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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 174

Chapter 174: Entertainment Circle’s Villain 21


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“The chef’s craftsmanship here is not something ordinary people can eat even if they want to.”

Shen Xiao sat aside and whispered softly. Hearing what he said, Xia Beibei naturally understood what Shen Xiao had to say.

“Tang Xiao, confess.”

Xia Beibei dragged Tang Xiao’s steak to her side. She then picked up a knife and fork and cut a little bit on the steak: “If you’re not telling the truth, you will end up like this steak.”

Tang Xiao:…

“Perhaps, I am not suitable to be a reporter.”

Tang Xiao was stunned for a moment, then sighed, showing a rare and severe appearance, as he whispered softly: “My grandfather sent me to study abroad. My brother and I went to a media university. After returning home, he immediately became the editor-in-chief of the magazine, and I… I don’t want to take the life that others set for me, so I went to the job fair and joined Xingchen Entertainment, starting from the simplest assistant photographer.”

Speaking of this, Tang Xiao smiled at Xia Beibei: “Sister Yining, you have never asked about my family background, and I have never told you. Yes, I am actually from the Tang family, that famous family of media tycoons!”

Xia Beibei:…

Fuck me!

You still have a hidden halo?

Your status is worth being a second male lead! It is a pity to be buried like in the original book, ahem.

“Tang Family’s Young Master?”

At this time, Shen Xiao could not help but looking at Tang Xiao a few more times: “Isn’t the young master of the Tang family named Tang Yichen?”

“If I didn’t change my name, how can I come out to work?”

Tang Xiao scratched his head embarrassedly: “Moreover, I like the name, Tang Xiao. I am myself. Not the young master of the Tang family, nor the heir to the media tycoon. I am just a normal errands boy.”


Hearing Tang Xiao’s words, Xia Beibei immediately raised her hand and patted Tang Xiao on the shoulder: “Well done! You are you! You are a different flower!”

Tang Xiao:…

Shen Xiao:…

The newest editor of Xingchen Entertainment News was Tang Yifeng, a young man from the Tang family. Tang Xiao knew about this last night, so this morning he immediately took Xia Beibei out as soon as He Lanxin left.

Facing his invincible outstanding elite brother, younger brother Tang was also feeling under pressure ah.

Xia Beibei actually has no idea about the Tang family because the original owner, Chen Yining, was not a graduate of a media major. She joined the entertainment circle purely for her personal grievances.

Hence, even if she knew Tang Xiao’s identity and the new editor-in-chief, she would not feel any surprises. Right now, Xia Beibei was full of satisfaction from thinking about another thing…

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The night came as the evening breeze caressed.

Su Luo drove a rented private car to a scenic area on the city’s outskirts at the agreed time.

It was deserted and tranquil.

Ordinary people would not have the guts to come to this kind of place. However, Su Luo already died once, and she still has the system plug-in. When she was just bound to 9874, the system told her if her life was threatened, she can instruct it to activate the system defence at any time. Although this defence function can only be used once, it also a chance to save your life!

“Hiss, hiss.”

As soon as Su Luo got out of the car with the box, she heard a weird voice coming from the woods. Soon, a thin figure walked out slowly. He was wearing a black jacket and was very thin. Even the darkness could not hide his haggardness.

Pang San was a drug addict. Su Luo knew it well.

“I brought the money. How about the video?”

Su Luo wore a peaked cap and a mask on her face. She deliberately pressed her throat and asked in a low voice.

“The tape is here.”

When Pang San heard Su Luo’s words, he raised his arm and shook the file bag in his hand: “Bring the money. I want to see it.”

While speaking, his hand stretched out to grab the moneybox in Su Luo’s hands. Su Luo frowned and flashed aside subconsciously.

Seeing Su Luo dodge himself, Pang San’s eyes flashed fiercely: “What are you hiding for? Since the money is already here, would not it be mine in the end? Or did you actually bring a fake one?”

While questioning, he went to grab Su Luo’s moneybox more quickly and fiercely.

At this time, Su Luo finally reacted: “You are robbing me! I also wanted to see the authenticity of the video.”


Hearing Su Luo’s words, Pang San immediately twitched his lips and smiled fiercely: “Yes, I am robbing you!”

As he said that, Pang San took out a shiny silver dagger from his arms and pointed the sharp tip directly at Su Luo’s chest: “Don’t move, or you will be killed!”

Sure enough, dealing with such people was dangerous.

Seeing the opponent’s dagger close in front of her, Su Luo’s eyes were also cold: “I advise you not to mess around, otherwise…”

“A lot of nonsense.”

Before Su Luo could finish speaking, Pang San had already rushed forward with the dagger.


Su Luo unconsciously screamed in shock as she tried to push him away. Then, she immediately wanted to contact the system to activate the defence system. As a result, at this moment, Pang San, who was pushed away by her, suddenly slipped. That man fell directly into the grass, and as a result, the dagger pierced his chest. As he wailed in pain, a large pool of blood was shed in an instant.


Su Luo stupidly froze in place.

She watched the painful twitching of that man on the ground with her own eyes before it remained motionless as if his breath already stopped.


Su Luo yelled and then subconsciously covered her mouth.

He, is he dead?

Her body was stiff for a while. Su Luo wanted to escape from this place, but when she turned around, her eyes flashed suddenly, as the whole person quickly turned back. She cautiously came to Pang San’s corpse, bent down and picked up the file bag in his hand. After doing all this, Su Luo fled the scene in a panic…

As the night wind grew stronger and stronger, Su Luo quickly drove her car far away. In the darkness, there was no sign of movement. At this moment, the “corpse” on the grass suddenly moved a few times. Immediately, the whole person got up from the ground.

Pang San smiled and pulled out the fake dagger from his chest. He turned his head and looked in the other direction of the woods: “Bao ge, my performance was not bad, right?”


A man walked out of the woods with a high-definition camera in his hand: “Not bad, the task is complete! Brother Long should be satisfied. Boy, this is for you!”

Bao ge took out a bag of things from his arms and threw it to Pang San. Naturally, this thing is the first-class thing that addicts are thinking of!

After getting what he wanted most, Pang San immediately took a deep breath with a satisfied expression. The whole person seemed to be intoxicated. At this moment, he suddenly felt a cold feeling in his chest, as a cold dagger pierced into his chest.

This is not his acting prop, but a real and extremely sharp dagger…

“Boy, rest assured to go down on the road to hell.”

Bao ge, grinned and wiped off the fingerprints on the dagger. He saw Pang San fall to the ground and lost his breath. He then skillfully erased all traces that belonged to him, collected all the physical evidence, and quickly left the scene…

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