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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 223

Chapter 223: Villain: Sect’s young mistress 33


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Bliss Palace, Main hall.

At this time, it has been over ten days since Xia Beibei’s successful promotion. Today is the beginning of each month, and all the elders and deacons of the Bliss Palace will come together for a meeting with the Palace Lord.

In the past two years, An Yutong had been in charge of the Palace of Bliss instead of Bai Lan. Hence, everyone gathered in the main hall and waited for Xia Beibei’s arrival.

According to the protagonist’s law of finality, Xia Beibei is naturally late. What’s more, as soon as she entered the hall, she released her Yuan Ying’s aura!

In the past ten days after returning, Xia Beibei has isolated herself as she consolidates her cultivation base. She planned to meet with everyone after she had stabilised her power entirely.

“Congratulations to the Young Palace Master for being promoted to Yuan Ying Stage!”

Sure enough, as soon as they felt the aura coming from Xia Beibei, loud congratulatory praises coming from all directions.

A person in a Yuan Ying stage could already be considered as a backbone for any high-level sect. Not to mention to those incompetent small sects, someone in Yuan Ying stage could crush everything to dust!

Xia Beibei accepted the congratulations from everyone with ease. She then sauntered onto the golden seat that symbolised the Lord of Bliss Palace.

“The elders are polite. So, what happened in the Sect during my retreat?”

Xia Beibei looked down at the people in the hall and asked quietly.

The entire hall was silent for a moment. Just then, a law enforcement’s elder walked out slowly: “Replying to young palace master, during your retreat, there was a conflict under the mountain gate, and a furnace has taken advantage of the chaos to escape from the mountain and took refuge in the Hunyuan Sect!”


When she heard the name of the Hunyuan Sect, the first thing Xia Beibei thought of was An Yangmu, An Yutong’s eldest brother.

That furnace it should not be…

“Young Palace Master, it was me who was not being strict with the discipline. Please punish me!”

As a deacon, Fang Lingtian had already stood up with remorse on his face. The furnace who escaped during chaos was no one else but Luo Chuya!

Knowing that the plot of this world has deviated, Xia Beibei was not surprised by this unexpected thing: “Brother Fang, don’t be so eager to receive punishment.”

Xia Beibei coldly looked at the law enforcement elder on the side: “What action did Hunyuan Sect take after that?”

“Replying to the young palace lord, the people of the Hunyuan Sect said that the furnace was the princess of the Chu Kingdom. They also said that our people kidnapped the princess and forced her to enter the Bliss Palace. Hence, the people of the Hunyuan Sect would like to negotiate this matter with the Palace Lord Bai! At that time, you were in retreat, and we also could not contact Palace Lord Bai. Therefore, this matter has been dragging on and has not been resolved!’


When Xia Beibei heard this, she subconsciously squinted her eyes. Naturally, she could not let others know the fact that Bai Lan has fallen, so she could only smile coldly: “What a good Hunyuan Sect, already dreaming of assuming unwarranted authority based on some pretext, ah? Do you think being a princess is something? Even if it were the emperor or empress of an empire, once that person caught this lady fancy, that person would become my furnace no matter what!”

“Young Mistress is mighty!”

The low and influential voices of everyone resounded in the hall. Fang Lingtian also swept away his sorrow as he stepped forward and said lowly: “Young Mistress, these few days, the people of Hunyuan Sect have been busy preparing for Guiyizong’s visit, so they have no time to trouble us. Do you think we can think of some countermeasures during this time and take this opportunity to squash the Hunyuan Sect’s ambition?”

Since An Yangmu joined the Hunyuan Sect, Bai Lan has been lenient to Hunyuan Sect. Yet, this is the case in the realm of cultivation. The more you give in, the greedier the other side will be!

Hearing Fang Lingtian’s suggestion, Xia Beibei pondered: “Senior Brother Fang, did you just say Guiyizong?”


Speaking of this, Fang Lingtian’s eyes flashed. He secretly whispered to Xia Beibei: “Young Mistress, the person leading the team this time is that Qin Zizhen!”

Qin Zizhen?

As soon as she heard the name of the male lead, Xia Beibei was immediately depressed!

It seems that this time it is the halo of the female partner’s counterattack again. Wherever she goes, the male lead will also go there. Your mom, this halo is too amazing!

However, this time is an excellent opportunity for her to put it to an end!

Xia Beibei clenched her fists in excitement and then stood up with anger on her face, as the coldness on her body could be felt in the entire hall: “Do you still need to prepare to deal with the miscellaneous Sect like those of the Hunyuan? You help spread the order to our people! Let us go to the Hunyuan Sect’s mountain gate! Who is the Princess of Chu? This lady doesn’t know her. What I only know is that we have lost a superb furnace, and if they are not willing to let people go, I will burn the Hunyuan Mountain!”

Hearing Xia Beibei’s order, the elder in the hall immediately nodded and obeyed: “We abide by the instruction!”

“Young Mistress…”

Seeing Xia Beibei’s lofty ambition, Fang Lingtian hesitated slightly: “Now the people of Guiyizong are also in the Hunyuan Sect. I’m afraid our people will not be their opponents.”

“Senior Brother Fang, why do you want to defy your prestige for other people’s ambition? Besides, I only said that we are going to bring back our people, right?”

While speaking, Xia Beibei took out two sound transmission notes and immediately sent a sound transmission to Yan Yicheng and Yun Ruixi.

Did it make sense to smash up a place without a helper or two?

Half an hour later, the three significant Sects have successfully convened.


Yun Ruixi has not seen Xia Beibei for a long time. Every time he went to the Bliss Palace, all he got was the news that An Yutong was in retreat. Now that he saw Xia Beibei, he was feeling pleased from his heart. It was unknown if the separation had been too long that Yun Ruixi felt that An Yutong in front of him seemed to be more beautiful and charming than before.

“Yutong, you seem to be…Ah! You are already in Yuan Ying Stage!”

 Feeling the breath on Xia Beibei’s body, Yun Ruixi immediately screamed. After all, people promoted to the Yuan Ying stage at her age are geniuses among geniuses.

Yun Ruixi had also entered the Golden Core Realm for perfection a long time ago. Now, he has been looking for an opportunity to break through the Yuan Ying stage, but unfortunately, he has never found it. Seeing Xia Beibei advanced earlier than he did, Yun Ruixi was happy for her again. Yet, at the same time, he was also faintly annoyed. Since his cultivation skill could not catch up with her, it is even more difficult for him to chase after her!

However, that old Li also does not seem to have already been promoted either?

Yun Ruixi smiled and turned his head to look at Yan Yicheng on the side. He secretly let out his divine consciousness to probe him, yet, in the next second, his smile froze.

Your mom! When did this hypocrite Li Fantian advance?

Yan Yicheng is naturally also in the early stage of Yuan Ying’s cultivation. In fact, as a law enforcement officer, he can advance at will, but Boss Yan is not interested in this kind of thing. He felt that all he had to do was to maintain the same cultivation level as Xia Beibei and be a little bit higher than her…

After the three Sects successfully merged, Yun Ruixi took out his very magnificent spaceship, Lingbao. Immediately, everyone got on the ship, and in mere two hours later, the misty Hunyuan Mountain appeared in front of everyone…

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