June 23, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 53

Chapter 53: The scumbag villain 3


The millennium corpse monarch, Ying Baizui is naturally the domineering Male Lead of this novel world.

After being awakened by Su Mingxin, Yin Baizui recalled fondly on this karma and changed Su Mingxin to become the same existence as himself. From then on, Su Mingxin becomes an undead purple-eyed jiangshi.

[T/N: Jiangshi is a Chinese vampire. The one that hops around.]

Su Mingxin still looks human, but she fed on blood. Due to this, all the apocalyptic zombies fear her instinctively.

Su Mingxin is always kind to other people who kind to her. Since Ying Baizui had saved her, she also hoped that she could do everything to help him.

As for Ying Baizui, he was someone from a thousand years ago in the ancient world. Therefore, he feels very strange and uncomfortable facing the present end of the world.

At this point, Su Mingxin assumed the responsibility of looking after Ying Baizui and taught him some modern common sense. After these two people become familiar with each other, Su Mingxin came to the human base with Ying Baizui, who didn’t understand any human feelings. Other than wishing to help Ying Baizui integrate himself into the real human society, Su Mingxin also wanted to find her sister as soon as possible. Unfortunately, she only got the news that Ji Liujing indirectly killed her sister!

Losing her last relatives, Su Mingxin, who was angry, naturally went to Ji Liujing to take revenge at all costs.

And as the only stain in the Female Lead’s glittering life, Ji scumbag’s ending is naturally very tragic-

He was transformed into the lowest zombies by Su Mingxin. Every night, Su Mingxin would throw him into the zombie’s group so that he would be bitten and split up by countless zombies every time.

During the day, Su Mingxin will put his broken body into a small dark room. The only benefit of being a low-level zombie was their quick recovery. After a whole day of rest, he grew a new body; however, what awaits him is the pain of being dismembered once again…

At the thought of Ji Liujing’s end, Xia Beibei shivered all over. As a result, at this moment, a purple light suddenly flew from Ji Liujing’s fingertips!


The appearance of the lightning and the sound of thunder inside the room made everyone stop.

This is…

The legendary thunderbolt ability!

Xia Beibei: …

Could it be because her identity is too thunderous this time? So somehow inspired the thunder and lightning system that should not have existed?

Your mom, I don’t care anymore. Scumbag is a scumbag, no matter what.

“What a noise!”

The handsome man who had been lying on the bed suddenly opened his eyes to everyone’s astonishment.

Xi Beibei looked around and was satisfied to see a room full of panic people.

“You think this young master, me, is already dead?”

As Xia Beibei uttered this world, she lifted her chin as handsomely as she remembered how Ji Liujing did it. A beam of thunder flashed across Xia Beibei’s palm. In the next second, a middle-aged man in the room immediately howled, and he fell. On his chest, there was nothing but a large mark of lightning.

The person who died just now was the most vengeful, Fang Brother. He was also a small cannon fodder in the original plot. After he did all the bad things, he also died.

At this moment, Xia Beibei has made up her mind. Since she has already become a villain, she should really make a difference.

It was merely killing someone!

She would never fear nor run away from anything ever again.

Seeing that Ji Liujing not only inspired the ability but also killed as soon as he opened his eyes, the other people inside the room were all afraid.

“Young master Jing, we, we didn’t mean to disturb you!”

“Yes! That is true!!! It was all Fang’s idea; it was his idea!”

A group of cowards naturally will put all the responsibility on the body of the dead. Su Mingxin, who was on Xia Beibei’s side, also showed a look of hesitation: “Liujing, you just woke up, do you want to rest?

“I’m fine.”

Xia Beibei narrowed her eyes. Her eyes fell on Su Muyu’s body. When she glanced at her, Su Muyu’s eyes suddenly flashed, but she then again silently lowered her head, portraying a weak and innocent appearance.

Xia Beibei had fully received Ji Liujing’s memory before waking up, so she knows clearly who directed this unexpected incident outside the script-

It’s Su Muyu!

It was she who led the powerful zombie to Ji Liujing while others were not paying their attention.

Su Muyu, you should be the unknown BUG in this world, right?

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