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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 191

Chapter 191: Villain: Sect’s young mistress 1


Bai Lan, the Bliss Palace’ master, actually has two children.

An Yutong also has an older brother named An Yangmu. Like his name, although An Yangmu looked handsome, he was too naïve with a wooden personality. He had long hated the atmosphere of the Bliss Palace that when he was ten years old, he decided to leave the Bliss Palace and joined the Hunyuan Sect on the Hunyuan Mountain.

Even though An Yutong’s relationship with her brother was still harmonious, the two people’s concepts and behaviour styles were quite different.

Hunyuan Sect was a well-known righteous sect in the realm of cultivation, while the Bliss Palace was considered a crooked and wicked sect due to their practice of double cultivation…

Xia Beibei finished receiving An Yutong’s memory. She also knew that An Yutong was only 18 years old. She possesses a charming physique of Yin body and also has practised the charming technique since childhood. As soon as she reached adulthood, her whole body was full of seductive flavours that could easily confuse others.

It can be said that there were only a handful of men in the world who can resist her charm and beguile.

However, although Bliss Palace mainly focuses on double cultivation and seeks to harmonise the yin and the yang, An Yutong herself has yet to put it into practice. After all, she is still waiting for that person; hence, she did not think of choosing a double cultivation partner at the moment.

An Yutong’s mother once said that there is a kind of man in this world who possessed the nine-nine pure yang physique. According to her mother, such a man is the most suitable candidate to become An Yutong’s cultivation furnace.

Back then, An Yutong’s biological father also has a pure-yang body. However, because he was not the purest nine-nine yang body, shortly after he double cultivate with Bailan, he died of illness due to the collapse of his vitality.

To prevent her daughter from repeating the same mistakes, Bai Lan has always instilled the idea of letting An Yutong choose a person with a nine-nine pure-yang body as her partner.

After An Yutong became an adult, she really met such a man.

That man was naturally the male lead of this novel world, Qin Zizhen!

Speaking of the male lead, we will start with the main storyline of this novel world——

The male protagonist Qin Zizhen is the prince of the Qin Kingdom who was also a cultivator. He was destined to be a cultivator and was also the leader among the younger generation of the sect. Because of his handsome appearance and talents, Qin Zizhen is not only famous in the realm of cultivation. He was also the object of secret admiration for many female cultivators. Even many courageous female cultivators would specifically travel to Guiyizong to confess their love to Qin Zizhen.

It is a pity that Qin Zizhen is an iceberg with facial nerve paralysis syndrome who refused to rise for such an occasion. Totally unequivocal, ah!

And the only person who can catch Qin Zizhen’s eyes and admiration was Luo Qingge from the Refining Medicine Sect. Luo Qingge was born in Chu State and also the princess of the Chu Kingdom.

In this cultivation world, there were three powerful mortal kingdoms, namely Qin, Chu and Jin.

The royal families of these three countries somehow or other possessed the talent to become a cultivator. After all, their children and grandchildren had taken all kinds of natural treasures when they were still in their mother’s womb. After birth, their talents will naturally not be too bad.

Yet, in the matter of Luo Qingge, it was actually an accident.

When her mother was pregnant with her, her enemies had calculated her mother and led her consumes a kind of poison that caused Luo Qingge to be born early with a dead vein.

Because of this, she was born to be unable to practice and was considered a waste.

Such a waste of wood, not only could not practice but also a brainless idiot.

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Of course, this “Luo Qingge” was not our female lead, Luo Qingge.

The original Luo Qingge, despite being brainless and an idiot, had fallen in love with Mo Qianlin, the prince of the Jin Dynasty. Yet, as a prince with all kinds of amazing talents, enchanting beauties, how could he possibly like an idiot?

So after the failed confession, the original body committed suicide by jumping into the river and then—

Not only she was smart and beautiful, the female lead, who was full of wisdom and likened to the reincarnation of an angel, finally made her debut.

She, who is a traverser and possessed the body of the waste wood princess, how could she change her dead vein?

Of course, it is because she traversed with a medicine refining system that can produce all sorts of medicinal materials and refined even waste medicines into amazing elixirs!

Born with a dead vein? Just take some medicine.

Too old to practice? Just take some medicine to catch up. After all, the medicine produce by our family system is safe, reliable, and effective, with absolutely no side effects!

In this way, Luo Qingge pretends to be a pig while eating the tiger all the way, happily and freely.

First, she used her identity as a princess to mix with the disciple of the medicine sect. At that time, everyone knew that she could not practice; hence, the people of the medicine sect did not put her in their eyes and took her in, considering that she was one of the Chu’s royal princesses. The face of the country’s royal family still needs to be considered, after all.

However, Luo Qingge was also happy. She actively asked to guard the abandoned pharmacy. There were piles of pills in there, all defective products refined by the disciples of the refining sect. Not only did these defective products have no efficacy, but some of it was also full of toxic that it could seriously damage the spiritual vein if it were consumed.

Yet, the garbage dump in the eyes of others was actually hundreds of treasure mountains in Luo Qingge’s eyes!

Her job was to watch over the waste drugs and periodically clean them up and destroy them, but in fact, Luo Qingge used her own system to break them down into pieces.

The system also could work in multiple ways. Not only could it decompose waste medicine and all kind of Dan into raw materials; your mom, it could also synthesize and upgrade the same type of medicinal materials! For example, if ten copies of 100-year-old ginseng were placed in the system synthesis furnace, there is a 70% chance of synthesizing thousand-year-old ginseng!

So, Luo Qingge’s days in the abandoned pharmacy was full of happiness——

She decomposes, synthesizes, decomposes, synthesizes, and…She finally becomes a rich little woman.

Yes, this is the halo of the legendary female lead, which could blind the dog’s eyes.

Luo Qingge has been making a fortune in this way. She also quietly cured her own dead veins and secretly went to the black market to buy the cultivation manual and was ready to cultivate.

In that black market, Luo Qingge met Qin Zizhen, and the two of them started to fight with their money to grab the cultivation manual.

Of course, the female protagonist who has just improved is not as rich as the domineering male lead.

Later, Luo Qingge took decisive action and used a rare pill to win the cultivation manual from Qin Zizhen.

Since everyone in the black market was in disguise and unable to see each other faces, Luo Qingge thought she would never meet that person again. Who knows, in their second meeting, Qin Zizhen recognized Luo Qingge at a glance——

It turned out that Qin Zizhen was born with a blood pupil. Even though his eye usually looks the same as an ordinary pupil, when he moves his mind, his eyes will gradually become blood red, and that blood pupil can see through all illusions in the world. Naturally, he can see the true appearance of a person at a glance and remember her breath.

Qin Zizhen felt that Luo Qingge and the pill she took out were very unusual in the black market, so he quietly opened the blood pupil behind her and recorded the true appearance of Luo Qingge.

It’s just that at that time, he didn’t expect that when they met again, her identity would turn out to be the incompetent waste of the Refining Medicine Sect…

Well, these are the stories that the male and female lead have to tell.

Xia Beibei glanced at the novel’s main plot and felt that her aluminium alloy dog ​​eyes were about to be blinded by the halo plug-ins possessed by the male and female lead!

The protagonist was so awesome that as a villain BOSS, she suddenly felt a lot of pressure…

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