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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 133

Chapter 133: The Villainess 16


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Gu Qingnian is Blood Shadow?

At this time, Xia Beibei’s heart was extremely shocked. After all, this revelation showed that the reality had long been separated from the plot content that she could control——

It turned out that Gu Qingnian is the most off-track character in this novel world?

Why would Ning Chuan know such secret?

At this moment, she took a deep look at Ning Chuan and carefully recalled the scenes of her several meetings with him. Xia Beibei’s heart was already clear with the hidden fact.

“I know it is you.”

 Xia Beibei did not say any, yet she wrote a sentence with her fingers on Ning Chuan’s palm. The slightly hot fingertips lightly stroked Ning Chuan’s palm, feeling Xia Beibei’s movements, and Ning Chuan frowned slightly. The body stiffened a bit and returned to normal in an instant.

At this time, footsteps could be heard coming from the corridor.

People are coming towards them, and it was more than one person.

Ning Chuan looked down at Xia Beibei, who stood beside him as he silently opened his mouth. Seeing his gesture, Xia Beibei nodded gently.

Ning Chuan’s figure immediately rushed towards the safety gate and kicked open the door. Behind the door, there was naturally a black muzzle——

“Da! Da! Da!”

There was a frantic burst of shooting. Ning Chuan and Xia Beibei had already found shelters on the wall’s left and right sides. Blood Dragon, who hid behind the door, saw that he did not manage to hit the target and decided to pause his action for a moment. Xia Beibei, who had been hiding behind the wall, suddenly yelled: “Gu Qingnian, why are you here?”


Blood Dragon was stunned because of that shout and got sidetracked. In the single moment of distraction, the weapon in his hand was snatched by Ning Chuan as he turned the muzzle over and shot!


With a sound, blood splattered on the floor.


Ning Chuan held the gun as he dragged Xia Beibei and ran down the stairs. When he reached the third-floor corner, he jumped into the window frame and pressed the button on his waist. A long rope pops out from it.

“Climb down. Gu Churong, are you okay?”

While speaking, Ning Chuan had already put down the rope.


Xia Beibei nodded earnestly: “But…”

Now they were surrounded by those Blood Shadow’s people. Climbing outside the building was equivalent to losing the bunker. Even in mid-air, it will be tough for them to avoid being a living target!

“Hurry down, I will cover you!”

As Ning Chuan talked, he grabbed the edge of the window with one hand and the weapon in the other. He then directed his gaze in one direction. With a “bang”, he exploded a sniper’s head.

Xia Beibei: …

Good marksmanship! Amazing! As expected of Regiment Commander Ning!

At this moment, Xia Beibei finally let go of her hesitation. At this time, she must believe in Ning Chuan’s ability!

One word, climb down! (T/N: Two words actually)

Since the Tang dress restricted her movement and flexibility, Xia Beibei tore the long skirt’s hem and directly tied it into a bow, revealing two white and slender thighs.

In the dark night, Xia Beibei flexibly and desperately crawled down the rope. At this moment, the snipers lying around naturally seen her figure as they all aimed at her position ready to shot——

“Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!”

Several figures fell silently after a burst of gunfire, yet Xia Beibei remained unharmed.

Ning Chuan’s marksmanship and eyesight are simply against the sky, ah!

After finally getting down, Xia Beibei did not have time to look around. At this time, Ning Chuan suddenly fell from the third floor. He even released three shots towards the window on the third floor while falling down. 

“Ning Chuan!”

Xia Beibei covered her mouth as she watched Ning Chuan’s speed become slower and slower. In the end, he fell on the ground very lightly like a feather. He immediately held Xia Beibei in one hand and began to run wildly in one direction…


At the window on the third floor, Gu Qingnian, who had just arrived, was pushed aside by Ning Chuan’s bullets. When he came out to the window again, Ning Chuan had already pulled Xia Beibei and left.

“Thinking of running away like this?”

Gu Qingnian’s eyes became fiercer involuntarily: “It seems that you can only be a pair of desperate mandarin ducks!”

As he spoke, Gu Qingnian lowered his gaze as cruel expression flashed under his eyes: “Everyone, get ready to retreat! Then…detonate all the bombs!”

In fact, not only the entire clubhouse of Yimingju but those Blood Shadow’s people had also planted bombs all over the mountain——

This is his great gift to the Imperial Army!

Everyone will be buried here. Buried under the sky of fire, just like his dead mother…

Gu Qing closed his eyes lightly as the Blood Shadows started to board the helicopter that was already hovering on the roof.

From today, there will be no Gu Qingnian and Gu Churong in this world.

“Hey, I said that you are already a big man. Why are you still crying? My name is Gu Churong. What happened to you? Tell me! Should this lady help you to settle it?”

That year, she was 9 years old, and he was 12 years old.

At that time, she was the little demon in the military district’s compound. Everyone was afraid of her. Yet, because he was unknown, he was bullied all day long, calling him wild seed and telling him to die.

He often hid here and cried secretly. After all, his biological mother would also hide there, as she cried alone in front of the Gu’s house.

At that time, Gu Qingnian didn’t know about his life experience. He didn’t know that his mother was looking at Gu’s family. He just knew that this was the sad place that made his mother nostalgic. Even when she dies, she will die there.

When he was 11 years old, Gu Qingnian returned from school and found that his home was on fire. He rescued his dying mother from the sea of ​​flames. His mother struggled desperately to move towards the military compound at that time. 

She was not reconciled!

She wanted to climb to that man’s side, grab him, and ask him personally why he was acting so cruel that he had to kill her?

Unfortunately, in the end, she died halfway through.

Since then, Gu Qingnian has become an orphan. An orphan living at the bottom of society in Beijing. That kind of life is simply hell on earth.

The first time he met Gu Churong, he was already homeless. His favorite place to stay was at the Hutong Gate. Hutong Gate is the closest to the military compound. That was the place where his mother had stayed for the longest time.

Gu Qingnian met the young Gu Churong for the first time there.

He and she were just passers-by who met by chance at that time.

Possibly, Miss Gu had long forgotten the sad, dark boy who huddled in the alley.

Even after Gu Qingnian was adopted, Gu Churong did not recognize him.

People will always change.

He has changed from a cowardly boy who was autistic back then to a demon who is now killing people without care. Yet, she has always remained the same. She is still the bright and fearless Miss Gu.

God, it is so unfair!

Gu Qingnian would not deny that he secretly liked the little girl who was high above him. It was he who yearns for beauty.

Unfortunately, the more beautiful that thing is, the crueler the reality would be.

“Gu Qingnian, you are not the adopted son of the Gu family at all. You are the real young master of the Gu family. You are the biological son of Elder Gu! In order to keep this secret back then, the Gu family had set fire to your house!”

When a blood shadow person put the paternity test in front of his eyes, Gu Qingnian felt that his entire life had been subverted——

Gu family’s adoption, Gu family’s nurture, the death of the late Gu’s Second Young Master for the sake of saving him.

Originally, these were the things that made Gu Qingnian felt grateful to the Elder Gu. Still, at this moment, it seemed to be so ironic.

From that moment on, the Gu family had become his unshakable enemy.

Everyone in the Gu family deserves to die, and so is Gu Churong.

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