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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 187

Chapter 187: Entertainment Circle’s Villain 34 END


Xia Xiran’s negative news intensified. This time, Xia Beibei used all means to complete the task. It did not take long for Xia Xiran to be completely shut down by the scandal. She and Lin Mo’s scandal finally noticed by the Lin family.

The Lin family does not want to be the second Shen family.

How was Su Luo back then? What a pure and innocent girl she looks like! In the end, she was self-depraved!

 Xia Xiran debuted under Su Luo’s fame. Many people are waiting to see the jokes. They are waiting eagerly to see if this little Su Luo will repeat Su Luo’s mistakes.

 Lin family was also a prominent family in the entertainment industry. Naturally, they will not let their family become a laughing stock in the eyes of others. Therefore, the Lin family reacted quickly and introduced Lin Mo to young ladies within their circle. Xia Beibei also took advantage of this to take a lot of photos of Lin Mo with various women and published them under the banner of Xingchen Entertainment——

Xia Xiran was full of negatives while President Lin has a new love!

This kind of dog-blood scandal has always been a favourite of the public. Due to the Lin family’s intervention and Xia Beibei’s continued exposure, the budding relationship between the two people immediately suffered from various pressures and stresses…

“Well, a protagonist couple who have not experienced misunderstandings and frustrations are not a good lead for a dog-blooded novel.”

In this regard, Xia Beibei felt that she was just a tiny helper to promote the plot. She was by no means a big villain who done bad things.

At this time, Xia Beibei’s mission was almost completed. She opened the villain’s club interface to check the mission progress and found that she could quit the mission world at any time.

It turned out that not only the content of the task has been upgraded; even the program has been upgraded.

Previously, she had to complete the setting of [The villain must die] to quit the mission world. Yet, now, she only needs to opt-out of the mission world after completing the task.

Nevertheless, Xia Beibei did not immediately choose to quit the mission because she was still waiting for news from Long Yiyun…

Two months later, Ye Qingge was exposed to become addicted to drugs and became insane after killing a person——

It turned out that after Long Yiyun forcibly took her back to City A, she had been trying to escape. Yet, to keep her by her side, Long Yiyun had thought many ways, and finally, someone suggested that he used drug. At that time, Long Yiyun, who was already in a state of confusion, took the advice of his subordinates and forced Ye Qingge to take the drug.

The inhuman torture and the pain from drug addiction caused Ye Qingge, who love Long Yiyun, to hate him tremendously. At this time, as an artist, her acting skills came in handy. Ye Qingge pretended to be repentant on the surface. She acted as if she was willing to stay together with Long Yiyun. Once Long Yiyun relaxed his vigilance, she suddenly snatched his pistol and killed Long Yiyun with that gun——

It’s over. She will personally choose the fate of her life.

Ye Qingge also never regret this murder…


A bluish drizzle fell on the grey gravestones.

Without an umbrella, Xia Beibei stood quietly in front of a row of tombstones that she had bought with all of Chen Yining’s savings.

There were four tombstones here, including Chen Yining’s mother, brother’s, and Tong Nian’s.

“Abominable drugs caused our family to be destroyed, but…now that big drug lord is already dead.”

Xia Beibei squatted down and quietly looked at the three smiling faces on the tombstone.

The Neptune Gang was the most significant drug trafficking gang in City A. Now, after Long Yiyun’s death, his gang finally collapsed.

Tong Nian, you can rest in peace down there.

Tong Ziqian, your sister, will be with you soon.

Xia Beibei stood up and looked at the last blank tombstone. This one was reserved for Chen Yining.

Cold wind and drizzle blew by. Yan Yicheng, in a black windbreaker and sunglasses, held an umbrella over Xia Beibei’s head.

“Shen Xiao just called and said that He Lanxin’s magazine has found that video of Chen Yining from eight years ago. They are now ready to release it.”

The videotape had not been destroyed. Although Long Yiyun had no thought and time to care about Chen Yining’s affairs when he was still alive, many people were still paying attention to Chen Yining’s every move, such as He Lanxin.

“Okay, it’s time for me to leave. After all, there will not be a good end for a villain. Thank you for staying with me to the end.”

Naturally, Xia Beibei did not care about the so-called evidence. Anyway, the real Chen Yining was already dead.

Xia Beibei turned her head and smiled at Yan Yicheng. At this time, she had opened the Star Villain Club’s interface in her mind and contacted Xiaoyao to quit the mission…

Every world, regardless of anyone death, will still rotate as usual.

Chen Yining, the unscrupulous paparazzi, regarding her disappearance and death, in addition to making people sigh for a day, nothing has changed——

One year later.

The sky above the cemetery was particularly clear.

Tang Xiao held a large bouquet of lilies as he stood in front of Chen Yining’s tombstone: “Sister Yining, I come to see you again.”

Tang Xiao put down the lily and smiled stupidly as he gazed at Chen Yining’s picture on the tombstone: “I have stop delving with the entertainment circle now. I opened a chain restaurant, and the business is not bad! Maybe next time I will bring some special features from my restaurant for you?”

Tang Xiao used to visit Chen Yining every other day and talked to her. He knows that she has no relatives. If no one comes to see her, she will be very lonely…

After Tang Xiao left, another figure appeared in front of the tombstone. Looking at the lilies on the ground, and then at the pile of snacks in his arms, Shen Xiao could not help touched his nose: “So you like lilies, huh? Cough, cough. Though, in my opinion, this flower was a little unworthy of you. Well, I don’t mean to belittle you. I mean to praise you.”

After Chen Yining’s death, Shen Xiao realized that his elder young master seemed to have forgotten entirely about Chen Yining and returned to his former indifferent and diligent appearance. In addition to work, he still worked all day long.

 Shen Xiao did not dare to mention Chen Yining in front of Shen Qiancheng, but he often came to see Chen Yining and brought some new snacks every time he came.

He felt that Miss Chen should like these.

Miss Chen, I believe that the eldest young master…he must still remember you. Although he never mentioned you, once, he fell asleep. I heard him call your name in his sleep…



Xia Beibei returned from the mission. This time, the club’s mission assessment immediately being displayed-

“The task evaluation is completed! Congratulations to the intermediate villain 109 for successfully completing the main task and the final revenge of the hidden task! The completion level is S! The bonus life span is two years!”

“Congratulations to the Intermediate Villain 109 for completing the S-level mission! Earn 50 S-level points! This point can be used to purchase any quest props you need from the Star Mall of the Star Villain Club!”

“Congratulations to the Intermediate Villain 109. You managed to get 50 evil points. We will double it for you since it was the first time you got the evil points, making it 100 points! This point has the same value as the S-level points!”

Hidden task? Xia Beibei was stunned after hearing the mission assessment and then reacted——

The biggest enemy of Chen Yining’s family was the drug lord?

This time around, she had indirectly killed Long Yiyun and disintegrated the Neptune Gang. This should be considered as completing the hidden mission, so the mission assessment was judged to be S level.

 As for the evil points, that point can be exchanged for the same amount as the S-level points, which is really a good setting.

 Xia Beibei immediately checked her profile in the Interstellar Villain Club. She now has 200 S-level points and 100 evil points. Uh, it seems that as a villain, she really has to do more evil. Otherwise, she will not be considered a competent villain!

Finally, after calculating her current lifespan in the file interface, Xia Beibei realized that she only has more than four years of lifespan.

Xia Beibei:…

Your mom, this baby, had work hard for so long, yet, yet could only live for another four years?

 What a fraud!

It seems that when the weekend comes, she has to consider doing more tasks——

To live a long life, let us do evil with a conscientious work attitude.

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