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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 173

Chapter 173: Entertainment Circle’s Villain 20


“Sister Yining.”

Halfway through the celebration party, Tang Xiao, who was rarely dressed in a formal suit, walked through the crowd and came to Xia Beibei’s side. 

“Sister Yi Ning, the boss, seems to be looking for the editor-in-chief and Sister Lanxin. Did you see them?”


Hearing Tang Xiao’s question, Xia Beibei frowned: “If you didn’t mention it, I really wouldn’t notice it. It seems that I have not seen them for a long time. Maybe they went to the lounge?”


Tang Xiao glanced in the direction of the lounge subconsciously. 


At that moment, a cry of surprise broke out from the crowd.

“Elder Tang passed out!”

It was unknown who had yelled this, but, immediately countless guests surrounded him.

Elder Tang was more than 80 years old this year. He was a tycoon in the media industry for many years and Xingchen Entertainment’s Boss mentor.

“Everyone, stop squeezing. Elder Tang is just hypoglycemia. Come and help me bring Elder Tang to the lounge to have a rest!”

The hotel’s lounge and smoking room are next to the banquet hall. At this time, everyone was holding Elder Tang and walking towards the lounge.

“Sister Yining.”

Tang Xiao glanced at the crowd and then at Xia Beibei: “You say, the editor-in-chief would not really…”


“Good heaven!”


Before Tang Xiao could finish speaking, there was a loud noise at the entrance of the lounge.

Yes, at this time, He Lanxin and the editor-in-chief of Xingchen Entertainment are putting on a reality show in the lounge. The content was not suitable for children, and the scene was scorching, and…it was unstoppable!

Xia Beibei lowered her eyes and smiled. When she raised her eyes towards the banquet hall, she saw a familiar figure hurriedly leaving, and that person naturally smiled.

Just now, that person seemed to be the one who fainted Elder Tang.

To turn all calculations into an accident that makes people unable to find flaws was a very troublesome process. Fortunately, Shen Qiancheng left Shen Xiao, a bodyguard capable of cultural and military affairs, before going abroad.

As the saying goes, one fence has three posts, and one hero has three assists. Hence, it is easy to handle things with many people.

Because of that reality show, the celebration of Xingchen Entertainment will turn into a tumultuous farce.

Although this incident will not be reported in a big way, everyone in the circle here today knew about it! Tomorrow, maybe the entire media industry will be aware of it…

Therefore, this time around, the editor-in-chief and our sister Lanxin had to wrap up and leave!

Oh, it feels so good!

It was getting late when Xia Beibei got out of the hotel and got into Shen Xiao’s car. As soon as she got in the car, she found that a big supper was ready for her.

“Master told me to buy it for you on time.”

Shen Xiao saw Xia Beibei’s eyes glimmering and her mouth drooling. He could not help whispering.

In fact, there is a question he always wanted to ask Xia Beibei but didn’t know how to speak.

“Miss Chen, you and young master, you…”


Xia Beibei raised her eyes, staring blankly at Shen Xiao while eating her snack: “What did you just say?”

When it comes to food, do you expect her to have the energy to take care of other things?


Shen Xiao started the car with a dull smile. Forget it, do not worry about it, lest the young master comes back and gets angry again.

“Nothing, in fact, I just want to ask about your schedule tomorrow.”


Xia Beibei stopped eating when she heard Shen Xiao’s words. Tomorrow will also be a good day…

The following day, not surprisingly, the senior management of Xingchen Entertainment suffered a major earthquake. Last night, Boss Liu had lost so much face in front of all his colleagues and expelled the newspaper’s editor-in-chief and deputy editor-in-chief.

He Lanxin has been in Xingchen Entertainment for so many years. This time she was completely planted.


After packing up her things, He Lanxin paused intentionally when she passed Xia Beibei’s office. She then strode inside with a sour face.

“Sister Lanxin, why didn’t you go down? You will miss the No.2 bus at this rate.”

Xia Beibei lifted her eyes and glanced at He Lanxin, with a light teasing on her face.


He Lanxin smiled coldly at Xia Beibei: “Chen Yining, I know this is your calculation. However, remember, the future is still long. Just wait and see!”

After finishing speaking, He Lanxin slammed Xia Beibei’s door shut and left quickly.

The future is long…

Xia Beibei turned around. She also knew that with He Lanxin’s experience in this industry, as soon as she was out of the door of Xingchen Entertainment, many other magazines would soon find her.

As a woman with a good figure and many contacts, there were still many bosses willing to hire her.

However, Xia Beibei did not care about the ups and downs of He Lanxin’s life afterwards. After all, He Lanxin was not her goal from the beginning to end. She just used He Lanxin to practice.

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After He Lanxin left, almost everyone from the entire magazine making a round at Xia Beibei’s office, showing their enthusiasm.

In everyone’s eyes, Chen Yining was the biggest winner in this incident. Both the editor-in-chief and deputy editor-in-chief have been fired, so who should replace the vacant positions?

Of course, it will be Chen Yining.

Everyone thought so. Even Xingchen Entertainment owner Boss Liu called Xia Beibei specifically last night. Yet, Xia Beibei rejected the boss’s proposal to become editor-in-chief.

Being editor-in-chief and managing the newspaper means that she would not have time to chase the news. Xia Beibei is determined to be paparazzi with unscrupulous means. Hence, what is the point of being the editor-in-chief?

Xia Beibei refused to do it, and no one in the newspaper could convince her. In the end, naturally, the boys spent a lot of money to hire an editor-in-chief.

When the airborne editor-in-chief appeared in Xingchen Entertainment’s office, all the female reporters swallowed involuntarily.

Hand- what a handsome guy.

“Haha, come on, everyone knows it.”

Boss Liu smiled and pushed that handsome guy in front of everyone: “This is Elder Tang’s eldest grandson, Tang Yifeng. He graduated from a leading foreign media university. From now on, Yifeng will be the editor-in-chief of Xingchen Entertainment. Everyone, welcome him!”


A burst of warm applause sounded. Boss Liu was delighted with the enthusiasm of his employees. He subconsciously glanced at the crowd: “Where are Yining and Tang Xiao?”

“Boss Liu, sister Yining took Tang Xiao out for an interview!”

“Oh, okay.”

It was no surprise that Boss Liu got this answer. From the time Xia Beibei refused to be the editor-in-chief, Boss Liu knew that she had an attitude of working hard. It was really comforting to have such a general like her under him, ah…

In fact, at this time, Xia Beibei was taking Tang Xiao and Shen Xiao, blowing air-conditioning, and eating Western food.

“The taste of this western food is excellent. Shen Xiao, your family’s young master, really introduced the best place.”

Although Yan Yicheng was abroad now, he still knows what was happening to Xia Beibei at all times. Shen Xiao was the microphone between these two people.


Shen Xiao laughed and hummed softly. He then ate the steak with big mouthfuls——

You must know that the chef of this restaurant was very famous. You have to book in advance every day. Only the most honourable diamond VIP cardholder could eat the steak made by himself. Now, he really is stained by Ms Chen’s halo.

Compared with Shen Xiao and Xia Beibei’s gorging, Tang Xiao has always been worried and seems to have no appetite for the food in front of him.


Xia Beibei digested all her steaks and could not help but raise his head and smile as she looked at Tang Xiao: “Younger brother Tang, why don’t you eat it? Do you have a bad appetite?”

“I don’t want to eat it; it was a bit overcooked today.”

Tang Xiao’s mind had been wandering around, so when he heard Xia Beibei’s words, he subconsciously answered.

Xia Beibei was yet to grasp the meaning behind Tang Xiao’s words. Still, Shen Xiao was taken aback as he subconsciously looked at Tang Xiao a few more times…

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