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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 193

Chapter 193: Villain: Sect’s young mistress 3


“Senior Brother Fang, do you need something?”

Xia Beibei could not help but raised her eyebrows and asked faintly.

Fang Lingtian:…

Because Xia Beibei has just received An Yutong’s body and memory, she cannot perfectly control An Yutong’s charm and hooking skills, so at this moment, her every move and smile appeared to be so alluring.

“Young, young mistress.”

Fang Lingtian forced himself to turn his head and stop staring at Xia Beibei: “Young Mistress, didn’t you say that you were going to play in the mortal empire a while ago? There has been nothing much to do in the sect. Furthermore, the Young Master of the Wuji Sect and head of Xuanyin Temple have also been practising in retreat recently, but Young Mistress has come out early. We can take advantage of this time to go to the mortal empire for a round of fun; maybe we will encounter a few good cauldrons!”

Xia Beibei:…

Brother Fang, are you the legendary emperor of prophecy?

You seemed to know the plot really well!

“Brother Fang is right.”

Xia Beibei smiled softly: “Brother, do you think that among the three mortal empires, which one is more interesting and fun?”

“Interesting and fun?”

Fang Lingtian’s eyes flashed: “The Chu kingdom has beautiful scenery and prosperous national fortune. It is said that there are many interesting places near Chu imperial city. How does the young mistress think of Chu?”

(Actually, Brother Fang just heard people say that the Chu kingdom is a beautiful country, cough cough.)


Xia Beibei really likes Fang Lingtian that can help her go through the plot so smoothly. Brother Fang, this baby must give you five-star praise!

“Brother Fang, please prepare for this matter. Let’s…go out in five days!”

After deciding the itinerary with Fang Lingtian, Xia Beibei immediately turned around and left.

It is the first time she has entered the world of cultivation. Everything in this world is new and interesting to her——

The villain? What happened to the villain?

They all ended miserably. Nevertheless, what is wrong with dying?

Life must be happy, ah!

Xia Beibei felt that she must seize this period of having a good time. In the days when she did not have to meet the male lead, everything is beautiful…

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Back in her cave, Xia Beibei was dazzled by the golden light that shines all over her residence.

What a tyrant!

This baby is now a real tyrant in the cultivation world, the second generation of immortals, and the sect’s young mistress!

Tsk, tsk, tsk, it is so beautiful when she thinks of it.

According to An Yutong’s memory, Xia Beibei picked up the magic weapon from the storage bag and began to practice her spells in the cave–



It did not take long before a burst of earthshaking sound sounded inside Xia Beibei’s cave.

Cough, cough, cough! Fortunately, An Yutong had set a prohibition spell at the entrance of her cave to ensure that no one could enter. Otherwise, if someone were to pass by and see the mess in the cave, who knows what they would think of it?


Xia Beibei touched her chin involuntarily. An Yutong had the cultivation base of a middle gold core cultivator and was already a leader among the younger generation. Although she majored in charming and illusion skills, she also knows a little about all kinds of offensive spells. Just now, Xia Beibei directly experimented with several of An Yutong’s most commonly used attack spells, and the power output is really amazing!

Sure enough, there are countless exercises, heavenly materials and earth treasures to assist in the cultivation. Mommy no longer has to worry that my cultivation level will be worse than others…

In short, no matter which world or era you are in, it is the era of relying on one’s father’s wealth and prestige to get ahead.

Even though An Yutong’s father died early, but she has a mighty mother, ah!

Bai Lan was also someone with a firm character when she was young. There were many suitors around her at that time. Among those suitors, Bai Lan did not receive any less treasure from them. In this huge Bliss Palace, those suitors presented all the family properties from the past dynasties with both hands to her!

Tsk, tsk, tsk. It is said that when men get rich, they become worse, while women get rich when they become bad. This is really a wise word, ah!

Xia Beibei said a few slander words in her heart. She immediately raised her arm and waved her sleeves. Everything in the room returned to its original position. Looking at her masterpiece, she nodded with satisfaction. Knowing this kind of spell really make her feel f**king badass!

Although the content of this mission was a bit duplicitous, she still managed to become the sect’s young mistress who can used spells, fly in the sky, and spend a lot of money. Xia Beibei still felt contented——

Well, this baby is such a contented and happy person.


For three days in a row, Xia Beibei has been in her own cave, familiarizing herself with everything while quietly practising An Yutong’s inner strength technique.

On the fourth day, Xia Beibei planned to inform Fang Lingtian to clean up and find two shrewd disciples to go out and play together. As a result, Fang Lingtian came to Xia Beibei’s cave’s entrance with a complicated expression.

“Sect’s young mistress.”

“What happened?”

Seeing Fang Lingtian’s complicated expression, Xia Beibei knew that something must have happened!

“Sect’s young mistress, Li Fantian and Yun Ruixi, are here!”


Hearing Fang Lingtian’s words, Xia Beibei was also startled.

Li Fantian and Yun Ruixi. One is the head of Xuanyin Temple, the other is the young master of Wuji Sect, and both are An Yutong’s suitors.

Ahem, of course, in this novel, these two sects were both evil sects, similar to Bliss Palace as opposed to the orthodox sects. Because these three sects were relatively close to each other, they have always been allied.

However, because they have been pursuing An Yutong, Li Fantian and Yun Ruixi have been competing secretly.

Li Fantian’s father had died early, so he had become the sect’s head at a young age. Being called the head of the palace, how domineering it sounds!

Now the whole school belongs to him. Hence, as the head of a sect, he naturally did not even blink his eyes to spend money for his beloved woman!

Yun Ruixi, as the young master of the Wuji Sect, naturally could not use the sect’s resources arbitrarily, but Yun Ruixi has the advantage that he has plenty of free time!

As an idler, cough, cough, cough, no, he is a young and promising young master. Except for practising in retreat, he spends all his time pursuing An Yutong. Li Fantian, who is also the head of a sect, for sure could not be as self-willed as Yun Ruixi could. No matter how capricious he was, he couldn’t leave everything to his subordinate, right?

Therefore, in the past two years, the two who have their own merits have been reluctant to give way to the other as both of them suffocating their breaths to take the beauty home!

Xia Beibei:…

Dude, both of you are truly the cannon fodder spare tires, ah!

An Yutong really looks down on your flesh and body. Cough, cough, cough, so you should go home, wash and sleep!

In the original plot, these two wicked talents have always pursued An Yutong. Later, because they saw An Yutong repeatedly showing extreme enthusiasm for Qin Zizhen, the two men joined forces for the first time to kill Qin Zizhen together. Of course, this idea is also excellent that it is worthy of encouragement, but unfortunately; the ending of the story-

The male protagonist is still the golden male protagonist, and the cannon fodder can only be the cannon fodder that can no longer live…

“Aren’t the two of them supposed to be in retreat?”

At this time, hearing Fang Lingtian’s words, Xia Beibei thought for a while and couldn’t help but asked.

“Originally, these two people were in retreat, but Li Fantian suddenly left the customs last night. Maybe because of the news of his exit, Yun Ruixi also left the customs this morning!”

“Huh? What a coincidence!”

Xia Beibei smiled. Since those two are here, she could only go out and meet them for a while.

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