautiful woman?

It is okay if it is the former, if it is the latter…

Ahem, the female protagonists belong to the male protagonists! Younger brother Tang, I really cannot help you with this…

In a blink of an eye, it was Sunday. Initially, at this time, the office buildings in the city centre were very cold. Still, today, many people gathered under the Xingyu Building. Today is the last day. Shen Qiancheng’s fan and other entertainment media in China and reporter were currently waiting around the Xingyu Building– waiting for the final struggle of Xingchen Entertainment.

At this moment, most media people were gloating. They all know that Shen Qiancheng will leave China on today’s plane, so how will Xingchen Entertainment explain to the public?

Sorry, the male god is going abroad, so the interview is postponed?


This is entertaining newspapers to entertain everyone! Xingchen Entertainment, if you dare to engage the public in this way, then you really have to close the door!

Just as everyone was waiting anxiously as they continued to make noise, suddenly a row of dazzling convoys appeared at the junction of the street, that was…Shen family’s convoy!

“Good heaven!”

The fans standing on the outermost periphery immediately shouted. Everyone voluntarily cleared up the road as the extremely luxurious convoy came slowly and finally stopped at the gate of the Xingyu Building.

The first to get off was naturally the handsome bodyguards of the Shen family.

Two rows of bodyguards lined up one by one, blocking the surrounding crowd, fans and reporters outside, ensuring no one would rush in. Then someone gently opened the first car’s door as Shen Qiancheng’s figure immediately appeared in front of everyone.

“Male God! Male God!”

A uniform, earth-shattering shouting sounded in front of the entire office building——

“Male God, I love you!”

“Male God, I love you!”

Yan Yicheng once again encountered such a warm welcome as soon as he got out of the car. Fortunately, he already accustomed to this kind of situation.

He walked a few steps and finally stopped at the gate of the office building. He raised his hand to suppress everyone’s shouts, and instantly, there was no sound around him.

“Thank you for your support.”

He gently took off his sunglasses, revealing his charming and elegant pair of brown eyes.

“I’m going in for an interview, and then I’m going to catch a plane. If you have anything you want to know, do not forget to see the Xingchen Entertainment News on Monday!”

After saying this, Yan Yicheng put on his glasses again, turned around and walked into the building…

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Until Yan Yicheng took people up to the interview hall of Xingchen Entertainment, the fans downstairs had not yet dispersed as everyone was still shouting- Male god, I love you!

“Welcome, Nanshen!” [T/N: Male god]

Xia Beibei had been waiting in the interview room for a long time. Seeing Yan Yicheng’s figure, she immediately stood up, walked to him, opened her arms, and gave him a warm hug.

“Oh, I have embraced the male god. I decided not to wash my hands for a month!”

Tang Xiao: …

Sister Yining, how can you be like this?

If it was me, I would not wash my hands for a year!

Yan Yicheng:…

“Okay, well, time is running out. Let’s start the interview.”

After a bit of warming up, Xia Beibei directly asked someone to close the interview room. At the same time, the Shen family’s bodyguards guarded the door. He Lanxin and other people who wanted to see the masculine demeanour of the male god could only keep scratching their heart as they stare outside the door.

Chen Yining, you really good at pulling hatred value!

Your hatred value in the entire newspaper is now MAX! Do you know it yourself?

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