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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 255

Chapter 255: Villainous Bestie (15)


The breakfast prepared by the chef arranged by Yan Yicheng was delicious and nutritious. It was the first time Wu Meili had seen her daughter eat so much for breakfast.

As the saying goes, appearances can be deceptive. Wu Meili’s fondness for Mr. Xie was rising rapidly.

After breakfast, Xia Beibei took Yan Yicheng straight into her bedroom, and Wu Meili didn’t even mind.

Once they were in the bedroom, Xia Beibei immediately sat Yan Yicheng on her bed. She smiled at him and said, “Xie Jincheng.”


Yan Yicheng was momentarily taken aback, watching Xia Beibei closely with her shining eyes. He couldn’t quite understand her intentions and asked, “Beibei, what’s the matter?”

“I heard you’re a very capable and versatile guy.”

Smiling, Xia Beibei leaned toward Yan Yicheng, putting her entire weight on him. She asked, “In the future… what will you do to me?”

As she said this, her eyes remained locked on Yan Yicheng’s face. She seemed to want to see right through him.


Yan Yicheng hadn’t realized what Xia Beibei meant when she suddenly pushed him onto the bed.


Yan Yicheng looked at Xia Beibei, puzzled. “Stop playing.”


With her eyes glinting, Xia Beibei moved on to sit on Yan Yicheng’s lap. “Don’t want to play anymore? Well, I’ll give you a chance now. Tell me… what’s your name?”

My name…

Upon hearing Xia Beibei’s question, Yan Yicheng’s expression froze.

Does she already know?

“Why are you not saying anything?”

Supporting herself with her hands, Xia Beibei, who is currently on Yan Yicheng’s lap, asked, “What are you hiding, huh?”


Yan Yicheng finally snapped back to reality. He gazed deeply at Xia Beibei. At that moment, he decided he didn’t want to keep anything secret anymore.

“Since you already know, I’ll tell you. I am…”


Xia Beibei suddenly interrupted Yan Yicheng. “Do you even know the rules of the game? Confessing this quickly makes you look like a traitor, ah?”

After saying this, Xia Beibei pouted and hopped off of Yan Yicheng. “Don’t move! I’ll come back to continue questioning you. I need to use the bathroom first.”

As she spoke, Xia Beibei dashed out of the bedroom.


Yan Yicheng looked at the suddenly closed bedroom door and sighed. He couldn’t help but wonder what was going on in her mind.

He didn’t know that as soon as Xia Beibei left the bedroom, she leaned against the outside wall, taking deep breaths.

Stay calm!

Beibei, stay calm!

Yes, deep breaths!

At this moment, Xia Beibei’s face was particularly red. She took deep breaths, her body tense, and her hands involuntarily clenched together.

Yan Yicheng…

Is it really you?

That feeling and the look in his eyes when he was looking at her…

Even his posture while eating, reaching for a handkerchief, and everything else was exactly the same!

Before this, Xia Beibei had never had prolonged contact with Yan Yicheng. In fact, she knew nothing about him.

But the Hong Kong trip, where they lived under the same roof, spending every day together, eating, drinking, and playing together…

Though it was a short time, it was enough for her to remember many details about him.

So, when they started the mission, with Xie Jincheng’s appearance, Xia Beibei felt something.

She felt she knew him very well.

Not the previous kind of familiarity; this time, he felt different.

More and more details made her feel confused.

And he had been hinting at her all along…

The handkerchief he had with him, the juice in his car, taking her shopping with his credit card, and his unwavering tenderness.


He once seriously told her he wanted to pursue a female coworker.

Xia Beibei, how slow can you be not to realize that this man beside you is Yan Yicheng?Boss

Boss Yan, you’re really…

You’ve had your share of patience!

Xia Beibei composed herself and washed her face thoroughly in the bathroom. When she came out, she wore her usual cute expression.

Yan Yicheng was still sitting on her bed, looking at her phone.

“What’s wrong?” Xia Beibei asked lightly.

“An Yichen sent you a message,” Yan Yicheng said as he looked at Xia Beibei.

He handed her the phone, saying, “He probably wants to meet up with you.”


Excited, Xia Beibei immediately snatched the phone from Yan Yicheng. There was indeed a message from her “Mr. Perfect.”

“Are you free tomorrow?”

Oh, this was a full-fledged date!

“Yes, I’m free,” Xia Beibei replied quickly to An Yichen’s message.

Seeing her cheerful reaction, Yan Yicheng’s expression darkened. Somehow, he thought of Xia Beibei’s senior, the male god’s Gu Yan.



“Has your senior… contacted you again?”

“You mean my male god?”

When she heard Yan Yicheng’s words, Xia Beibei put her phone down and squinted at Yan Yicheng. “Let me tell you something that might startle you. It turns out… my senior, he… doesn’t have a girlfriend!”

Yan Yicheng: …

“How is it? Surprised, aren’t you? Delighted for me, aren’t you?”

She intentionally emphasized the word “delighted.”

Yan Yicheng: …

If he could find joy in this situation, he must be crazy.

“Uh,” Yan Yicheng pondered for a few seconds. “Beibei, what are you thinking?”

“Me?” Xia Beibei sat on her big bed with a smile. “You don’t know, but I’ve had a crush on my senior for many years. Now that he doesn’t have a girlfriend, and I think he might have feelings for me too, so… what do you say, should I confess again? After all, you have to fight for your happiness, right?”

Boss Yan: I refuse to answer that question.

Seeing Yan Yicheng’s silent and serious expression, Xia Beibei sighed and continued, “Oh, there’s one more thing that’s been bothering me. Our boss, you know, our Mr. Yan from the company?”


When she mentioned him, Yan Yicheng felt like crying. “What happened to Mr. Yan?”

“Mr. Yan,” Xia Beibei playfully extended the word. “One day, he suddenly did something strange. He confessed his feelings for me and said he wanted to be with me!”

Yan Yicheng: …

What do you mean by ‘something strange’?

He had been very serious and sincere at that moment!

“Hey,” Xia Beibei said, poking Yan Yicheng’s chest with her arm. “I don’t know him very well, is he trying to cross the line with me? Do you think he has ulterior motives?”

“Uh,” Yan Yicheng felt he was even more wronged than Dou E.

“Perhaps he genuinely likes you? Why don’t you believe him?” Yan Yicheng said, looking at Xia Beibei with a serious expression. “If you don’t give him a chance, you’ll never know if you’re compatible.”

“Well, you’re right.”

Upon hearing Yan Yicheng’s words, Xia Beibei nodded, seemingly obedient. Yan Yicheng relaxed a bit upon seeing her nod. However, the next moment, Xia Beibei said something that immediately froze his expression.

“But there’s a first-come, first-served basis for everything,” she continued, “So I’ll develop things with my senior first. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll consider Mr. Yan!”

Yan Yicheng: …

Xia Beibei: Hmph! Hmph! Hmph! Sneaky guy! You dare to deceive me! You dare to deceive me! You dare to deceive me!

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