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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 146

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 146: The correct way to wear a green hat 1

T/N: We left with like 4 to 5 arcs until the end of the series… I will finish this arc this month for sure.. because the next arc seemed appropriate for the next month, lol. Bad news for me, though… each chapter of this arc is so long. Not to mention this novel was packed with words, long sentences, and lengthy paragraphs compared to Adorable villain.

Once this novel ended, I plan (still planning, not entirely sure) to translate a sweet pet transmigration novel with little plot and more petting. BTW rather than husband chasing wife, this one is wife chasing husband~ totally my style~

“Liu-zi, ah. It would be best if you held on, ah. Fugui and Huakai could not live without you.”

Jiang Liu, the dazzling soul, arrived in the modern world amidst the people chatters. Jiang Liu not only had a bad headache, but he could also smell a strong odour of wine from his mouth. It appeared that the original body had consumed a significant amount of alcohol and the headache was most likely due to a hangover.

“I already said this before. That Yu Hongmei is obviously a bewitching girl. She does not seem to be a woman capable of living her life as a wife faithfully. In the beginning, you were so stubborn and wanted to marry her in. Now, look at you. As soon as you got into an accident, she immediately runs faster than anyone else.”

“That’s right. She even used an excuse that her biological mother was ill and she needs to return to her natal house to take care of her. She has so many brothers and sisters in the family. Did she still need to personally take care of her mother when her husband itself was recently in an accident? It was so obvious that she wanted to run away. Sometimes ago, I was already suspicious since she had been to the city too often. Yet, from her recent action, I think that she must have an affair with someone out there.”

Some memory fragments emerged in Jiang Liu’s mind as he listened to these people. Yu Hongmei mentioned by them should be the original body’s wife.

“All right, each of you, let’s stop chattering.”

When an elder noticed Jiang Liu’s complexion was getting worse, he stepped forward to clear the noise.

“Don’t tell Liu-zi anything that hasn’t been proven right. Hongmei is a good wife on a normal day. Perhaps she really wanted to return home to care for her old mother. Liu-zi, ah, you should also stop thinking about it too much. You should contact your mother-in-law to see if Hongmei has returned and then inquire when she plans to come back. It would help if you had someone to take care of you. Your two children also can’t live without their mother.”

The older man felt bad as soon as he said that.

The steel bar had struck Jiang Liu’s leg while he was working at the construction site. According to the doctor, even if he was cured, the possibility of becoming lame was high. Jiang Liu was obviously needed someone to take care of himself. Yet, at this moment, Hongmei still insisted on returning to her natal home. Could it be that her biological mother illness was so severe and about to die that Yu Hongmei insisted on leaving her wounded husband, who required more attention?

The older man sighed. Fortunately, the contractors and developers were friendly and generous. They had paid Jiang Liu’s medical bills and compensated him 230,000 yuan. This was actually a sizable amount of money. The cost of a house in the county is currently about 1,200 yuan per square meter. Even if the whole family migrated to the city, they would still have a balanced budget with this money.

However, this does not seem to be the case. Jiang Liu was disabled and would no longer be able to work at the construction site. In essence, he is no longer able to work in any industry that requires physical strength. Previously when he worked at the construction site, he could send back at least two to three thousand yuan per month and on average of thirty to forty thousand per year. Yet, because he was disabled now, their family income would be broken.

There was a pair of twins in Jiang Liu’s family. It happened that these two children were currently at the period where the family need to spend money the most. Since Jiang Liu was no longer able, the responsibility for the family income falls upon Hongmei’s shoulders. According to the old saying, husband and wife are like birds in the forest. When facing the imminent calamity, everyone will fly away from each other. Hence, Yu Hongmei’s decision to left Jiang Liu despite being unkind is understandable.


The elderly cast a look at the intoxicated Jiang Liu. According to what Yu Hongmei had told her neighbour, Liu-zi has been in a foul mood since his injury. To be happy, he needs to be drunk every day. It was a fact that drunk men are often aggressive and prone to cursing his wife and children.

Even if he hit his family, no one would know about it. However, looking at Yu Hongmei’s poor appearance of wanting to speak but can’t, everyone in the neighbourhood suspected that Jiang Liu has started to move his hand and feet.

Before this, Yu Hongmei had a strong reputation in the village. Everyone had an impression of her as a fragile and soft-spoken woman who might get frightened away at a mere loud noise. Some people remember her. Some people thought she was too pretentious. Her body was too small and looked extremely thin and weak. Some people even had an impression that she was not a good woman who would adhere to fidelity. Yet, many people felt that she was quite an amiable person who never had a conflict with anyone. 

As a result, when she decided to return to her natal home, the village’s reactions to her were divided.

People who didn’t like her felt that their initial impression was correct and decided not to say anything good about her.

Yet, people who used to think of Yu Hongmei as a decent person started to think Jiang Liu might have done something wrong. As a lame man who is already half-useless, shouldn’t this be the time for him to please his wife? Yet, he had been drinking every day non-stop. Who knows if he had not moved his hand and feet to beat his wife? Isn’t this pushing Yu Hongmei to flee? Which woman can still keep herself with such a husband?

“Uncle, I’m tired. I want to take a break.”

Jiang Liu is yet to absorb the memory of the original body. So, all he could do was follow these people’s words and showed them a tired smile, trying to get these people out of his way.

“Ah, then you have a good rest. Just remember, you still have Fugui and Huakai with you. For the sake of the children, you also have to cheer up.”

“Yes, things might not be as bad as they seem. After all, you and Hongmei already have these two children.”

Everyone stared at Jiang Liu’s face, afraid to say something negative, particularly those who had just suggested that Yu Hongmei was having an affair. They did not dare to say anything in case Jiang Liu ended up committing suicide due to depression. If that were to happen, then it will be their sin.

A group of people comforted Jiang Liu with a few more words before departing one by one. Jiang Liu also finally managed to have a peaceful and quiet space for the first time as he began to inherit the memories of the original body.

Jiang Liu closed his eyes. As the memory came to him, his face became uglier and uglier. At the last moment, after he inherited all the memories, Jiang Liu smashed the bed beneath him violently. His eyes looked obscured as he opened them. A gloom aura as thick as the black ink took a long time to dissipate from his body.

The original body’s experience was similar to his.

Jiang Liu’s father died in a building accident when he was very young. Since his mother could not bear the hard life, she took his father’s compensation and fled with his lover while the entire family was mourning.

Jiang only has his Grandpa at that time. He had to borrow money from his relatives and friends to give his father a proper funeral.

When Jiang Liu was a child, what he felt the most was the poverty at home, the hardship of his grandfather, and the sympathy or disdain from people around him.

His mother was an impudent slut, and he, as the son of a slut must also be a bad person. That was the most malicious remark he had received but also the most often heard evaluation.

Jiang left school after his grandfather died, partly because the family had no money. Apart from earning money to support himself, he was also fed up with his peers’ innocent malice.

Some wounds were so deep that they couldn’t be forgotten even after several worlds. Jiang Liu’s irresponsible mother was one of the pains buried deep in his heart.

The original family is now very similar to what he had been going through before, yet far more terrible than he had experienced.

The current year was 2006. The original body was born in a small village in Fengyang County and grew up there. He went out with the villagers to pan for gold at the end of the 1990s and eventually became a construction worker, receiving three to four thousand yuan per month. He married his favourite girl, Yu Hongmei, a pretty girl from the next district, because of his high income at the time.

Yu Hongmei was a lovely young lady. Yet, her chin was too prominent, and her body was too frail. At that time, this kind of look appeared like someone who did not have a blessed countenance. Hence, even though she was attractive, she was not popular at the matchmaking market, and many elders did not like her. When the original body decided to marry Yu Hongmei, he also had to bear opposition from his parents. Yet, because he was their only child, his parents finally relented.

Yu Hongmei married and gave birth to a pair of twins for the original body, erasing the villagers’ misconception that she had a cursed mien in one fell swoop. She was always spoken of as a blessed and good woman of the Wanfu family.

The original parents had left early. From then on, Yu Hongmei has since ascended to the throne of the Jiang Dynasty. While the original was working hard outside, Yu Hongmei stay at home to clean. The original was also a family man. As soon as he received his income, he will give the majority of his money to his wife. He was basically a yes-man to his wife. The couple was notoriously known as a loving couple in the village.

The good days, however, did not last long. When the twin finally entered primary school, the original body was involved in an accident. The steel bars on the construction site struck him in the knee, and he has had a disability ever since.

The peaceful family climate has shifted since then. The original body can sense his wife’s inattention to him. In addition to the blow of his physical impairment, he was unknowingly indulging in alcoholism and soon become gloomier and depressed.

If this was the case, even if Yu Hongmei divorced him for the sake of her own good life, the original body might not have ended up like his later life. Yet, what he could not tolerate was Yu Hongmei’s desire to remain motionless after doing something unconscionable. She even wishes to stay on the high moral ground as she pours sewage water on the original body’s reputation.

Jiang Liu’s face darkened as he recalled what Yu Hongmei did later.

At the moment, Yu Hongmei is yet to really separated from the original body. This woman had a well-thought-out strategy. Soon as she returned to her natal home, she realized that she had made a mistake. According to the initial development, a few days later, Yu Hongmei will come back from her natal home and claimed that she was forced to return because her mother was in a critical condition.

After that, she would show the mindset of taking good care of her husband and being a good wife who will never abandon her husband in the troubled days ahead. Once everyone believed in her, then did she brought the plan to another level.

A woman who fled after her husband’s accident would be chastised. Yet, she has proven herself that she had never abandoned her family after her husband’s accident. It was only after facing her depressed and intoxicated husband who would hit and scold her at every opportunity that forced her to leave him. For such a woman, it was easy to gain others’ sympathy and support regardless of her subsequent action.

On the outside, Yu Hongmei often portrayed herself as a gentle and virtuous wife. Yet, once inside, she was a satirist who mocked her disabled husband and encouraged him to drink. Hence, who would even guess that she was actually a two-faced woman? With her virtuous image deeply rooted in the people’s hearts, they would only blame the original body for his depression and heartlessness.

Hence, in her previous life, she had ruined her husband in this manner. She then began her new marriage with the sympathy of others. Even after remarrying, she cruelly used her own children as a springboard to win over her stepdaughter. This woman’s devious scheme far outstripped Jiang Liu’s mother.

“The world’s first task is to look after Jiang Fugui and Jiang Huakai. The second task is to remember that true love is always prevalent. You should help Yu Hongmei to marry her true love, Jiang Tiancheng.”

001 appeared and announced the mission of this world. Perhaps thinking that the second mission might upset its host, 001 immediately disappeared after saying it.

Jiang Liu tilted his head as he raised one of his eyebrows. The first task was straightforward. In his life, the original body owed the most to this pair of children. Hence, his wish was typical. The second task came from the request of the higher up. Jiang Liu always felt that those higher up had a holy father’s disease and enjoys devising brainless schemes to make people’s lives complicated.

Jiang Tiancheng was Yu Hongmei’s second husband, as you might have guessed. After Yu Hongmei divorced his husband on the ground of being unable to tolerate his domestic violence, these two finally get married. However, who knows exactly the time when these two actually get together?

He was afraid that after combining the original body’s feeling and Jiang Liu’s own experience, his previous cool-headed and steady self might not work in this world.

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