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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 186

Chapter 186: Entertainment Circle’s Villain 33


When Xia Beibei returned to Diamond City, Yan Yicheng was not at home.

At this time, Yan Yicheng was standing on the top floor of the Xingyu Building. The person standing beside him was Tang Yifeng, the editor-in-chief of Xingchen Entertainment.

“You still found me.”

Tang Yifeng kept smiling. He stood not far from Yan Yicheng, without any tension on his face.

Tang Yifeng was obviously Chu Ran.

The wind on the roof blew Yan Yicheng’s windbreaker. He looked into the distance and said in a low voice: “While I was abroad, I had already guessed that it may be you. After all… people who can be interested in Chen Yining are really suspicious.”

Chu Ran:…


Chu Ran also had to admit that. As the most detestable villain in this world, Chen Yining did look decent. Still, the resentment all over her body and her ghostly smile indeed making people daunted.

This time, Chu Ran has been hiding his entire aura while observing from behind the scenes. He had not even had direct contact with Yan Yicheng. The only flaw was probably that he deliberately approached Xia Beibei.

There is no way. Chu Ran must approach this woman and find her weakness to better deal with her and Yan Yicheng.


On the rooftop, the wind is getting stronger and stronger.

“Yan Yicheng, you have crossed the line this time.”

Chu Ran reduced the smile on his face and looked at Yan Yicheng with cold eyes: “You didn’t resurrect Tong Nian, but you helped Xia Beibei dealt with Long Yiyun and Ye Qingge. This seems… not within the range of duty as law enforcement?”

“That was indeed not in the scope of law enforcement, but it still within the bottom line of law enforcement.”

Yan Yicheng turned slightly to look at Chu Ran: “Tong Nian shouldn’t have died, but he was hit by a shot. You shot that shot. You do all this to see if I would break the rules for Xia Beibei, right?”


Chu Ran stepped forward and clapped his hands gently: “Yan Yicheng is Yan Yicheng after all. All my calculations are still within your consideration.”

The bottom line and the principles are the same as the morals. Once you lose it, you cannot find it again.

Chu Ran just wanted to watch Yan Yicheng lowered his bottom line step by step. In the end, he will become someone like him, a person without principles.

Although Yan Yicheng did not force Tong Nian to come to life as he expected, his bottom line was already in a precarious state.

There will be a chance next time.

“Are you thinking about your next opportunity?”

Yan Yicheng raised his hand, countless air currents are rolling in his palm: “Do you think I will give you another chance?”

“You will.”

Chu Ran’s tone was very determined.

“Yan Yicheng, you killed Yan Yan with your own hands. Before she died, you promised her that you would not let me die.”

Chu Ran’s tone sounded a bit lonely.

In the beginning, when he betrayed the Time and Space Law Enforcement Alliance, he was bound to die. Yet, he managed to escape with all his life. No one noticed anything, but…

In fact, Chu Ran knew in his heart that the person who silently let him go behind those people back was Yan Yicheng.

Even last time in that martial arts plane, Yan Yicheng did not do his best.

“Yan Yicheng, the person you wanted to kill and the person you wanted to capture will never escape from your palm. I have always believed in this.”

Speaking of this, Chu Ran turned around indifferently. He raised a hand and waved back to Yan Yicheng: “Everything is almost over. I should go too, let’s… see you in the next world!”

He just wandered away in a leisurely manner, exposing his back towards Yan Yicheng’s eyes, just as he had done so many years ago when they still comrade, fighting side by side.

The backs of each other will always be handed over to each other with confidence. This was my brother.

Yan Yicheng stared at Chu Ran’s unrestrained departure. He could not help but fall into his own memories. After a long time, his figure flashed, the whole person so without a trace disappeared on the roof…


When Yan Yicheng returned to Diamond City, he saw Xia Beibei was busy in the kitchen. His anxious heart calmed down as soon as he saw her.

Actually, he, similar to Xia Beibei, was a very contradictory person.

He had been suppressing his feeling, wanting to be a ruthless and strong man with no desire. Yet, on the other hand, he was also eager for family, friendship and…Love.

The world of the strong is lonely. It was also the kind of loneliness that is heart-wrenching. For a long time in the past, Yan Yicheng has been tolerating that loneliness. Now there is finally a person with a figure that can let him say goodbye to that kind of loneliness.

“Need my help?”

Yan Yicheng took off his windbreaker as he rolled his sleeves and walked into the kitchen.

“You’re back?”

Xia Beibei, who was wrapped in her apron, turned to Yan Yicheng and smiled brilliantly: “No need, no need! If you like to smell the oil smoke, stand at the door and look at me. Today, this baby is in a good mood. I will make some dishes, and then let us get drunk!”

Yan Yicheng:…

When did he say that he likes the smell of oily smoke?

However, he really likes to watch her busy in the kitchen.

Not long after, Xia Beibei cooked a table of home-cooked dishes, and ran to Yan Yicheng’s study and took out a bottle of expensive red wine.

Uh, although red wine does not go well with home cooking, it does not matter. Drinking is all about mood!

“Why are you so happy today?”

Yan Yicheng opened the red wine and poured a small glass for Xia Beibei. He was not sure how high was her alcohol tolerance, so he did not pour too much.

Xia Beibei shook the goblet in her hand: “No, I’m just happy today. Xia Xiran and Lin Mo matter will be finished with just a little more bit push. As for…Long Yiyun and Ye Qingge, no surprises. If nothing goes wrong, there will be good news in a while.”

“The mission is almost complete. It is indeed worth celebrating.”

The two of them were eating, chatting, and drinking. After a while, Xia Beibei became a little drunk.

Yan Yicheng was still sober.

He hasn’t been drunk for a long time, and he can’t get himself drunk at all.

The drunk Xia Beibei appeared to be in a trance as she lay over the table with a flush face: “Shen, Shen Qiancheng, I, I am actually…I am exhausted.”

“I know you are tired, and you need to rest.”

Yan Yicheng looked at Xia Beibei with a gentle gaze. From encountering Xia Beibei in this mission world, he already knew the content of her mission. Yan Yicheng actually knew that Xia Beibei was about to be promoted again. To become a senior-level villain, the task will become abnormal, hardcore and full of heavy taste.

At this moment, Yan Yicheng suddenly became a little worried. He did not want Xia Beibei to advance so quickly. He wanted her to stay as a little villain and just keep doing tasks to earn life.

The stronger the ability, the more you have to carry.

If an average person is tired, they would usually show it in their face.

Yet as a person pretending to be silly, even when she feels exhausted, she still needs to pretend that she was happy and excited.

Because someone silly would never be tired or hurt by others.

After all, in the eyes of others, silly people was the kind of stupid and never-injured existence.

“Take a rest?”

The drunk Xia Beibei heard Yan Yicheng’s words, she involuntarily shook her head: “I can’t rest, I can’t rest, I want to become very strong. I have to live a hundred years. I have to chase the male god.”

Male God

Yan Yicheng’s eyes sank: “Is that your senior? Didn’t your confession… fail?”


Oh, Senior Gu?

Xia Beibei shook her head: “Senior Gu already has a girlfriend, and there is not only one male god in the world. I, I can chase… chase others!”

Xia Beibei’s consciousness was fuzzy at this time. An indistinct figure flashed through her mind, yet she ignored who that person was.

In short, she is going to pursue her own happiness.

Dad said that there would be someone who will love her in the future instead of the whole world. There will be such a person, for sure.

Yan Yicheng:…

Do you still want to chase others?

Boss Yan’s face immediately turned black.

“You are drunk; let me send you to your room!”

At this moment, Yan Yicheng’s body exuded a thick black air, but Xia Beibei did not feel it.

Yan Yicheng helped her into the bedroom. Xia Beibei then rolled on the bed and soon fell asleep.

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