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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 261

Chapter 261: Villainous Bestie (21)


The days in the hospital were quite dull, but An Yichen insisted that Xia Beibei stay there for a few more days. Anyway, she had food, drinks, and someone to take care of her, and she didn’t have to pay for her hospitalization.

Xia Beibei called Wu Meili once to comfort her, and then she settled in at the hospital.


Late at night, inside the hospital room.

A tall figure suddenly appeared in Xia Beibei’s ward. In the quiet darkness of the night, you could only faintly hear the person’s soft breathing.

He came to her bedside, silently watching Xia Beibei, then calmly sat by her hospital bed.

Xia Beibei turned over in her bed, huddled under the covers. Observing her sleeping posture, the person beside the bed instinctively reached out to adjust her blanket. Just then, Xia Beibei opened her eyes.

In the darkness, her beautiful, clear eyes stared at the man beside her within arm’s reach. “You’re here?”

She whispered, her tone devoid of any surprise.


Yan Yicheng nodded and then helped Xia Beibei adjust the blanket. “Be careful not to catch a cold.”


Xia Beibei smiled and said, “I’ve slept like this all by myself for many years. But in the future, when I catch my male god, he can help me with the blanket.”

“Is that so?”

With a deep gaze at Xia Beibei, Yan Yicheng’s eyes flickered with an inscrutable gleam.

“Cough, cough.”

Xia Beibei coughed twice, then simply sat up. By now, she had utterly lost her drowsiness.

“Why are you so late today?”

Xia Beibei noticed it was already 2 AM, and during the past couple of nights, Yan Yicheng had always arrived at midnight.

“I had some things to take care of.”

Yan Yicheng glanced at his own hands involuntarily.

“Did you…kill someone again?” Xia Beibei looked at him, and though she wasn’t entirely sure, she could vaguely guess that Xie Jincheng’s life was undoubtedly filled with bloodshed and violence.


He particularly enjoys the taste of blood and… the screams of women.”

In the darkness, upon hearing Yan Yicheng’s words, Xia Beibei was slightly startled. Then she gently grabbed Yan Yicheng’s hand. “So you… today…”

“Just tortured someone to death,” Yan Yicheng said with a smile, looking at Xia Beibei.

“Are you afraid?” he asked.


Xia Beibei squeezed Yan Yicheng’s hand. “What am I afraid of? I’m a villain, a villain boss, you know?”

A villain boss…

“Do you know how Wu Yan, this villain boss, came to be? I never told you. I know you want to rely on yourself. You’ve already succeeded half the way, and the remaining half will be very cruel.”

In this world, no one is born evil. Xie Jinchen’s twisted psyche resulted from growing up in a sinister and complex environment from a young age.

As for Wu Yan, she didn’t want to be a bad person, but the hand of fate compelled her to become a vicious and malicious woman.

Yan Yicheng glanced at Xia Beibei, his tone heavy.

“In the original plot, on this day, Wu Yan would come with Bai Tingting and Song Li to celebrate Bai Xiaoxi’s birthday at the same venue.”

Xia Beibei:…

So Bai Xiaoxi and Xie Jincheng share the same birthday?

Wait, no.

“Bai Xiaoxi’s conspiracy?”

Yan Yicheng glanced at Xia Beibei and nodded. “Wu Yan being together with An Yichen, how many people envy and hate her? How many secretly resent her? Bai Xiaoxi is one of them. Moreover, Bai Xiaoxi ‘s brother works for the Xie family, and he knows what kind of girls Xie Jincheng likes. And Wu Yan… almost fulfills all of Xie Jincheng’s requirements!”

In one’s life, there are not a few twists of fate. Meeting Xie Jincheng was the biggest twist in Wu Yan’s life.

“I never realized we had such a strong connection.”

Xia Beibei heard what An Yichen said, and she smiled mischievously at him. “Thank you.”

“For what?”

Yan Yicheng was taken aback momentarily, and then Xia Beibei suddenly pounced on him and snuggled into his arms. “In any case, thank you.”


Yan Yicheng raised his hand and gently patted Xia Beibei’s back. “You know, I…”


Xia Beibei interrupted Yan Yicheng. “Don’t say anything. I want to sleep. Let me lean on you for a while.”

With that, Xia Beibei had already nestled comfortably in Yan Yicheng’s arms, closed her eyes, and unconsciously thought back to the dream she had not long ago.

Her father said she had met the person who would take care of her for a lifetime.

Xia Beibei understood.

That person was right by her side, and would never leave…

Three days later, Xia Beibei finally recovered and was discharged from the hospital. She returned to Di Feng No 9, and by then, Wu Meili had been sent to a neighboring city by An Yichen. There, she had everything she needed, including delicious food, a comfortable place to stay, a car, and a maid to care for her. She wouldn’t be back for a while, and she wouldn’t notice the changes happening over here…

On her first day back at school, Xia Beibei arrived at the school gate in An Yichen’s car. After getting out of the car, they walked hand in hand, openly displaying their affection, which dazzled everyone’s eyes.

There had been rumors last week that when Wu Yan fell off the mountain, she was with An Yichen. Why else would both of them take sick leave together? However, many female students did not believe these rumors at the time.

Wu Yan?

Why her?

But now, the harsh reality slapped them in the face:

The campus heartthrob had been taken off the market!

Once again, Wu Yan became the most famous figure in Di Feng No 9.

Xia Beibei didn’t feel any pressure about this at all. She believed she should be in the spotlight, haughtily declaring her presence.

“Wu Yan, you’re amazing!” Knowing about this, Song Li became even closer to Xia Beibei. Xia Beibei also noticed that Bai Tingting had become increasingly silent lately.

Well, Bai Tingting also liked An Yichen, but she never said it aloud.

As for Bai Xiaoxi…

That pure and innocent white lotus (T/N: Bailian) maintained her innocent appearance as if nothing had changed. However, it was often the women who appeared this way who harbored the most jealousy…

Since Xia Beibei and An Yichen got together, they were often seen on campus together. Occasionally, An Yichen would discuss some complicated problems with Xia Beibei, who would always find an excuse to evade them, then ask Bai Tingting to help her with them back in the classroom.

As time passed, An Yichen didn’t say anything, but Bai Tingting did notice some clues.

She remembered the last time she met An Yichen on the street, the exercise books he bought, and the questions Xia Beibei asked her were from those same books. Could it be…

Bai Tingting began considering a certain possibility, and her heart was filled with a bitter taste.

Thus, a month passed in the blink of an eye, and Bai Xiaoxi’s invitation arrived as expected, just like in the original plot.

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