June 23, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 185

Chapter 185: Entertainment Circle’s Villain 32


The atmosphere in the private room was a bit glum. Long Yiyun sat in place and did not move. In fact, he had been paying close attention to Xia Beibei’s every expression and movement.

“Young Master Long, stop making the atmosphere so tense. Actually, I’m here just to show you something.”

Xia Beibei calmly took out her mobile phone, found a video, and gently pressed the play button. Immediately, Ye Qingge’s voice sounded inside the private room——

“Can you really take me abroad to film?”

In the video, Ye Qingge’s voice was very excited.

“Yes, but…”

The answer to her was a calm and indifferent male voice: “No one will pay attention to your original scandals when you arrive abroad. However, your relationship with Long Yiyun is a bit troublesome. If you are willing to break up with him, I will immediately arrange for someone to take you abroad to join the filming group. But, if you don’t want to, then…”

The man did not go on, but his meaning was already apparent.

“I do!”

After a few seconds of silence, Ye Qingge in the video suddenly stood up, with endless firmness on her face: “Being a movie queen is the biggest dream in my life. I must not give up. I cannot stay in China now. Please, take me abroad!”

She, who has always been faithful to herself, always knows the exact thing she wants.

Life was spent in repeated choices, and this time, it was evident that Ye Qingge chooses to abandon Long Yiyun…

For an extraordinarily infatuated and proud man, being betrayed and abandoned by the woman he loves the most was the heaviest blow to him!

Long Yiyun subconsciously took out his mobile phone. He wanted to call Ye Qingge’s private number, but there was a cold shutdown sound from the microphone.

“I forgot to tell you that she was already on the plane at this time.”

Xia Beibei showed a brilliant smile towards Long Yiyun: “Young Master Long, I really think you are very pitiful.”

Taking advantage of Long Yiyun’s inattentiveness, Xia Beibei turned around and left very calmly. Regarding her departure, Long Yiyun, at this moment, has long been indifferent…

Leaving the hall, Xia Beibei returned to her car. She immediately drove away from this dangerous place. Presumably, in a short time, Young Master Long would not have the time to pay attention to Chen Yining’s trivial matters…


The next day, Xingchen Entertainment suddenly broke the news that Xia Xiran stepped on two boats!

The news introduced the “underground love affair” between Xia Xiran and a young master from the Tang Family in great detail. The article also finally pointed out that Xia Xiran relied on Tang Yichen’s superiority initially before ruthlessly dumped him and started to approach Lin Mo, the president of Moyu Entertainment!

The whole report was mixed with false and truth and written reasonably and perfectly.

Countless fans immediately scolded Xia Xiran, who has initially been in a rising period. On the Internet, the fan started to black her…

“How could this be? Xiran, is this true?”

Li Hui looked at the reports on the Internet and could not help asking. Since Su Luo’s death, Li Hui has not brought a new person. She was already planning to leave the company, but Lin Mo temporarily ordered her to become Xia Xiran’s agent.

On Xia Xiran’s body, Li Hui can still see the shadow of Su Luo when she had just entered the industry many years ago.

The same innocence, the same longing for the bright future.

Unfortunately, in this giant dyeing vat of the entertainment industry, simple people cannot survive at all.

“It turns out that Tang Xiao is the young master of the Tang family.”

Xia Xiran was shocked when she saw the report. She never knew Tang Xiao’s identity. The story written in this report was wonderful and reasonable. If she was not one of the parties involved, Xia Xiran felt that she would be like everyone else and believe that this report was the truth.

Li Hui:…

Sister, where is your focus? Didn’t you see that you are currently being hacked by netizens?

“Xiran, I think you should call an urgent press conference to set the record straight. Who knows that this might be a blessing in disguise and a good publicity opportunity?”

As a senior agent, Li Hui was very accurate in seeing things and peoples. She knows that if you take a chance in showbiz and use a scandal to raise your profile, this can help you make a good comeback. Furthermore, it was also a very viable publicity tactic and always works.

“As long as I know the truth myself, why bother with others’ opinion? Being an artist is just my job. I am serious about filming and do it all for the sake of making money. I believe the company will take care of everything.”

A handsome and calm face flashed in Xia Xiran’s mind.

Lin Mo, President of Moyu Entertainment.

That man was trustworthy. Xia Xiran believed in him…

Seeing Xia Xiran still looking determined and serious, Li Hui shook her head. This girl was really stubborn, but…

Li Hui’s heart suddenly felt very comforting; at least…Xia Xiran’s mind was firm. She will never be easily affected by any disturbances in the outside world. Her mind can also resist all kinds of temptations in this entertainment circle. If only… Su Luo had her personality…

The protagonist of a world can become the protagonist because her character was always shining. Xia Xiran was also like this…

After the latest news came out, let alone the public, even Xingchen Entertainment experienced a lot of shocks internally——

It turned out that Tang Xiao is the little young master of the Tang family who rarely shows up?

He is the younger brother of the editor-in-chief!

The sisters who learned the news involuntarily looked at the male colleagues next to them——

Who else?

Who else is the second generation of an invisible wealthy family? Please stand up. I just want to say three words to you: Let’s hook up!


The love triangle between Xia Xiran, Tang Yichen, and Lin Mo was sent out with the consent of Tang Yifeng. Therefore, the media were also conscious of not harassing the Tang family. All the spears and guns were directed at Xia Xiran and Lin Mo.

Because there has been too much turmoil in the entertainment industry recently, both the media and the onlookers who do not know the truth have become crazy day by day.

As the initiator of all this, Xia Beibei directly called Tang Yifeng to ask for a leave. She then drove back to Diamond City by herself.

In the past few days, Shen Xiao did not follow her because Shen Xiao has other things to be busy now——

Ye Qingge thought that she could start anew after she went abroad?

Impossible. Going abroad was just the first step towards the trap that Xia Beibei dug for Ye Qingge and Long Yiyun.

According to the plan, Long Yiyun should be on his private plane now. He would never allow Ye Qingge to leave his side.

Countless sadomasochistic novels have told Xia Beibei that all kinds of **** young masters will unlock a [heavy taste] route once they were blackened. As a big drug lord, if Long Yiyun wants to let Ye Qingge stay by his side forever and ever, there is one convenient method specially made for him…

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