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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 190

Chapter 190: The first Villain Boss mission


Yan Yicheng started the car and turned on the music. With the sound of the music in the car, Xia Beibei’s expression gradually relaxed.

Today, Yan Yicheng drove very slowly. This speed was a tortoise speed that he had never tried before. However, to spend more time with Xia Beibei, Boss Yan was also trying his best.

At this time, they were stuck inside the evening rush hour. There were many cars on the street. Xia Beibei, who was sitting in the co-pilot, was getting drowsy. Suddenly she caught a glimpse of a corner of the commercial street, and her whole person immediately straightened up as she stared at it with big eyes: “Wow, look at that Boss Yan! That duck blood fěnsī shop is back on business again! Their taste is very authentic. The duck soup is very fragrant. This baby really wants to eat it.”

While talking, Xia Beibei subconsciously touched her stomach. She suddenly felt so hungry!

“You like to eat it?”

Hearing Xia Beibei’s word, Yan Yicheng’s eyes flashed. He subconsciously turned the steering as the car turned a corner.

Xia Beibei:…

Oh no! Oh no! Did I inadvertently reveal my foodie nature to my boss again? (T/N: LOL, that Tik tok song hit me)

“Ahem, that, um Boss Yan, you can just let me off on the side of the street, I…”

Before Xia Beibei finished her sentence, Yan Yicheng already drove his car to the parking lot and said, “I’m hungry, too. Since you said their food is delicious, I’ll try it.”

“Uh, good, good!”

Xia Beibei was stunned when she heard his word, but she soon nodded vigorously!

Sure enough, I used to misunderstand Boss Yan. Even though his appearance looked cold, in fact, he is gentle in his heart. He is an approachable and good boss! Absolutely!

Even though the store was small, the desks and chairs are clean thus the business was also booming.

Xia Beibei took Yan Yicheng into the store and finally waited for two places next to each other: “Boss, two bowls of duck blood fěnsī!”

Xia Beibei immediately yelled as soon as she sat down. At this moment, Yan Yicheng on the side glanced subconsciously at the soup bowls on other people’s tables. He calmly said: “Boss, make it four bowls! Divide into two rounds!”

Xia Beibei:…

Is Boss Yan a foodie too?

Ahem, facts have proven that even if you eat a bowl of duck blood fěnsī in a crowded shop, Boss Yan can still eat it like an elegant gentleman dining in a western restaurant.

When Xia Beibei had already finished a bowl, Yan Yicheng was slowly eating from his small bowl.

Seeing that Xia Beibei had finished eating a bowl, Yan Yicheng calmly pushed the newly cooked bowl of fěnsī to Xia Beibei: “Eat while it’s hot. It won’t taste good after a long time!”


Xia Beibei instantly felt tears in her eyes——Boss Yan, have you been possessed by a warm man today?

In the end, Yan Yicheng only ate one bowl. In the spirit of loving food and avoiding waste, Xia Beibei unswervingly ate the remaining three bowls…all of it, ahem.

By the time she got home, the lights were already on.

Xia Beibei smiled as she touched her stomach with a face full of satisfaction-

How full she is!

And you never have to pay for dinner if you eat it with your boss.

So happy……

Everyone: Girl, can you still be anything less profitable than this?


Yan Yicheng turned off the car and fixedly looked at Xia Beibei beside him: “Xia Beibei, I…”

“Boss Yan!”

When Xia Beibei saw the familiar scenery outside the window, she suddenly recovered. She turned her head and interrupted Yan Yicheng with excitement: “Thank you, Boss Yan, for sending me back. Thank you for inviting me to dinner too! You are such a great boss! The best boss in the world! I will work hard. You can rest assured! Uh, huh!”

While speaking, Xia Beibei suddenly grasped Yan Yicheng’s hand with her own hands and then nodded at him vigorously.

Yan Yicheng:…

Yan Yicheng did not react until Xia Beibei got off the car and went upstairs.

 On the back of his hand, her warm body temperature remained.


Yan Yicheng was stunned for a long time. He finally couldn’t help but smile to himself–Xia Beibei, you are so funny.

Through the car window, Yan Yicheng looked at the building in front of him with a smile. He waited until he saw that the window of Xia Beibei’s house was lit up before he started the car and drove away…

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When Xia Beibei returned home, she ditched her handbag and changed into her home clothes before she entered her power-on password. 110’s voice immediately rang in Xia Beibei’s mind: “Intermediate villain 109, your spirit seemed to be good, and the serotonin in your body has increased a lot from yesterday. You seem to be in a good mood. Did you go on a date?”

Xia Beibei:…

What is serotonin?

Wait, a date?

Xia Beibei could not help but think of the scene of her having dinner with Yan Yicheng.

It was obviously the first time for both of them to eat alone, yet, why did she always feel that she had a very familiar and reassuring illusion?

Is this the legendary… It feels like we have known each other all along? Hence, familiarity at first sight?


Xia Beibei patted her face with both hands: “Stop! Xia Beibei, do not think too much! Boss Yan cares about the employees! You cannot go after your boss just because you cannot catch up with senior! And… Who is Boss Yan always? He is the kind of overbearing president who could even eat a bowl of fěnsī in such a noble manner. And you…how are you worthy of him? You must have watched too many idol dramas!”

Xia Beibei felt that her brain must be abnormal: “Xiao Yao, don’t talk about this anymore. Please give me a task! I need to calm down!”

Seeing that Xia Beibei was lying on the bed obediently, 110 immediately began to help Xia Beibei screened the tasks. After a while, a familiar prompt sounded in Xia Beibei’s mind——

[“Ding! Intermediate villain 109 succeeded in taking over the mission!

Quest World: Two-dimensional novel world

Task level: Intermediate high difficulty (suitable for intermediate villains)

Mission boarding body: An Yutong

Summary of mission content: This mission world is the world of cultivation novels. The tasker needs to replace the former villain boss, An Yutong, the young mistress of the Bliss Palace, who accidentally lost her life during her retreat practice. You must lead the Bliss Palace to collect the furnace physique body from all over the world while continuing to disturb the social order of the cultivation’s world.

To complete the following novel world mission plot: First, capture Luo Chuya, the heroine’s sister, Luo Qingge. You have to force her to become the cultivation furnace for the male disciple of the Bliss Palace.

Second, to pursue the male protagonist Qin Zizhen by using any method possible to seduce and confuse the male protagonist. At the same time, you have to chase and attempt to kill the female protagonist, Luo Qingge.

The above two are tasks that must be completed. For other plots, the tasker can play at will. Each of your outrageous acts will be scored accordingly. Furthermore, bonus points will also be given according to the degree of your vileness!

Task reward: Upon completion of this mission, you will be rewarded with three years of lifespan! If the mission fails, the system will deduct six years of lifespan!]

When the prompt sound in her mind gradually receded, Xia Beibei’s soul body successfully entered the mission world.

She opened her eyes and found that she was sitting in a secret room filled with fragrance.

This should be the place where the original owner, An Yutong, retreated to practice?

Xia Beibei sat in the same place without moving, her eyes flashed, and then she slowly closed her eyes as she first began to receive the private memories belonging to An Yutong——

An Yutong was the youngest daughter of Bai Lan, the master of the Bliss Palace. Her disposition, charm, body and exquisite appearance making her the best candidate to practice the double cultivation of the Bliss Palace. Since childhood, Bai Lan has carefully cultivated An Yutong as the heir of the Bliss Palace, and all disciples of the Bliss Palace must call her young mistress.

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