June 23, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 65

Chapter 65: The scumbag villain 15



Su Mingxin held the seven-coloured seed with a dazed expression. She subconsciously called Xia Beibei: “Liujing, what do you think this is?”

Hearing Su Mingxin’s voice, Xia Beibei immediately raised her eyes and looked over. Seeing the seven-colour seed in Su Mingxin’s palm, Xia Beibei immediately became apprehensive.

Your mom, ah! What the hell with this Female Lead’s halo, ah?

After killing so many zombies desperately, I could only get a bag of broken crystal nuclei. But look at the Female lead, the first time she digs a corpse, she still able to unearth a priceless treasure!

This kind of seven-colour seed is the rarest Power Seed that can be found in the last days. It is very rare that the chance of it appearing in the head of a zombie is one in tens of millions.

Once an ordinary person eats this seed, it will immediately trigger one of the seven powers; Wind, Fire, Thunder, Water, Ice, Earth, and Wood at random. If the power user eats this seed, there is a half chance of triggering another power. This seed possessed that kind of power.

“This is……”

Xia Beibei hesitated for a moment. She walked towards Su Mingxin to snatch the Power Seed from her hand: “This thing, cough cough, looks pretty good.”

In fact, Xia Beibei was so entangled. As a top scumbag, she naturally wanted to take this thing as her own.

However, looking at this Su- Meizi’s innocent and trusting gaze, Xia Beibei hesitated once again.

It is tough to become a bad guy than a good guy, ah.

Jiejie, this thing is actually…”

At this time, Su Muyu walked over quickly. When she saw what was in Xia Beibei’s hand, her eyes were taken aback, and then another splendid light flashed in her eyes: “Jiejie, take it quickly…”

Eat it!

Before Su Muyu could finish speaking, she saw Xia Beibei on the side put the seed in his mouth and swallowed it.

Your mom. This baby almost choked

Su Muyu: …

I am so naive! How could this Ji Liujing change to a good person?

“Liujing, are you okay?”

Poor Su Mingxin didn’t know what the hell was going on. She patted Xia Beibei’s back nervously as she worriedly asked: “Liu Jing, why did you eat that thing? What if something bad happens, ah?”

“Hmph, he is very good.”

Su Muyu on the side glared at Xia Beibei, then turned around to clean the battlefield again.

She could only hate her prophecy’s power. She can’t use it anytime she wants, and it can only be automatically activated when danger comes.


Although Xia Beibei wanted to have a full hiccup from being full, however at this moment, she wished to drink water even more.

It was so hot that there seemed to be a fire burning in her body. This feeling was even more maddening and fierce than the state of fever that she felt when she first entered the mission.

By the way, Ji Liujing’s body was compatible with fire-type power previously, so could it be that she had stimulated the fire-type power this time?

Sure enough, while Xia Beibei was thinking about it, her clothes had been burned by the fire.

Xia Beibei: …

Your mom, is this the legendary Chinese’s laughable low-budget special effects? There isn’t a bit of rational sense of aesthetic at all, ah!

“Ding Xiaomo! Ding Xiaomo!”

Xia Beibei, who became a fireman, rushed to Ding Xiaomo’s side for the first time: “Quick, quick, freeze me!”


Seeing Xia Beibei rushing over, Ding Xiaomo was stunned. Only when Xia Beibei rushed in front of him, did Ding Xiaomo raised his hand to throw out a storm of ice and rain, and instantly got Xia Beibei frozen.


Dai Zixi looked at Xia Beibei’s burnt clothes. She couldn’t help but narrowed her eyes. Ding Xiaomo said that this guy has a leg with the Captain. Yet his figure was nothing to write home about, ah. Where are the appearance of eight-pack abs or the mermaid line?

While Dai Zixi looked at the person in front of her in a disgusted manner, Xia Beibei, on the other hand, quickly touched her hair. Fortunately, the hair was still there.

If she were burned to a bald head, she would kill herself there.

Ding Xiaomo: …

At this time, you still have the time to think of your unkempt head, ah? How big is your heart, ah, Young Master Ji? Cough, let just say that when it comes to a flowing hair, who can compare to Ding Xiaomo, eh?


At this moment, a loud roar suddenly came from all directions.

This is……

“It’s the Zombie King!”

Shen Nan took a look at his self-made binoculars, and his face immediately changed: “A Zombie King is heading here!”

Hearing Shen Nan’s words, even the facial paralysis Dongfang Qingcheng changed his expression.

The scent that emitted from the Power Seed seemed to have attracted the Zombie King. Even after Xia Beibei swallowed the seed, the scent was yet to dissipated, and still remained in Xia Beibei’s body.

Perhaps this is the difference between the protagonist and the cannon fodder?

Xia Beibei: …

Your mom, this baby really shouldn’t have snatched the Female Lead’s chances. To think that the retribution will come so quickly. Plot deity, you are really a fraudster!

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