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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 275

Chapter 275: Villainous Bestie (35)


Bai Tingting had been in a coma for ten days. When she woke up from the coma, the first face she saw was An Yichen’s.

She must be dreaming.

But she liked this dream because it only had him and her.

Bai Tingting couldn’t help but raise the corners of her lips and smile.

“Bai Tingting, you’re awake?”

Seeing Bai Tingting wake up and smile at him, An Yichen stood up excitedly and went out to find the doctor.

After a series of examinations by the attending physician, it was finally confirmed that Bai Tingting was no longer in any life-threatening danger.

“I…was in a coma for ten days?”

Bai Tingting overheard the conversation between the doctor and An Yichen, and couldn’t help but be stunned. She hadn’t expected to be in a coma for so long.

However, fortunately, she was still alive.

“I have already called your family.”

An Yichen whispered to comfort Bai Tingting, “Your mother has been taking care of you here for the past few days, but because there are still your younger siblings at home that need her care, so…”

“I know.”

Bai Tingting smiled. At home, she had always been superfluous. So she didn’t care about these things. She had long been used to it.

“And your face, when you get better, I will help you contact the best plastic surgeon!”

An Yichen looked at the scar on Bai Tingting’s face and apologized.

Her face…

Bai Tingting naturally remembered the sharp pain on her face before she fell into a coma. Was she injured?

She subconsciously raised her hand and touched her cheek. Without looking, she could imagine how ugly she looked now.

Bai Tingting gently rubbed the scar with her fingertips and then smiled indifferently. “It’s okay, don’t worry about it. Anyway…I, as a person, am never associated with being beautiful. I’m different from Wu Yan and others.”

When Bai Tingting mentioned Wu Yan, An Yichen’s expression suddenly changed.

“An Yichen?”

Bai Tingting immediately felt something unusual, “You and Wu Yan…are you okay?”

“We…broke up!”

“Broke up?”

Upon hearing An Yichen’s words, Bai Tingting immediately became excited. “Why did you break up with Wu Yan? How can she…how can she manage without you? After what happened, how could you treat her like this?”

Obviously still unaware of the reasons, Bai Tingting began to worry about her good friend again.

“She wanted to break up with me, and…she is already…with Xie Jincheng!”

The day after the breakup, Xia Beibei openly entered and exited the Xie family villa. Unlike the An family, although the elder of the Xie family still managed the family affairs, he didn’t care about Xie Jincheng’s matters. He also couldn’t control their living ancestor in the Xie family.

Not to mention if Xie Jincheng brought someone back to cohabit, even if Xie Jincheng suddenly got married, the elder of the Xie family wouldn’t say much.

Because of the deliberate high profile of these two, this matter soon became widely known.

It was at this time that the people of the An family began to suffer various threats and harassment. Especially after frightening Madam An, she no longer dared to leave the house for several days.

Although An Yichen didn’t want to believe it, his intuition told him these things must be related to Wu Yan.

However, now that Wu Yan had changed her phone and deleted him as a friend, even if he waited outside Xie Jincheng’s villa, he couldn’t see Wu Yan’s figure. She was intentionally avoiding him…

“Wu Yan, how…how could she be with Xie Jincheng? Did Xie Jincheng force her?”

On the hospital bed, Bai Tingting, upon hearing An Yichen’s words, began to get excited again.

One has to say, Miss Bai, your tendency to make wild assumptions is also a kind of illness!

“Don’t worry about that for now, just rest well!”

An Yichen now had to comfort Bai Tingting in turn. Well, even though he was the one who got dumped, Bai Tingting seemed more excited than him.


As autumn transitioned into winter and the temperature dropped, people began to add winter clothes, and fewer people were strolling on the streets.

After being discharged from the hospital, Bai Tingting resumed her schooling. Everyone knew that she was injured while saving An Yichen, and although she had a scar on her face, no one dared to ridicule her for it.

However, it was still a very unsightly scar. During her shopping trips, Bai Tingting still wears a hat and a mask to cover the scar on her face.

Now it was winter break, although there were supplementary classes during the break in the third year of high school, Bai Tingting still planned to find a job to earn more money during the limited vacation times.

As she passed by the window of a branded store in the city center, Bai Tingting suddenly paused because the person inside the store trying on clothes was none other than Wu Yan!

“Wu Yan!”

Bai Tingting’s gaze flickered, and she immediately stepped into the fashion store.

Upon hearing the familiar call, Xia Beibei was momentarily stunned.

It is really a small world!

However, she pretended not to have heard and continued to carefully choose a shirt until someone gently tapped her shoulder from behind. “Wu Yan, it’s you!”

“Who are you?”

Xia Beibei calmly turned around and looked at Bai Tingting, who was wearing a hat and a mask behind her.

“Wu Yan, it’s me, I’m Tingting!”

Bai Tingting thought Wu Yan didn’t recognize her because of her mask. Unable to resist, she pulled her mask down. At this moment, Xia Beibei suddenly removed all of Bai Tingting’s masks. “Oh my! It’s you! If you’re so ugly, don’t come out scaring people. It doesn’t matter if it affects the city’s appearance, but what about scaring the children?”

Bai Tingting:…

At this moment, Bai Tingting was dumbfounded. The customers coming and going into this fashion store were all celebrities. Upon hearing Xia Beibei’s voice, everyone’s gaze involuntarily fell on Bai Tingting. Bai Tingting felt as if her whole person had been seen through, and in the eyes of everyone, all there was was ridicule and disdain.

“I, I didn’t, I…”

She panicked and wanted to cover her face. At this moment, a tall figure suddenly rushed into the store and stood between Bai Tingting and Xia Beibei.

“Wu Yan, that’s enough!”

Huo Yuxu’s eyebrows were cold, and his gaze was icy as he looked at the girl in front of him—

Was this still the Wu Yan he knew?

Except for her appearance, he couldn’t find any trace of the original Wu Yan in her.

“What, Huo Yuxu! Are you playing the hero here?”

Xia Beibei smiled at Huoyuxu, then disdainfully curled her lips. “I didn’t expect you to have such a strong taste! You can still lay your hands on someone so ugly. I…”

Before Xia Beibei finished speaking, Huo Yuxu suddenly grabbed her arm. “Come with me, I have something to say to you!”

Xia Beibei:…

“Huo Yuxu!”

A cold male voice suddenly sounded.

The door of the dressing room behind everyone was suddenly pushed open, and a slender figure appeared in front of everyone, with a pale and eerie face showing a devilish fierceness. “Where are you taking my woman?”

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