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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 254

Chapter 254: Villainous Bestie (14)


Whether it was Jian Yi’s departure or Huo Yuxu’s confession, none impacted Wu Yan’s life.

She always knew what she wanted.

An Yichen.

The opportunity to chase him was right in front of her. How could Wu Yan give up?

She wouldn’t give up. If she could have the best, she would never settle for anything less.

This was who Wu Yan was.

Xia Beibei was following Wu Yan’s life step by step.

Yes, it was a repetition.

Being a villain meant immersing oneself completely in that role. When it was time to be kind, one could be kind; when it was time to be ruthless, one had to be ruthless.

A villain was synonymous with heartlessness and madness.

But that didn’t mean they were emotionless killing machines.

This was Xia Beibei’s understanding of the villain’s heart.

Xiaoyao had given her this task for a deeper reason.

She wasn’t just allowing Xia Beibei to experience her own villainous heart slowly. This task was extraordinary.

Xia Beibei actually sensed that, even though this world was quite ordinary, she saw traces of others, even herself, in Wu Yan’s character.

This girl embodied the personalities of many people in reality.

Proud, stubborn, unwilling to lose.

Vain, intelligent, and willing to do anything.

There was nothing she couldn’t do.

In the past, she had helped Bai Tingting, proving that she still had kindness within her.

But when she had to choose between kindness and her own future, she would choose the latter without hesitation.

Wu Yan was a typical growth-type villain: forced by life, chased by fate, and blinded by her vanity.

Step by step, she descended into darkness.

This was also a test.

Xia Beibei knew she had to emerge victorious in this test!

Having a rare weekend off, Xia Beibei slept in while Wu Meili cleaned the house early in the morning.

Since she had finished her conversation with Huo Yuxu, Xia Beibei immediately asked Wu Meili to quit all her jobs. She couldn’t let Wu Meili continue working at the Huo family villa.

However, Wu Meili was very concerned about their source of livelihood. Nonetheless, Xia Beibei was quick to hand her a gold card. “Here, take this card.”

“This is…? Sweetheart, what have you done?” Wu Meili was surprised when she saw the sparkling bank card. The next moment, she was filled with joy. “Sweetheart, have you succeeded? Is it the young master from the An family?”

“No,” Xia Beibei looked at Wu Meili and said, “His surname is Xie and in the future… I will be with him.”

“Xie’s family?” Upon hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Wu Meili’s complexion slightly changed. “Is it that Xie family? Sweetheart, that’s… they are in that kind of business! You are risking your life!”

“Don’t worry. He is very good to me, and I’m safe. But…” Xia Beibei looked deeply into Wu Meili’s eyes. “For safety’s sake, I’ll have him buy me a property and a car in the neighboring city. Mom, keep this card. You move there first! If… if something happens later, I’ll come find you!”

Xia Beibei wanted to send Wu Meili away because she didn’t know the future. But she knew that the person Wu Yan cared about the most was Wu Meili.

No matter how they appeared to others, this mother-daughter pair was the most precious to each other.

Upon hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Wu Meili contemplated for a moment and then made up her mind. “Alright, sweetheart. Mom knows you have your own ideas. No matter what anyone advises you, you won’t listen. This time, I’ll go along with your plan. But… before I leave, can I meet this, Mr. Xie?”

“Sure, let’s do it this weekend!”

And so, Wu Meili was tidying up the room with mixed feelings this weekend. She felt more nervous than her daughter. That person… if he treated her daughter badly, Wu Meili had thought about it; she could leave everything behind and take Wu Yan somewhere else. She liked money and hoped her daughter would marry into a wealthy family, but she didn’t want her to be mistreated!

When the doorbell rang, Wu Meili stood up nervously, straightened her clothes, and brushed off the dust. She then walked slowly to the door.

“Who is it?”

“Auntie, I’m Xie Jincheng.”

A deep voice came from outside the door.

Wu Meili took a deep breath and then forcefully opened the door. A tall, young man stood at the door, his complexion somewhat pale and sickly. The sinister and eerie aura between his brows and the magnetic field surrounding him made Wu Meili’s heart pound with anxiety.

“Hello, Auntie!”

Yan Yicheng stood at the door, raising the gift box he held in his hand. In reality, Yan Yicheng was even more nervous than Wu Meili. Dealing with parents and family members was something he hadn’t prepared for. Plus, Xia Beibei was not the most reliable teammate, having forgotten about this task entirely after promising Wu Meili. Only after Wu Meili inquired about Xie Dashao last night did Xia Beibei remember this matter and immediately called Yan Yicheng.

Unfortunately, Yan Yicheng was overseas at the time, negotiating a big arms deal with some arms dealers. Upon receiving the international call from his wife, he immediately took a private plane back.

“Please come in!”

To be honest, Wu Meili’s first impression of Young Master Xie was… very bad. Very, very bad. Super bad. This guy looked like a drug addict, and although he had handsome features, the aura surrounding him was more sinister and bloodthirsty.

Even Wu Meili felt that kind of presence.

“Where is Wu Yan?”

Yan Yicheng didn’t treat himself as an outsider. He placed the gift on the table and, with a quick glance at the empty living room, unconsciously asked.

Wu Meili: …

Upon hearing Yan Yicheng’s question, Wu Meili’s face immediately turned unpleasant. “Aiyo! She’s usually the most reliable girl. How did she mess up at a critical moment?”

It’s already 1 o’clock, and she hasn’t gotten up yet!

“Wu Yan, Xiao Yan isn’t feeling well. She…”

Before Wu Meili could come up with an excuse, Xia Beibei, with messy hair and in her pajamas, appeared drowsily, “Mom, did you just call me?”

Xia Beibei walked out with her sleepy eyes, and anyone with eyes could tell she had just woken up.

Seeing this, Wu Meili’s face changed instantly.

Will Young Master Xie get angry? What if he does get angry, will he hit someone?

Should she try to pacify or threaten him with a fruit knife if he does?

Wu Meili was contemplating her strategy when she saw the man next to her quickly step in front of Xia Beibei, gently run his hand through her hair, and say with a lot of tenderness, “Just woke up? Were you up late again last night?”

“Yeah, I was,” Xia Beibei replied.

That’s when Xia Beibei noticed Yan Yicheng had arrived.

Oh, right, today is the weekend.

She couldn’t help but giggle, “You’re here, I almost forgot. If I’d known you were coming today, I would have asked you to bring me a deluxe breakfast.”

“It’s no problem. I’ll call the chef now. What would you like to eat? I’ll have the ingredients brought over,” Yan Yicheng replied, looking at Xia Beibei with a warm smile. He noticed her pajama button was undone and couldn’t help but lower his gaze to fasten it. He then said softly, “Go change your clothes. I’ll call the chef.”

“Okay,” Xia Beibei obediently turned and left. At this moment, Yan Yicheng couldn’t help but turn his head and look at the still-stunned Wu Meili, “Aunt, what would you like to eat?”

Wu Meili: …

Right now, I’m feeling a bit confused. Let me have some time alone.

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