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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 169

Chapter 169: Entertainment Circle’s Villain 16


In the past two days, Su Luo had been in a restless mood.

Originally, Shen Nie asked her to marry him, which greatly shattered the rumours about Shen Nie raising her. The two people’s [Love story] riddled with the copper smells’ scandal from the previous life has turned into a beautiful fairy tale of the prince and princess.

However, this was actually not what Su Luo wanted it to be.

After experiencing all the things in her previous life, she couldn’t fall in love with Shen Nie anymore. The best she could do was to let bygones be bygones and forget everything about Shen Ne and her previous life, neither love nor hate.

“9874, this world seems to be a little different from the novel plot you told me!”

Recently, due to excessive emotional fluctuations, Su Luo has taken leave of absence from her entertainment company with the excuse of wanting to take a good rest and then return to the stage with the best posture.

In the eyes of outsiders, she was just taking a sweet vacation with the second young master Shen. Still, only Su Luo knew what she had experienced. Unbeknownst to the eyes of others, she had experienced two lives in these few days.

“Host, because of your rebirth and my existence, it would inevitably change some established world plots, but it should not have much impact.”

The system’s answer sounded quickly in Su Luo’s mind.

“Host, what you have to do now is to get to the top of the entertainment circle as soon as possible and build your own legend. Of course, you must avenge your enemies from the past!”

System 9874 always instilling the remarks to Su Luo that she must counterattack and exact her revenge. At this time, Su Luo yet to notice anything wrong.

Since she managed to rebirth once, isn’t it just to come back to exact her revenge?

But… Chen Yining, she…

Su Luo naturally read the report about Shen Qiancheng a few days ago. Now, the Internet and significant media were arguing. Even some fans of Shen Qiancheng have gathered together to make troubles at Xingchen Entertainment’s office, wanting to call them out to clarify the truth of the news. However, until now, Thursday, Xingchen Entertainment has been silent about this matter. The only response was that their editor-in-chief released the five words under Xingchen Entertainment’s official Weibo— —See you on Monday!

Their attitude was so determined and affirmative. They must have been prepared for it. Su Luo also knew that Chen Yining and Shen Qiancheng knew each other. Could it be…she really able to invite Shen Qiancheng?

Shen Qiancheng was so proud and withdrawn. Why is he willing to be friends with Chen Yining, the scourge of the media world?

This is simply…ridiculous!

Su Luo felt unconvinced. In her eyes, Shen Qiancheng was her idol. Hence, that man should be tall in the cloud-like a god.

A mad dog-like woman like Chen Yining was not even worthy to lift her idol’s shoes!

“Ring, ring.”

At this moment, Su Luo’s private phone rang suddenly. Only people closest to her and the company’s agent knew her number.


Su Luo connected to the phone, and her agent Li Hui’s voice soon came from the other end of the phone: “Su Luo, you turned down the advertising endorsement for Beifang Daily?”

“Ah, yes.”

Su Luo heard Li Hui’s question and immediately replied: “I pushed it off two days ago and forgot to tell you, Sister Li.”

The endorsement fee for this advertising endorsement was a lot. The previous life’s Su Luo accepted this endorsement. Still, maybe because her cannon fodder halo was too heavy, many products under Northern Daily Chemical were found to be unqualified not long after the new advertisement was launched. Although the incident passed quickly, it still caused turmoil on the Internet, which indirectly caused Su Luo’s popularity to decline.

Therefore, after rebirth, as soon as Su Luo discovered its invitation, she immediately called to refuse them.

“Hey, you girl, I know that you are not bad for money with you being with Second Young Master Shen, but… just in case…”

Li Hui did not say any more. What kind of virtue Shen Nie was, she was unequivocal as a senior agent.

Li Hui had brought up Su Luo with one hand. She really hoped that Su Luo could continue on this road and walk farther and higher.

“Sister Li, I know what you are worried about. I think that company is unreliable, so I turned it down. Did they look for you again?”

Su Luo whispered on the phone, hypocritical love fans would naturally not dazzle her in this life.

Even if she needs a man to rely on by her side, that man would not be Shen Ni.

“This… Su Luo, did you not go online just now? Beifang Daily has found a new spokesperson named Xia Xiran, she and you look like…” Hearing Su Luo’s question, Li Hui, on the other end of the phone, hesitated to say a few words.


Su Luo stood up abruptly and interrupted Li Hui’s words in shock: “Sister Li, you, who are you talking about? Xia, Xia Xiran?”

No, this is impossible.

How could Xia Xiran debut a year earlier?

I am still thriving now! She, how could she…

“Su Luo? Are you okay? The girl is called Xia Xiran. A photographer accidentally photographed her, and she quickly became an Internet celebrity. The advertising director of Beifang Daily felt that she had a similar appearance and temperament as you, so they signed her. This newcomer’s luck is great! As soon as she entered the industry, she became the spokesperson of a big company.”

Speaking of this, Li Hui still felt pity. She was very optimistic about Beifang Daily Chemical.

Xia Xiran has become the spokesperson of Northern Daily Chemicals?

At this time, Su Luo finally calmed down. Yes, why should she be nervous? Xia Xiran now is nothing to compare to herself.

And… sooner or later, something will happen to Beifang Daily!

Xia Xiran, she will not get any better, hahaha.

Su Luo’s mood improved a lot as she thought that—Could it be that there is a dark hand playing with the destiny? She avoided this, yet Xia Xiran rammed in again.

Perhaps, the system is correct. Both of their life trajectories have changed from the moment of rebirth, and she will definitely get better and better!

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Xia Xiran.

This was once a little-known name. However, because of a group of photos, she quickly became popular online. This was the power of the Internet.

Until now, Xia Xiran still felt that she was dreaming as she held the endorsement contract of Beifang Daily Chemical in her hand. All this came too suddenly, like a dream, and the beginning of this dream was due to the photojournalist named Tang Xiao from the day before–

“Beauty, hello! I’m Tang Xiao, a photographer from Xingchen Entertainment. I, can I take a few photos of you? I, I will pay you the shooting fee! Really!”

That was the first time Xia Xiran saw Tang Xiao.

Xingchen Entertainment was so famous, and naturally, Xia Xiran knew of this entertainment newspaper. However, she did not expect such cute photojournalists in such a renowned entertainment gossip newspaper.

Tang Xiao does not feel like paparazzi at all. He was more like a fledgling college student.

Therefore, although she has always been very alert to strangers, Xia Xiran accepted Tang Xiao’s proposal.

After all, her family situation was not very good. Just taking a few photos on the street can get such a good thing as a shooting fee. Why should she refuse?

What Xia Xiran never expected was that these photos changed her life…

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