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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 68

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Chapter 68: Nation’s Husband 2

“This is Almas. A big sturgeon white caviar from Iran. This Almas caviar was also known as diamonds in Russian. “

This time the original was in Hong Kong to represent his father to attend this small banquet. This banquet does not involve too much business’s talk, and its primary purpose was mainly to forge connections with others.

After a brief introduction by the host, the meal was served to each guest.

At this time, in front of Jiang Liu was a delicate dish of white caviar, served on a crystal plate, with finely crushed ice under it meant to retain the taste of the caviar better.

Next to it, there is also a spoon made from the seashells. Due to the oxidation of the metal, which could destroy the natural taste of such caviar, these dishes were often accompanied by a spoon made of seashells every time this precious delicacy was served.

Based on the inherited memory, Jiang Liu learned that this Almas caviar was a prized delicacy that costs about $25,000 a kilogram and will fluctuate depending on its quality.

Although Jiang Liu was once among the rich generation of men, his wealth value at that time cannot be compared to this second generation that he currently possessed. Especially at that time, to adhere to his public persona, he also had to restrain himself and used his limited wealth to perform unlimited philanthropy acts.

The only luxury purchase that he made was his son’s blue Ferrari. Therefore, he had never had this kind of luxury caviar on his list of expenditures.

Now is not the same. The original body had used to such luxurious life from childhood. Even he is famous for ostentatiously flaunting his wealth. Not to mention this caviar, even if he bought dozens of pounds of caviar to play around with, others will only scold him at most a few words calling him a waste prodigal, but will not think that there is any problem with his action.

Looking at the small mouthful of caviar in front of him, Jiang Liu was a little excited. It is said that the price of such a small caviar dishes could go as high as 12000 Hong Kong dollars per person. Since it is so expensive, therefore, the taste must also be incredibly delicious.

Even though his heart was in disorder, but he still needs to hold his expression in check. After all, he is now the son of the richest man in the world, ah.

Applying the etiquette that he had inherited from the original body, Jiang Liu gracefully lifted the small morsel of caviar from his plate using the shell spoon and placed it in his mouth.

The round caviar was spread flat on his tongue. Jiang Liu then crushed this precious caviar with a slight force. As he prepared for the supreme taste, his face changed slightly.

To be fair, Almas caviar had been recognized as the best caviar in the world. Apart from it being expensive and precious, its taste was also impeccable.

Unlike regular caviar, the Almas caviar is a bit more elastic and therefore has a more delicate taste. However, Jiang Liu, who is not a food critic, unable to taste the deeper flavors behind the subtle fishy and salty flavors.

“Host, is it delicious?”

Wavy lines have replaced 001’s eyes. As Jiang Liu’s system, it can feel the ups and downs of Jiang Liu’s mood. In its opinion, it must be because the caviar is so delicious that Jiang Liu has such a mood change.

“Well, money tastes good.”

Jiang Liu forcibly tried to ignore the strange taste in his mouth as much as possible. As he looked around, he found out that the other guests’ faces seemed to exhibit enjoyment and pleasure, as he hurriedly took a sip of the glass of brandy in front of him.

By the way, this glass of brandy was billed as a French brandy cellared in 1811 by Napoleon and is on the market for $6,000 a glass.

Jiang Liu doesn’t bother to find out why such 1811 brandy could be preserved so far. When he finishes with it, another collector will always declare that he still has this precious and historically meaningful wine in his hand. He only knows that what he is drinking now is not wine but money, which can always add to the taste of food.

Fortunately, the later dishes and dessert taste excellent, especially as the main course, filet steak. The meat is exceptionally tender that even the unrefined tongue Jiang Liu felt that it is a delicacy.

But these exquisite dishes were not enough to satisfy Jiang Liu’s stomach. After this round of banquet, his stomach told him that he still needs ten skewers of mutton, ten skewers of beef, five strings of leek, five strings of chicken heart and duck intestines, two strings of steamed bread, a box of tinfoil mushroom and two bottles of beer before it could be satisfied.

* * * * *

“Ah, alive at last!”

At eleven o’clock at night, Jiang Liu was sitting at the night market’s stall with his sleeves rolled up. Just because he was in Hong Kong, he couldn’t eat his favorite skewers. Instead, he ordered a portion of stew radish with brisket, a portion of rice noodle roll, a portion of boiled beef offal, and a can of beer. After consuming all of it, his whole spirit appeared to be getting better.

“Host is such a disappointment!”

001 did not understand the difference in food taste, but it thought that not long ago, its host has been so happy for his overnight wealth. Yet he still showed his hind legs by coming to the night market to eat the street food, which was indicating abysmal performance.

“What do you know, you little fool?”

Jiang Liu let out a full burp. As if hating the iron for not becoming steel, he started to say: “You think about it, ah. Previously, I did not even dare to order stew radish with brisket and boiled beef offal all at once, ah. You see, I had left all the liver that comes with this beef offal. Previously when I did not have money, do you see me daring to make such wastage?”

“More than that, I’ve got it all figured out. When I get back to the mainland, I’ll order two huánghóu and two máodǔ for my hot pot. Not only that, after this, but I also will not have to overthink whether to order beef or mutton. Since I am wealthy, I will order all the highest quality ingredients. You tell me, am I not being prodigal?! “

How can he be such a spendthrift without money?

Considering the nine-figure deposit in his bank account and the $10 million in his black gold card, Jiang Liu felt that after so many worlds, his spring had finally arrived.

001 was dizzy due to its host’s argument.

Is it considered as being prodigal by ordering beef and lamb hotpot at the same time? However, looking at the attitude of its host, it is really as if he had been acting lavishly.

001 felt rest assured somehow. It seems that for the current identity of the rich second generation, its host appeared to be able to adapt to it well.

* * * * * *

When Jiang Liu possessed this body, this body had only passed his 17th birthday. He is currently in a tense period as the 2nd year in a senior secondary high school. However, due to his millionaire father’s protection, there is no news about him circulating on the net as opposed to the later period. Therefore, when Jiang Liu was roaming the street, he did not have to worry about others recognizing him or pointing at him.

Soon after he returned from Hong Kong, the summer vacation of this 2nd year of senior secondary high school finally ended. He has now honorably promoted as the 3rd year of senior secondary high school.

His family had a plan to send him to study abroad earlier on. Therefore, for him, the 3rd year of senior secondary high school was not particularly stressful. What was really stressful for him was the homework assigned by the tutor hired by his family, which was related to his IELTS and TOEFL scores.

Even if he is the son of China’s richest man, even if his family can afford to knock on any Ivy League’s door for him, he still cannot do so badly that his family will lose their faces.

This is the best time for Jiang Liu.

Firstly, the richest father also had high hope for his son and willing to spend a lot of money and material resources to cultivate him.

Secondly, the original body’s reputation of seducing others to commit badly by flaunting his wealth has not been as deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Even though people around him know his lifestyle and habits are extravagant and wasteful, the impression of his irrelevant character is still not being taken seriously by the other big guys under the blessing of his richest father’s halo.

Anyway, if you’re a student, you still need to take your classes, even if you’re the son of the richest man.

With a few worlds behind him, Jiang Liu once again carried his backpack and entered the senior secondary high school.

* * * * * *

“It’s good to be young!

Jiang Liu stood at the door of class two, looking at the classroom of those young boys and girls. He could not help but sigh, ah.

By the way, the original body never seemed to tell his real identity to his classmates. In their eyes, he was just another rich second generation with some money in his family.

Jiang Liu could not help but feel disgusted. Everyone had honestly considered the original body as their true friend. How could the original body keep hiding his true identity from his friends? After his identity was exposed, whenever those classmates recall it, won’t it lead to unnecessary misunderstanding against him?

“I think that host just wanted to show off.”

001 spoke after a momentary silence.

“How could you say that about me, I never had such an intention.”

Jiang Liu could not help but feel wronged. How could he be that kind of person? Even if it is so, this must also be like the second world situation where the original’s residual memory was subconsciously affecting his behavior.

He was such a vigorous and clean-cut boy. Even if he needs to pretend to act like a stupid guy, this was all because he was forced by society and the system and had nothing to do with him.

Jiang Liu grinned and hummed a little song as he carried his bag to his seat.

Before he could stuff his bag into the desk, his deskmate, who had lowered her head from facing him, quietly handed over a note.

Oops, little pink paper.

Even though Jiang Liu had not experienced a high school life before, yet he still knows what this ambiguous color represents.

It is always wrong to refuse a little girl hastily. Without a trace, Jiang Liu grasped the little note and then left the classroom. He headed towards the men’s cubicle before he opened the note.

I’m sorry. I like Bernhard Riemann. Thank you for your interest.

It was not his imaginary confession. By looking at the note’s content, it is more like the original body had once confessed to this girl, and then was refused.

Jiang Liu looked at the original body’s memory. However, because the original body had left him his eighty-three years’ worth of memory, his high school green love has long disappeared from the original body’s memory.

As soon as he sorted out his mood, Jiang Liu rushed back to the classroom before the start of the morning self-study.

His small desk mate saw him come in and quickly lowered her head. Jiang Liu can only see her thick, neat bangs, and tightly clenched ballpoint pen in her white hand.

WTH, he was regarded as a great scourge by another family’s small girl. Jiang Liu felt a little bit upset. Why did he have to carry the small black pot left by the original body? Wouldn’t it be good for him to be a simple rich second-generation handsome man?

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