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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 219

Chapter 219: Villain: Sect’s young mistress 29


The secret room slowly opened, and Xia Beibei appeared in front of Yan Yicheng refreshingly. At this moment, she was not wearing a cloak to hide her breath. Therefore, Yan Yicheng immediately felt the surging aura the moment the door was opened from inside.

This aura belonged exclusively to the Yuan Ying stage cultivator.

Furthermore, An Yutong’s extremely yin physique was also extremely domineering. After upgrading to Yuan Ying’s stage, Xia Beibei’s every move and smile was full of charm.

Even someone like Yan Yicheng, who had a powerful concentration power also taken aback when he saw Xia Beibei.

Boss Yan was naturally not fascinated by her feminine wiles. He just felt apprehensive!

In the past, An Yutong’s appearance was already exquisite among people in the cultivation realm. However, once she was promoted to the Yuan Ying stage, she became even more charming, fascinating, and stunning.

This means that he will have countless rivals in this world!

“It was a successful promotion!”

Xia Beibei smiled and rushed to Yan Yicheng, wanting to give him a big hug to express her excitement at this time. However, it was a pity that Yan Yicheng immediately dodged her.

Xia Beibei:…

How much do you hate me?

“Cough, put on the cloak to hide your breath. Don’t let people discover your identity!”

Yan Yicheng said that as he threw the concealment cloak to Xia Beibei. He then stood aside and watched her quietly.

“Oh, okay, okay.”

Like a sudden realization, Xia Beibei put on the cloak and then stretched out her arms comfortably.

It is not easy, but this baby has finally been promoted to the Yuan Ying stage!

“I think we should celebrate!”

After putting on the cloak and hiding her breath, Xia Beibei looked at Yan Yicheng with a smile.

Feeling her eyes staring at him unblinkingly, Yan Yicheng could not help but smiled: “All right, I’ll invite you to the biggest restaurant in Yunshui City for dinner today. Eat whatever you want!”


Hearing Yan Yicheng’s proposal, Xia Beibei immediately nodded her head vigorously ——

You are still my teammate who thoroughly understand me. At this moment, only by eating can I express my excitement…


When the two people came out of the restaurant, the sky was already very dark.

Xia Beibei and Yan Yicheng walked side by side on the streets of Yunshui City. This lively city, however, seemed exceptionally quiet after nightfall.

There were hardly a few pedestrians on the long street. The shops on both sides of the street were still hung with bright lanterns, illuminating the whole street.

Xia Beibei took a deep breath while walking.

The air at night was fresh with a slightly cold breath. The aura in this Yunshui City was also aplenty. Taking a breath of the aura, the human brain also became clear.

At this moment, Xia Beibei could not help lowering her head as she looked at the shadow of herself and Yan Yicheng on the ground.

The shadows of the two people were drawn out under the reflection of those lanterns.

“I’m really full today.”

She whispered to herself. The corners of her lips kept smiling contentedly.

In the past, she had always longed for this kind of life.

Not only has she wished to eat happily. She also wished to be accompanied by someone to take a pleasant walk on the long street.

When she thinks about it, this was obviously a straightforward wish.

But it was tough for her to achieve it.

Yan Yicheng, who was at the side, heard Xia Beibei’s words. He subconsciously slowed down: “Whatever you like to eat, just tell me, I will take you there every day.”

“No need for that.”

Xia Beibei smiled: “In fact, old Yuan’s craftsmanship is also good. As a cultivator in the foundation period, it is not easy for him to cook for us every day! Moreover, it feels good to have everyone sit around the table and eat home-cooked food!”

Originally, there was no such thing as cooking and eating in the Xuanyin Temple’s store. After all, cultivators do not have to eat like normal people, so naturally, there were no cooks in the store.

However, since Xia Beibei and Yan Yicheng came, Yan Yicheng had ordered old Yuan to cook at a fixed time every day.

For a while, old Yuan wanted to find a cook but was unable to do so. In the end, he had no choice but to do it himself. Fortunately, before he joined the Xuanyin Temple, he was also a frequent visitor at the kitchen at home, so the dishes he made were still delicious.

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After nightfall, Xia Beibei went to meditate until early in the morning. So when she woke up, she found that Yan Yicheng had disappeared.

“Something urgent happened in the temple, so they call the palace lord to deal with it!”

At this time, old Yuan already knew of Yan Yicheng’s identity. Hence he became even more respectful when facing Xia Beibei.

Li Fantian return to the Xuanyin Temple?

At this time, Xia Beibei realized a message from Yan Yicheng in her communication stone. He was in a hurry last night and did not want to disturb her consolidating her cultivation, so he left a message in her communication stone, saying that he would be back in three days at the latest and in one day at the earliest. In short, before the black market held on the 20th, he would definitely be able to come back!

“Miss Xia!”

When Xia Beibei finished reading Yan Yicheng’s message, a red-robed Sheng Ye had already appeared in front of her: “Miss Xia, the Lord, told Nujia to take good care of you before leaving. Come, come, come! Let us talk. How did you and the Lord meet?”

Obviously, Sheng Ye showed great enthusiasm to gossip regarding the relationship between Xia Beibei and Yan Yicheng.

“We knew each other like that.”

Xia Beibei made a perfunctory sentence and then quickly changed the subject: “Right! Isn’t your friend injured? Why don’t you accompany him? Isn’t he in danger now?”

“Are you talking about Mo Qianlin? Even if you wish him to die, he still won’t die!”

When he mentioned Mo Qianlin, Sheng Ye threw his sleeves away like disgust: “This time Nujia saved his life, hum, he owes me a great favour!”


Xia Beibei let out a cry and then looked at Sheng Ye with weird eyes: “You saved him, and you plan to let him repay you? Do you want him to agree to you?”

Sheng Ye:…

“Miss Xia, what are you talking about? Nujia is a man, a pure man! How can I like that stinky old man?”

Xia Beibei:…

All the men in the world except you are stinking old men, aren’t they?

“Sorry, sorry!”

Xia Beibei smiled apologetically at Sheng Ye: “My head is still confused this morning!”

“Forget it, nujia won’t care to argue with you!”

Sheng Ye said that as he got in front of Xia Beibei. He still wanted to continue discussing with her about being the Madam of their temple. Who knew that the maid who had been taking care of Mo Qianlin in the guest room suddenly rushed and shouted for Sheng Ye loudly: “Master Sheng Ye! Master Sheng Ye, your friend is awake!”

Mo Qianlin woke up?

Xia Beibei glanced at the door subconsciously after hearing the words, but Sheng Ye forcibly pulled her in the next second.

“Let’s go and see him!”

Xia Beibei:…

If you want to see it, just go. This baby does not want to see it! Although Xia Beibei did not want to go, Sheng Ye still dragged her into the room directly regardless of her wish.

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