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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 224

Chapter 224: Villain: Sect’s young mistress 34


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Hunyuan Mountain, the resident of the Hunyuan Sect.

Before noon, the disciples of the Hunyuan Sect would mostly spend their time listening to the lectures in the Sect’s main lecture hall. However, recently, many of these disciples no longer attended the course, especially the female cultivator. All of them gave up the opportunity to listen to the Sect’s masters, and instead, they convened into groups and gathered in the guest courtyard. All of them guarding the door, wishing to feast their eyes on the graceful bearing of the youth leader, Qin Zizhen!

“Big brother, big brother!”

Murong Yi looked at the beautiful girls outside the courtyard. His eyes could not help but light up: “The outside world says that all the male and female disciples of Hunyuan Sect are inflexible wood heads. That was absolute bullshit, ah! Look at these female disciples. All of them dressed up to attract your attention, big brother!”

Of course, similar things also occurred often in Guiyizong.

The disciples of Guiyizong were envious of their senior brother. All they have is endless worship, and everyone in Guiyizong believes that Qin Zizhen will lead Guiyizong to its most glorious era.

After Qin Zizhen conquered Lan Lingjian a few days ago, he immediately reported this matter to the Sect head. Hearing this, Guiyizong decisively blocked this incident from spreading outside. At the same time, Qin Zizhen also followed the method taught by Lan Lingjian. At the moment, he is indeed a veritable treasure of Guiyizong.

Initially, the head of Sect did not plan to send Qin Zizhen on this trip to Hunyuan Sect. After all, it was just an ordinary meeting between the Alliance. Whomever they send out does not matter to both parties.

However, Qin Zizhen took the initiative to take the job.

Because recently, his cultivation has encountered trouble.

He seemed to encounter an inner demon.

Every cultivator will encounter this and that kind of inner demon on their path of cultivation, and the inner demon encountered by Qin Zizhen was called love!

After returning from Yunshui City, he immediately retreats to practice, but at every critical moment, the figure of An Yutong will involuntarily appear in his mind.

Lan Lingjian told Qin Zizhen that it was his love robbery.

If he could not break through this, his cultivation would not make any further progress!

Love robbery, love robbery.

His love has become his calamity.

Qin Zizhen knows that the righteous and evil Sect are incompatible. Even if he likes An Yutong, he cannot be with her. This source led to the birth of his love robbery.

There are only two ways to crack this. First, he will reject everything sentient and instead do things that satisfied himself. Regardless of the secular belief, he could choose to abandon the Sect, earthly justice and pick the option of being with An Yutong.

If he chooses this, there are too many things that he needs to give up. Hence, he has been hesitant.

The second way was to cut off the love thread completely!

Nevertheless,… how could it be easy to cut everything off after the love already budding in his heart?

Qin Zizhen wanted to take the opportunity of visiting the Hunyuan Sect to relax his mood and think about the way forward wholly. Unfortunately, he did not expect that the female disciple of the Hunyuan Sect was actually like any other female disciples as they all rushed to confess to him…


Murong Yi’s voice suddenly rang in Qin Zizhen’s ears: “Why are all the beauties gone?”

While speaking, Murong Yi quickly walked out of the door, waved to the outside of the courtyard, and shouted: “Beauty! Where are you going? My senior brother is coming out soon!”

Hearing Murong Yi’s words, the female disciples did not stop from leaving, but the pretty girl who walked at the end turned her head and smiled at Murong Yi: “Senior Brother Murong, we will visit Brother Qin in another day! The Bliss Palace’s people are clamouring outside our mountain gate, and we have to rush to deal with it immediately!”

The Bliss Palace?

Hearing the girl’s words, Murong Yi was stunned for a moment: “Big brother, why did you think that the Bliss Palace suddenly came to trouble Hunyuan Sect? They are not… eh, senior brother?”

Before Murong Yi finished speaking, he saw Qin Zizhen, who had no expression on his face, rushed out the door quickly.

Murong Yi:…

Damn it. It seemed that big brother is more interested in gossiping than me, ah?

At this time, outside the Hunyuan Sect’s Mountain Gate.

“Yutong, you immediately took your people and went back!”

An Yangmu stood outside the mountain’s protection formation as he looked at his sister with complicated eyes: “Regarding Princess Chuya’s affair, I will talk to my master and let him not pursue you!”


Hearing An Yangmu’s words, Xia Beibei smiled disdainfully: “What Princess Chuya? She still wanted to go after me? That cheap girl is just a furnace maid of our Bliss Palace. Not only did she escape privately, she even dared to pretend to be the Princess of Chu and fled into Hunyuan Sect to provoke the relationship between our two sects. Today, I, An Yutong, would not make things difficult for others. You just need to hand over that cheap girl and let me confront her! If you are unwilling to do this, I will personally bring people in to pull that cheap girl out!”

Xia Beibei’s tone is aggressive. She just wished to force Hunyuan Sect and give them no way of retreat!


Sure enough, hearing Xia Beibei’s words, the Hunyuan Sect disciples all showed their anger. An Yangmu’s expression became hideous.

“Yutong! Princess Chuya has been tortured so badly by you. Would you still refuse to give her a way out?”

After Luo Chuya escaped from the Bliss Palace, he was rescued by An Yangmu and returned to Hunyuan Sect.

There were many plots in this world. Although some of them deviate, there are still many emotional lines that can be connected by a strange combination of circumstances.

In the original plot setting, An Yangmu fell in love with Luo Chuya at first sight.

Yet, because Luo Chuya likes Qin Zizhen, she had always viewed An Yutong as something unpleasant. In the end, this pair of siblings, An Yangmu and An Yutong, turned against each other because of the instigation from Luo Chuya…

So, Xia Beibei was not surprised when he heard An Yangmu taking the initiative to speak for Luo Chuya.

“An Yangmu.”

She could not help calling out his name: “You are just an ordinary elite disciple of the Hunyuan Sect. You can’t even represent the entire Hunyuan Sect! Call out those who can take charge of this matter!”

Before Xia Beibei spoke, she saw a figure floating around.

“Lord Anshao.”

The great elder of the Hunyuan Sect volleyed into the sky wearing a blue-grey fairy robe.

“This old man is Luo Chuya’s master, and he can also say something on behalf of the Hunyuan Sect. I wonder if the young palace master thinks that this old man is qualified to take care of this matter?”

“Oh, it turned out to be the Great Elder, ah. I am disrespectful!”

Xia Beibei looked at the great elder of the Hunyuan Sect without a smile. Her eyes suddenly became cold, as her expression frozen over: “You just said that the cheap maid is your disciple? Then you can call her to come out and confront me! As Hunyuan Sect disciples, shouldn’t they know the cultivation methods of their Sect? As long as she can use the Hunyuan Sect’s spells, I, An Yutong, will immediately leave and no longer pursued this matter!”

Actually, Xia Beibei was sure that Luo Chuya did not know any of the Hunyuan Sect’s spells.

After all, Luo Chuya was initially a registered disciple. After the Bliss Palace captured her, Fang Lingtian had forcibly abolished Luo Chuya’s original cultivation base and asked her to learn the double cultivation technique of the Bliss Palace from the beginning.

In the past few days, after she left the Bliss Palace and entered the Hunyuan Sect, she still did not have the opportunity to learn the techniques of the Hunyuan Sect. Moreover, with Luo Chuya’s status and identity, the Hunyuan Sect couldn’t accept her as a disciple. This time they were willing to stand up for Luo Chuya, undoubtedly for the word “profit”. On the one hand, they could get some benefits from the royal family of Chu Kingdom, and on the other hand, they wanted to take this opportunity to blackmail Bliss Palace. Unfortunately, this time they had a wrong calculation.

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