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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 132

Chapter 132: The Villainess 15


At this time, everything inside the Phoenix Hall had long been ruined. Even the smoke from the explosion still lingered in the air while flames scattered around the room.

However, the explosion’s scope was only limited to the entire hall. From this point of view, the explosion-proof walls and explosion-proof doors of Yimingju were real and really could make people cry…

The Blood Scorpion’s corpse has long been blown into slag.

As soon as Xia Beibei came out, she immediately covered her mouth. She subconsciously turned her head but realized that Lin Yixuan was still stuck inside the secret room. He even closed the door towards the darkroom.

“Lin Yixuan, I’m leaving now!”

Xia Beibei yelled in the direction of the darkroom. Immediately after, Lin Yixuan’s dull answer came from inside: “If you change your mind, you can come back and beg me.”

Xia Beibei: …

Beg your grandma’s legs!

Xia Beibei covered her mouth and nose with one hand while holding the pistol in the other. She rushed out through the sea of ​​fire, and then opened the door and quickly walked into the corridor as if returning to the real world.

At this time, the entire corridor was still calm and peaceful. Everything was the same as before Xia Beibei entered the room.

This is…

Xia Beibei’s expression became more alert. She leaned against the wall and quickly walked toward the safety ladder. Suddenly, when she was halfway through, another private room on the fifth floor opened, and a tall strange man with a white coat came out from it. He was obviously in the same party as the dead Blood Scorpion!

Blood Shadow’s people!

Xia Beibei raised her pistol without hesitation. That man smiled coldly at Xia Beibei as he raised his hand and quickly dragged someone from the private room to stand in front of him.

The hostage turned out to be the son of Imperial’s cabinet minister!


Before the attack, a certain young man was obviously having a good time as his face was still full of lipstick marks. However, he was now used as a shield by those Blood Shadows. The young man was so scared that he could not utter any word.

When Xia Beibei saw this situation, she could not help but raised her eyebrows. The next second, she pulled the trigger without hesitation–

The son of the cabinet minister?

Sorry, the bullet has no eyes!

With a “bang”, the Minister’s son was killed with a single shot! Subsequently, the moment Xia Beibei shot, the tall man also fired his gun.

The bullet grazed Xia Beibei’s cheek, leaving a tiny blood mark on her left side of her face.


Xia Beibei hid in the corner while trying to ignore the pain on her cheek. She was using a portable pistol, which originally had a very short range and lacked power. Now having to face that Machine Gun, she was clearly at a disadvantage!

Don’t tell me that it is impossible to retreat?

While Xia Beibei was hesitating over her next plan, suddenly the entire corridor was shaking, and a huge explosion sounded in her ears—

Unexpectedly, there was another big explosion in Phoenix Hall. This explosion actually penetrated the explosion-proof wall of Yimingju and spread through the entire fifth floor.

Xia Beibei lowered her body and shrunk towards the corner.

Fortunately, she came out early. At this moment, it was unknown whether that Lin Yixuan is dead or alive?

Why on earth did those Blood Shadow acting so crazily…

Xia Beibei did not have the time to hesitate. Taking advantage of the smoke billowing in the corridor, she rolled over from the wall to the fifth floor’s patio railing. Then, she grabbed the bar and summersault as she directly jumped from the fifth floor. She intended to volley her body directly towards the fourth floor by inertia. The process was also done very smoothly. Unfortunately, just as Xia Beibei managed to grab the railing on the fourth floor’s patio, the tall man on the fifth floor released one shot after another while her body was still in the air…

“Da, da, da.”

While Xia Beibei was trying to avoid the shots, her left hand unexpectedly loosened, and the whole person almost fell from the railing.

“Be careful!”

At this moment, a big hand suddenly grabbed her arm and yanked Xia Beibei up.

“Ning Chuan?”

When Xia Beibei saw Ning Chuan’s figure, she was stunned for a moment. Immediately, Ning Chuan pulled Xia Beibei without saying a word and ran towards the safety ladder on the fourth floor…

At this moment, the gunpowder smoke on the fifth floor gradually dissipated. Seeing Xia Beibei had managed to flee, the man who shot her with the machine gun couldn’t help but become annoyed as he hammered the railing in front of him. At this moment, a cold voice suddenly sounded behind that man.

“Blood Eagle!”


Blood Eagle replied subconsciously. He was about to turn around when the whole person was overturned to the ground by a huge force.

“Who told you to shoot her?”

The same white clothes, the same bloody red clouds.

The person standing in front of Blood Eagle was surprisingly Gu Qingnian, who had come to Yimingju with Xia Beibei!

At this moment, Gu Qingnian’s face had the rare sullen look.

“Captain, you… aren’t you trying to kill her?”

Blood Eagle spat out the blood in his mouth and looked at Gu Qingnian with some doubts. He knew clearly that the Captain had deliberately sent out false news to the military two months ago. Didn’t he plan to take this opportunity to kill Gu Churong?

“Oh, I’m going to kill her. Anyway, her life is mine. No one can touch her except me, do you understand?”

Gu Qingnian stepped forward, as his army boots slammed on Blood Eagle’s face: “For the sake of our relationship of so many years, I will spare you this time. Did you see who saved Gu Churong just now?”

“It’s Ning Chuan! Captain! Ning Chuan is here too!”

While talking about Ning Chuan, Blood eagle’s tone was still somewhat terrified.

“Heh, Ning Chuan… I knew he would come.”

Gu Qingnian could not help but let out a cruel smile when he heard Ning Chuan’s name. He knew that there was a connection between Ning Chuan and Gu Churong. But that’s fine–

The Blood Shadow Organization and the Thunderbolt Legion have always been enemies. If Ning Chuan’s life could be annexed here this time, it would not be a waste of all his efforts and time.

“Blood Scorpion is dead. Blood Eagle, you go and find Blood Wolf and control the fifth floor together. Wait for my order.”

As he gave out the command, Gu Qingnian raised his hand and grabbed the railing on the fifth floor, as he swung directly to the fourth floor like Xia Beibei.

There were still a few gold threads hanging on the fourth floor’s railing, which were the silk threads that originated from Xia Beibei’s dress.

Gu Qingnian stared at the gold threads for a while. He then stood up straight and looked in the direction where Xia Beibei and Ning Chuan were leaving as he raised his right hand and opened the communicator on his right ring.

 “Blood Dragon, Ning Chuan took Gu Churong and heading towards your direction. You should be careful. I will send someone to meet you right away.”

“I know, Captain!”

Hearing Gu Qingnian’s words, Blood Dragon, who was guarding the safety stairway on the fourth floor, involuntarily held his breath as he raised his weapon, ready to…

At this time, Ning Chuan had already taken Xia Beibei and was about to run to the top of the stairs. Yet, the two of them suddenly slowed down as they held their breath.

Killing intent!

Ning Chuan subconsciously raised his arms to cover Xia Beibei.

“Their weapons have a long range. You must be careful for a while.”

Hearing Ning Chuan’s voice, Xia Beibei nodded and said in a low voice: “Ning Chuan, why are you here? Did the Thunderbolt Legion receive the wind in advance?”


Hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Ning Chuan shook his head and replied in a similarly low voice: “The person I sent to monitor Gu Qingnian discovered that his whereabouts was abnormal. I came here to take a look!”


Hearing his words, Xia Beibei could not help but become shocked. When did Gu Qingnian get involved with the Blood Shadow Organization? Shouldn’t he be…

“If I guessed correctly, he is the Blood Shadow, the new generation of Blood Shadow.”

Ning Chuan looked at Xia Beibei’s eyes and whispered very solemnly–

The code name of each generation leader of the Blood Shadow Organization is “Blood Shadow.”

Blood Shadow was never a person. It is just the code name of the Blood Shadow Organization’s leader.

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