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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 168

Chapter 168: Entertainment Circle’s Villain 15


Perhaps the big bed in Shen Qiancheng’s house was too comfortable that Xia Beibei slept until dawn. When she woke up in a daze, it was already past eight in the morning.

Woo, seems that I am running late?

Well, it’s okay, Chen Yining is often late anyway, and no one dares to speak ill of her.

Xia Beibei was envious when she thought of Chen Yining’s unrestrained working life! When can I get this treatment at Yicheng Media?

Well, let’s just forget about it. I don’t think I have much hope in this life.

Xia Beibei stretched out, put on her clothes and rubbed her messy hair as she walked out of the guest room door. As soon as she arrived at the lobby, she smelled a unique fragrance.

“Miss Chen, morning!”

Shen Xiao was standing in the corner of the hall at this time. Seeing Xia Beibei’s figure, he immediately greeted her.

“Ah, you are early too!”

Xia Beibei greeted Shen Xiao with sleepy eyes. Then all her eyes were fixated on the small table in the dining room filled with a very rich breakfast.

“Are you hungry? Wash your face and eat.”

Seeing Xia Beibei’s eyes glimmering, Yan Yicheng could not help but smiled: “This is the breakfast that A Xiao brought for me from the old house. The servant has prepared a lot, enough for us to eat!”

Shen Xiao:…

The young master ordered him to bring breakfast for four people over. Do you think he dares to take less?

The question is…How can Miss Chen eat all these things with her thin body?

Obviously, the little handsome Shen Xiao didn’t even know the true meaning of the so-called “meal bucket”, cough, cough.

When Xia Beibei finished washing, sitting at the dining table and eating up that table full of breakfast, Shen Xiao was finally convinced. Miss Chen, you are strong, you are so strong! Maybe the young master will let me bring a meal for six people next time?


At half-past nine, Xia Beibei came to Xingchen Entertainment to work. As soon as she walked in, he felt that the atmosphere today was a little weird.

“Da, da, da.”

He Lanxin stepped on eight-inch high heels and walked towards Xia Beibei with a smile: “Chen Yining, the boss is here. He is waiting for you in the editor’s office.”


Xia Beibei saw He Lanxin’s scheming face and knew that there was nothing good, but she just shrugged it slightly: “I know.”

While speaking, she walked towards the editor’s office.

“Sister Yining.”

Tang Xiao, who had come to work a long time ago, saw Xia Beibei’s figure and couldn’t help but walked quickly to her side: “Sister Yining, the boss is…”

“I know what’s going on; help me out the camera back.”

Xia Beibei flung the camera bag towards Tang Xiao’s arms as she quickly walked into the editor’s office. Seeing that the office door was closed, everyone immediately gathered in groups of three and four to gossip–

The sales volume of Xingchen Entertainment’s newspaper yesterday created a myth for their entertainment magazines!

Unfortunately, after the myth, all parties questioned it one after another——

Who can prove that the photo taken by Xingchen Entertainment was Shen Qiancheng’s bedroom? Have you been there?

Even if the photos are real, Shen Qiancheng never accepts interviews from newspapers and magazines. Was this bombshell thrown by Xingchen Entertainment actually a false hype?

Some senior media and TV stations have also made a schedule with the male god Shen Qiancheng. In the program, Shen Qiancheng was scheduled to go abroad to attend the opening ceremony of an international film before the weekend and then officially joined the team to shoot the movie. So how could he have time to accept the interview of Star Orange Entertainment? 

At 9 o’clock this morning, another well-known entertainment host broke the news that Shen Qiancheng’s original appointment with their TV station was temporarily pushed down by him——

So, how could the small Xingchen Entertainment gave them such a big tone that they can indeed interview Shen Qiancheng?

That’s how it was in the entertainment media——

Last night, you might still be standing above the 10,000-meter peak. Today, you might be pushed down the abyss.

The wind was changing so fast that it simply overwhelming.

So early this morning, the behind-the-scenes boss of Xingchen Entertainment came to the newspaper office with a sour face. When he learned that Chen Yining hadn’t gone to work. His face got even uglier——

Chen Yining, ah, Chen Yining, you are dead this time!

He Lanxin felt that this time Chen Yining was definitely over. Other reporters and editors in the newspaper are also waiting to see Chen Yining’s lousy luck. After all, watching an arrogant and domineering person have rotten luck, the most enjoyable things was definitely to beat the drowning dog down.

Sister Yining…

Perhaps, Tang Xiao was the only one who really worried about Chen Yining. He squeezed his mobile phone several times, picked it up and released it, as he seemed to be in a conflicted mood.

At this moment, the door of the editor-in-chief’s office, which was closed tightly, was finally pushed open. Xia Beibei, the first to come out, had her head hanging down as her whole body exuded endless resentment.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

He Lanxin squinted her eyes and smiled. She twisted her waist as she walked towards Xia Beibei step by step. She was about to taunt her with a few words when she saw Boss Liu come out with a smile as he patted Xia Beibei on the shoulder: “Xiao Chen, we can rely on you in the future! I really admire you! Young man, continue to work hard!”

“Thank you, Boss, for the compliment.”

Xia Beibei responded, then raised her head and smiled strangely at He Lanxin beside her——

Want to calculate this baby? You’re out of luck!

Seeing nothing lively happening until the end, everyone just returns to their station. Yet, He Lanxin was called to the office by the editor-in-chief. These two people, cough, cough, who knows what they are doing inside?

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Xia Beibei walked back to her office with ease. Tang Xiao naturally hugged her camera bag and followed closely: “Sister Yining, the boss did not embarrass you, right?”

“I am the heroine of Xingchen Entertainment, and the boss is not stupid. He still knows who can make money for him and who can’t.”

Speaking of this, Xia Beibei’s eyes narrowed slightly. She remembered that there seems to be an additional score in this mission, right?

It seemed that you would be awarded extra points according to the degree of its evilness or something?

Tsk, tsk. She didn’t know what things would be considered as bad by the scoring system? Does littering, spitting, and beating children count?


Xia Beibei smiled involuntarily. Why don’t I…use this He Lanxin’s scheming bitch as an experiment first?

“Sister Yining?”

Seeing Xia Beibei’s smile, Tang Xiao could not help but shiver and called her: “Sister Yining, what arrangements do we have today?”

“Oh, right.”

Hearing Tang Xiao’s words, Xia Beibei immediately took out a pen and paper before writing down an address: “Tang Xiao, you go out and run by yourself today. Go to this place, and take a picture for me and come back!”

“Which person or star?”

Tang Xiao looked at the address provided by Xia Beibei. It was the largest shopping plaza in City A. Is there any star who is going to perform in the mall today? Why didn’t he get the news?

“She is not a star, but she is a superstar of tomorrow.”

Xia Beibei smiled mysteriously at Tang Xiao: “The time has come to test your entertainment vision. There is an event show in that square today. I will not tell you who the goal is. If you can find her, you will be qualified as entertainment paparazzi. Go, Pikachu!”

Tang Xiao:…

Looking at Tang Xiao walking out in a daze, Xia Beibei sat in her chair and quickly played the ball pen in her hand. The person she asked Tang Xiao to shoot was naturally Xia Xiran.

Although Tang Xiao was dull on normal days, Xia Beibei believed that this kid still has the most rudimentary vision. Besides, as the Female Lead of the world, how could one not be blinded by the halo in her body?

Regarding the matter of “unearthing” Xia Xiran, someone still needs to do this. Yet, Xia Beibei cannot come forward as this will arouse Su Luo’s suspicion. Therefore, Xia Beibei can only put the heavy task of discovering Xia Xiran in Tang Xiao’s hands…

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