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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 192

Chapter 192: Villain: Sect’s young mistress 2


Every novel needs an invincible protagonist, an infatuated supporting role, and even more a brain-dead yet vicious villain.

The novel mission world that Xia Beibei entered this time has not only one crazy male partner but also a crazy female partner.

The male partner Mo Qianlin, the enchanting prince of the Jin country, was in the same generation as the male lead, Qin Zizhen. Nevertheless, Mo Qianlin’s talent and luck were a little worse than Qin Zizhen.

Two men, two heroes who were rivals to each other, ended up falling in love with the same woman one after the other.

This is truly a tragedy of a lifetime.

Qin Zizhen has the male protagonist’s halo added to him, so he was naturally responsible for all kinds of domineering feat while as a second male lead, Mo Qianlin was only responsible for being obsessed with the female protagonist——

To live for the female lead and to die for the female lead. It is even better to die for the safety of the female lead.

That was his role in the novel.

As for that crazy female partner, it was Luo Chuya, Luo Qingge’s younger sister. Luo Chuya was a sister born from the same parent as Luo Qingge. She was originally a genius among the Chu royal family, but because she was still an immature child, she loved to sneak out to play. As a result, she met An Yutong on the road.

An Yutong saw Luo Chuya’s pure yin physique at a glance, so she took her back to the Bliss Palace, forcing her to become the furnace for the core disciple of Bliss Palace, Fang Lingtian.

Luo Chuya was originally unwilling, but her cultivation was not as high as An Yutong, so she could only obediently compromise. In the days of living in the Bliss Palace, her life was better than death. Until two years later, Fang Lingtian went out to practice, and he brought Luo Chuya along with him. As a result, their group clashed with the people from Guiyizong. In the end, Qin Zizhen shot and killed Fang Lingtian and rescued Luo Chuya. Luo Chuya ended up falling in love with Qin Zizhen at first sight. She knew that she was not worthy of Qin Zizhen. However, thinking of her pure yin physique, which was the best double cultivation cauldron, as well as the charm techniques that she learnt from An Yutong, in one night with high wind, no, it was a night under the moon and flower, Luo Chuya knocked on Qin Zizhen’s door, and…Then there was no more.

Qin Zizhen was not a person who was easily moved by others. However, once his heart is moved, he will not change his mind. He will only love that one person throughout his life, in heaven and on earth.

And in this world, the only one who can fascinate him is Luo Qingge.

Therefore, Luo Chuya existence was also a tragedy. She was foolish for the male protagonist, crazy for the male protagonist, and extremely obsessed with the male protagonist.

In the end, naturally, she just ended up as cannon fodder.

Cough cough, cough. Then, here comes the key point.

As the most charming, fascinating, and unparalleled villain BOSS in this novel world, An Yutong’s role is also significant!

She has a fierce nature. She could kill people without blinking, and at the same time, and very good at trying to figure out and fascinate men.

In the world of cultivation, whether it is evil cultivation, ghost cultivation, or magic cultivation, they all regard An Yutong as their dream double cultivator. Unfortunately, An Yutong can only see Qin Zizhen, who has a nine-nine pure Yang body.

From the first time she saw Qin Zizhen, An Yutong was sure to win him——

She did not fall in love with him at first sight.

Because, in An Yutong’s view, the men in this world are just furnaces.

So, Qin Zizhen, at best, is just a top-class furnace that can be used for a long time without being damaged.

She did not like him but his body.

Xia Beibei:…

So dirty!

This baby suddenly felt a little tremor. As a pure sister, Xia Beibei felt that her performance of An Yutong, as an incomparable female demon, would test her acting skills more than playing a scumbag!

What if the baby cannot do it, ah!

If the mission is failed, six years of life will be deducted, six years…

Well, this is basically to push people to do something way beyond their ability!

Xia Beibei never thought that her first villain BOSS role would be such a difficult one!

Baby is a person with good intentions. Baby doesn’t like this place at all!

That is all.

That was Xia Beibei’s inner monologue in the secret room.

After a quarter of an hour, Xia Beibei came out of the secret room——

Xia Beibei: Your mom! Bliss Palace is so rich! Everywhere is made of pure gold! Baby likes this place so much!


Xia Beibei, your integrity collapsed again.

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“Young Mistress!”

The disciples in the main hall of the Bliss Palace all respectfully greet Xia Beibei when they saw her figure. The female disciples looked at her with respect and envy, while the male disciples did not conceal the affection in their eyes. ——

Eighteen-year-old An Yutong has a fair complexion and a graceful figure. Her delicate and beautiful face was enhanced with a pair of charming and soulful eyes that could hook people hearts.

It was nothing more than fog and flattery.


Feeling the eyes of everyone, Xia Beibei’s expression remained unchanged as she walked slowly through the golden hall. Once she came out of the hall, the whole picture of the sect residence of the Bliss Palace was presented at a glance. The entire Bliss Palace was built on a big mountain. This mountain is called Mount Bliss because of the existence of the Bliss Palace. Mount Bliss is 3000 meters above sea level, surrounded by clouds and full of spiritual energy.

Once you go down from the main gate of the Bliss Hall and pass through the core disciple station, the elite disciple station, the inner disciple station, and the last residence before the mountain gate was naturally the lowest-level outer disciple station.

As the Young Mistress of the Bliss Palace, An Yutong naturally lives in the best cave next to the main hall on the main peak. Bailan has been shutting herself inside her cave as she prepared her breakthrough for her ascension to the immortal world in recent years.

Therefore, An Yutong is actually the person in charge of the Bliss Palace.

Xia Beibei counted the days, the female lead, Luo Qingge, was two years younger than An Yutong, and she is only 16 years old. At this time, she should have just joined the medicine-refining sect. Well, right now was not the suitable time for her to meet the female lead yet.

As for the female partner Luo Chuya, her fourteenth birthday will be in another two months. At that time, she sneaked out of the imperial palace after her birthday celebration and was caught by An Yutong.

Well, there is still this one!

Xia Beibei has already begun to plan the steps to complete the task silently. First, she still needs to familiarize herself with An Yutong’s inner strength and common spells that she usually used. Then, after that, she can set off to perform the first task.

“Young Mistress!”

At this moment, an elegant male voice suddenly rang in Xia Beibei’s ears. As soon as Xia Beibei raised her eyes, he saw a man in white came to her in a fluttering manner.

Fang Lingtian, the chief disciple of Bliss Palace.

Fang Lingtian looked elegant and handsome. With his white attire, he looks even more like a beautiful young prince.

However, this person, regardless of his attire, was actually a beast, or the type of person who could wantonly disregard human life.

Fang Lingtian is Bailan’s most important disciple. He was also a childhood sweetheart who grew up with An Yutong since childhood. Fang Lingtian had been interested in An Yutong since he was a child. However, after Bailan told him that An Yutong could only have a nine-nine pure Yang body as her partner, Fang Lingtian slowly diminished his interest in her–

Men are all lustful, but they could not possibly give up their lives for the sake of one woman, right?

Ordinary men cannot double repair with An Yutong at all. If double repairs were forced, there could only be one end. That is, their vitality will be exhausted, and the man will die!

In short, although the men in the Bliss Palace love An Yutong, in fact, they all know very clearly in their hearts—— Staying away from the Young Mistress is for the sake of cherishing their life.

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